WATCH: Zimbabwe police fire tear gas, gunshots to quell HARARE protests (Youtube-Clip)

“Zimbabwe police have fired tear gas, water cannons and gunshots to stop hundreds of youths protesting against police brutality in the capital, Harare. Police and protesters fought running battles downtown Wednesday. Police fired water cannons and gunshots into the air after some protesters attacked a supermarket owned by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko. Protesters also set on fire a vehicle belonging to state-run broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation. A journalist was among those beaten by police. The main opposition MDC-T party’s youth wing organized the protest to denounce what they described as worsening police brutality against political and civil rights activists. Police were deployed heavily outside Parliament and on the main streets in late afternoon, forcing shop owners to abandon their business…” (Africa Junkies, 2016)

Zvorwadza | I have been tortured many times by the police but this brutality won’t stop me (Youtube-Clip)

Dr Noah Manyika | I don’t believe that the $15 billion is missing (Youtube-Clip)

Let me cut right to the chase and say to President Robert Mugabe: I am sorry Mr. President, but I do not believe that the fifteen billion dollars is missing. I cannot believe that it is missing simply because you tell the nation that it is. The reality is that fifteen billion dollars does not just go missing. Somebody knows where it is and why it is where it is” (…) “This is a serious matter that needs every Zimbabwean to be seriously exercised about. We are entering a period where we cannot afford not to be vigilant, not to be suspicious of a party that has become accustomed to doing evil” (…) “It is important for the international community to recognize that our minister of finance’s desperate pleas for help do not mean Zanu PF has changed, or that it does not have a plan to foil the will of the people in 2018. It is one thing to be desperate, and quite another to have changed one’s ways” (…) “Like the $15 billion we are asked to believe is missing, we are also asked to believe that this government has nothing to do with the disappearance of Zimbabwe’s sons and daughters like Itai Dzamara, Rashiwe Guzha and others before them” (…) “Countrymen, this is Dr. Noah Manyika from Build Zimbabwe saying: Do not believe a lie. Is there not a cause? #BuildZimbabwe”

Lumumba says PASTOR Evan Mawarire is done!! – 10 minutes with Vimbai 18/08/16 (Youtube-Clip)

“Lumumba says he did not Insult the President of Zimbabwe. He says he is a Politician not a protestor. He says PASTOR Evan Mawarire is done!!” (My Zimbabwe The revolution shall be hash tagged, 2016)

Rasta Kaseke | From Ian Smith to the Black Smith Mugabe #Tajamuka (Youtube-Clip)

Press Statement: Indian assistance of US$ 1 million cash grant to Zimbabwe (18.08.2016)

zimbabwe India

Last week, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe handed over US $ One Million to the Govt. of Zimbabwe as a grant from Govt. of India in response to the appeal made by Zimbabwe. 

NEW DELHI, India, August 18, 2016 – Last week, Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe handed over US $ One Million to the Govt. of Zimbabwe as a grant from Govt. of India in response to the appeal made by Zimbabwe.

Accepting the grant, Dr. Misheck Sibanda, Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet thanked for the quick response by the Govt. of India to an international appeal made by Zimbabwe in the wake of El Nino induced drought disaster. He further said that Zimbabwe was happy with the sound relationship that exists between Zimbabwe and India in critical sectors of the economy such as SME, ICT, Energy, Education and Pharmaceuticals. India also announced that the logistical modalities are being worked out for donation of 500 metric tonne of rice in the second phase of assistance.

Zimbabwe civil servants’ August pay to be delayed (Youtube-Clip)

“Civil servants in Zimbabwe are up in arms over the latest delay of their pay dates. The government says August salaries will also be delayed and are to be paid at least one week late. Here’s Farai Mwakutuya with the details” (CCTV Africa, 2016)

Trevor Ncube on CNN’s #Amanpour #ThisFlag Interview on Mugabe’s Zimbabwe (Youtube-Clip)

#Tajamuka or #NoBondNotes Protest hits Harare Zimbabwe; while the ZRP brutaly shuts it down!

Tajamuka 17.08.2016

Today a new demonstration where held in Harare, Zimbabwe as a result of the planned economic framework and giving the citizens bond-notes that will give the Government under President Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF more national debt. As the sanctions and the economic prosperity are soon into oblivion as the foreign exchange and the fiscal policy is played by the ruling regime. To feed the ZANU-PF elite under the Executive, but not deliver any progress or development for the random Zimbabwean citizens. Take a look!

“This is how the #NoToBondnotes protest by @Tajamuka ended. #Tajamuka #ThisFlag” (OpenParly ZW, 2016)

First Footage: 

Second Footage:

This is just enough for now. The ZANU-PF regime use all tools to oppress their citizens and their voices against the Government. As they have been used as Pawns for a long time and deserve somebody who really represent them. That doesn’t the current leaders and their Party who cares about their wealth, but not about the state of affairs for the average citizen in Zimbabwe. Peace. 

Citizens Update by Evan Mawarire. “In the last few day I may have upset some of you…” ‪#‎ThisFlag‬ (Youtube-Clip)