Plan C: POA gave the authorities a reason to arrest him

Amuriat arrested for knocking DPC. He was arrested by the Police at Nkombe, a few kilometres from Kyamuhunga on the Ishaka-Kasese highway. Amuriat was intercepted at about 9:00 am and ordered into a Police vehicle” (New Vision, 04.12.2020).

Presidential candidate from the FDC block, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has been arrested by the police at the border of Rubirizi and Bushenyi. He is, reportedly, being taken to Mbarara to answer for the boda knocking of the area DPC that occurred on Wednesday” (NTV Uganda, 04.12.2020).

What happened on Wednesday this week was unfortunate for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate. That he was sitting on a boda boda that knocked Mbarara DPC John Rutaagira. As he was blocking the road, as the FDC was campaigning in the area.

Yes, the FDC shouldn’t get police interference in their campaigns and rallies. They shouldn’t be monitored or having law enforcement on their backs. As they are just crossing various of districts between venues and campaigns spots for the party. Which is totally natural for any candidate and especially for a Presidential Candidate.

Patrick Amuriat Oboi (POA) wasn’t riding the boda-boda. He was a passenger on the boda-boda that knocked the DPC. So, if the Police was caring about the ones that did it. They would look into the driver and investigate his movements. If he was driving directly or if the DPC was driving illegally on the road. Because, the impact happened because of how two drivers of two boda-boda’s. Either the blame is the DPC who didn’t conduct himself properly or the driver of POA’s boda-boda, which drove reckless. So, with this argument, it’s not POA’s fault as he is a bystander and a third party to the events. Unless, he ordered the driver to aim directly at the DPC. Which we cannot know as that has been stated anywhere. This is just mere speculations at this point.

What is clear is that POA and his team gave the authorities a reason to arrest him. Someone like POA and his team shouldn’t give that to the Uganda Police Force. They take everything and even a small figment of hope to destroy the dissidents. These are from the same folks that blames the victims of their brutality and call the victims out as “criminals”. When knowing this, the FDC and POA shouldn’t play into it.

Yes, it could be the DPC’s fault, but he will never take the blame. He is following orders and acting as a vigilante like most of the Police Officers who uses live-bullets at civilians does. They are throwing tear-gas like maniacs at rallies and gatherings. Therefore, they will always find reasons to disperse and disrupt the opposition. POA gave a valid reason to be arrested. Even if his not to blame…

POA didn’t drive, but did he order the driver? That is easy question to ask. POA participating in that and getting it on video or photographs is evidence somehow. This will be used and thwart his campaign for now.

When you have vicious and malicious authorities like the Uganda Police Force. You should not take the bait. They will deliberately use it against you. They don’t even have to pin something on you or forge a narrative. That was created all on his own or by the ones around him.

This is where they gave way or got caught up in a moment. This wasn’t defiance or civil disobedience. It was either unlucky for POA or it was the DPC who was reckless. We do not know and trust me. The DPC will nto take the blame. He will use this as means to an end. Which is to criminate POA. Clearly that is working. Peace.

Besigye in Mbabara, Police in Running Battles with His Supporters (Youtube-Clip)

“Police in Mbarara has today engaged in running battles with Dr.Kizza Besigye supporters as they held processions in town.  Business came to a standstill as the joyful FDC loyalists welcomed their former presidential candidate who was on his way to Kabale, where he is to appear in court tomorrow. This was Dr. Besigye’s first time in the area since being confined to house arrest for over 40 days” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016)

Run-up to the Mbarara Rally of the FDC today; Muntu Rally blocked by the Calvary yesterday; the Calvary set up roadblocks in Mbarara today as a preparation for the entrance of the People’s President

Road Block From UDPF 02.02.2016 Close to Mbarara

This here will not be about the rally that will happen in Mbarara and the speeches. This here is about the ride into the Mbarara Rally of the FDC. As a legitimate attention to how the Police is interfering the democratic and freedoms of a political party during pre-election times. As we see and as I discussed yesterday about the fear Ofwono Opondo spread, shows that it is the Police that creates issues, not the citizens celebrating and greeting Dr. Kizza Besigye, it is the Police that shuts down Kisoro rally for Muntu and putting up roadblocks for today’s Mbarara Rallies!

Kisoro FDC 01.02.2016 Muntu Rally Police

Mugisha Muntu’s rallies in Kisoro yesterday:
Whereas Besigye was in Rukungiri, Rt. Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu was in Kisoro covering areas that were not covered by Beesigye in Novemeber when he visited. Police attempted to block the FDC party president but people were equally so many to quickly be frightened. It ended with that the Police denied FDC s Mugisha Muntu to hold a campaign rally at Mayor’s Gardens in Kisoro municipality.

Reason why the DPC blocked the venue for Muntu:
FDC Party president was accompanying innocent one contesting for councillorship on FDC ticket in central division of Kisoro municipality. his was after the candidate had paid for the venue but was later locked out of it because they suspected Mugisha Muntu to be canvasing votes for Dr. Kizza Besigye. All efforts by Gen. Mugisha Muntu struggling with the district DPC to access the venue were futile because DPC saw the truth but later feared to lose his job. Meanwhile each Ugandan village is to receive 250,000/= to bribe people for NRM votes.

Mbarara Police 02.02.2016 FDC Campaign Convoy

Police Warning ahead of the Mbarara Rally today:
“With 15 days to the General Election, FDC’s presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has now traversed 102 districts and has 10 more to go. As Besigye campaigns in Mbarara today, Police in Mbarara has emphasized that they will not tolerate any kid of hooliganism. Mbarara district police commander Jaffar Magyezi said those caught in acts of hooliganism will be dealt with accordingly” (91.2 Crooze FM, 02.02.2016).

FDC Police in Mbarara 02.02.0216 P2

This here was the people before the FDC rally in Mbarara. Take a look how the have made the city blue before Dr. Kizza Beisgye and the FDC Campaign Convoy starting.

FDC Police in Mbarara 02.02.0216 P3

As the Campaign Convoy was travelling:  
Mbarara police is proving to be the most notorious in western Uganda. The two pick up police following Dr.Kizza Besigye’s convoy are interfering with the convoy. Wrecklesdly driving, blocking some cars in the convoy from following Dr. Kizza Besigye… Despite efforts by KB’s security to explain why police is not allowed to move in the middle of Kizza Besigye’s convoy, police led by one Magezi remained defiant. But the Mbarara boys later showed police what they are; on the way to Kabindi on Mbarara Ibanda road, the boys stopped police and confronted police with sticks which forced police to leave the convoy.

Before Mbarara Rally FDC 02.02.2016

At the Boma Grounds an hours before the rally happening are covered with Mbarara Prison Guards guarding the place and the venue. The public have warned them for interrupting the rally desists from creating chaos. DPC of Mbarara Jaffar Magezi must have been busy ordering his men around today and yesterday.

On the road into the Mbarara town, there are a 15 kilometer long traffic jam; called the Blue FDC Campaign Convoy with Anti-Riot Police in between the FDC supporters, Dr. Kizza Besigye and all the boda-boda drivers. As the Convoy into town is coming, the Police had put into place roadblocks for them. These had to move as the public together with FDC was coming into town.

This is enough and shows the magnitude of Dr. Kizza Besigye’s momentum right now. Peace.

FDC Campaign Convoy 02.02.2016 Into Mbarara

How Boma grounds in Mbarara look like before Dr. kizza Besigye arrives:

At Boma Ground Mbarara 02.02.2016