Opinion: The GOP is clearly compromised!

The honorable man of California Devin Nunes, who has done his best efforts to thwart the investigation and also following the paradigm of the White House. Has stacked the deck and settled. That is seen with the first page of the new report coming from the House Permanent Select Committee on Investigations – Russia Investigation. Because it is rare that a report starts with conclusions. That is just a showing world that the GOP is addicted to the power of Trump and his allies.

Because the pro-longed investigation in the House, has not used their subpoena powers, neither had all the witnesses to show-up. Neither has the Conclusion fitted the narrative and the assessments made by the Intelligence Community, which was totally different the Nunes led Committee. We now officially, can say that the GOP is compromised. It is traded its patriotic belief in their own state to Kremlin somehow. Because they cannot finish an investigation, neither follow protocol or trying to do anything that pushes the United States into cold waters of Russia. Putin must be laughing that he has made the ruling party, the majority party of the US so weak and foolish.

Donald J. Trump and his business ventures, his associates and all parts of Campaign has nearly been known for their connections, it would be hard to find someone who hasn’t had a connection to Russia somehow. Who hasn’t had a trip, had a study, had venture or even gotten funds from Russian Oligarchs. It is like a plot in the open with big neon-lights, but everyone trying to look the other way. All the secrets, all the meetings and even the lack of actions after. Shows the ability of this administration to be compromised.

The patriotic act would be stand for the nation, reveal it all and show the disgraceful foreign actors, who works for the betterment of Russia and not the United States. However, that is pipe-dream. The possibility of Trump doing that, is as narrow as it can be. More likely he will shut down the FBI, fire Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Robert Mueller and try to bury the indictments. That would be final nail in the coffin.

When the House Committee stops the investigations now, we can wonder if the purge of the Department of Justice will continue. Even if the Attorney General Jeff Sessions will stay or be sacked too. At this point, the obstruction of justice, the interference and misuse of power will come to the max. All because of the Manchurian Candidate and his needs to keep cool, even though he is as uncool as can be.

If Devin Nunes and his Committee was wise, they would have covered all angels, but they didn’t. They haven’t taken everyone involved. They haven’t even followed all leads, they haven’t followed the money and neither covered the tracks. It is forged work and no matter what the report says. When you have the conclusion on the first page. The rest will forged to fit that narrative, unless you think the public stupid. Which apparently, the GOP thinks.

The GOP is at least at this point far from patriotic, it is compromised, it is a kompromat, it has been blackmailed and the Kremlin must have damaging evidence. If not, why would they be so eager to stop it? Why could they so easily control it and make sure they never offend the Don Putin?

Because they never do, they never can and doesn’t have the ability, because they are a kompromat of the Kremlin. Putin must be laughing and thinking, how could he be so lucky. He got them by balls and they cannot do anything about it. Peace.

White House: Ranking House Representatives letter to Chairman Leon Black of Apollo Global Management inquiring about the loan to Jared Kushner (08.03.2018)

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Opinion: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s roles in the White House is toxic nepotism!

In nepotism, when a doctor is appointed to do the job of an engineer, and an engineer is appointed to do the job of a lawyer, you know there’s bound to be failure in the system”ETC Wanyanwu

There is a reason why government officials are not supposed to hire family members, that is because of the problem of firing and also of making sure to get officials that actually know their craft. The reason I say this is the prolonged charade in the White House. Where Jared Kushner, the son-in-law and his wife, daughter of the President, Ivanka Trump. Continues with their entitled titles and positions inside the White House. Not because they have education or any public work practice, but they are just inheriting the bloodline of President Donald J. Trump.

Therefore, this is a real issue, the ones believing that these two would be the progressive, the ones making this presidency better. Must soon see the light, because the morning dew isn’t coming, we are still walking in darkness. We can question why they are still there getting sensitive and classified information, as Ivanka is a senior political advisor and Jared Kushner is also that. That means they have the opportunity even without clearance to get that. White House should be the place of protocol and of safety standards when concerning information from all sources. This following the orders and the codes of the Security Organizations that aides and gives the clearances to the staff at the White House. Seemingly, these two family members are struggling to get it. As the time goes by, its been 13 months and still nothing. Kushner and Ivanka has both altered their information and their forms to show the investigators what they were involved in and also what sort of business arrangement they had before their time in the White House. That is why Kushner alone has changed his disclosure dozens of times.

So, even with that at mind and stake, they don’t have proper clearances and are related. The White House gives them opportunities to meet high-ranking individuals and also gets directly involved in government affairs. They will for whatever reasons be there, because the father and stepfather needs them there. Someone he can trust, that will tell it like it is and defend him. Not because of his record, but because of their relation. The others might be there for career or because of ideology, these two will be there for familiar reasons. That is why these cannot be fired and that is a dangerous path.

It should have been clear from the first day of Presidency, it should have been since they were parts of the Transition Team of the President. However, the nepotism and the grand Trumpian ways of things. They can scheme and misuse the state, while the others can be scrutinized, even Billy Bush can be fired for laughing at the comments made by Trump years earlier for “grabbing somebody by the pussy”. While the President are walking scotch-free. We know there are double standard in the United States. The Trump family is above what ordinary people are, the state has sanctioned that, as they are not obligated to get secret, confidential documents, but because of the relation and their position, they are getting it.

We know the relationship are out of whack, when this becomes the sort of answers Ivanka can give to reporters: “Asked by NBC News if she believes the accusers, Trump replied, “I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter, if she believes the accusers of her father, when he’s affirmatively stated that there’s no truth to it. I don’t think that’s a question you would ask many other daughters.” “I believe my father. I know my father. So, I think I have that right, as a daughter, to believe my father,” the senior White House adviser continued in the interview, which aired Monday morning after she represented the United States delegation at the Winter Olympics in South Korea during the closing ceremonies” (Vazquez, 2018).

So there you have the troubling instance, that the family relations as the White House Senior Advisor and daughter, she cannot address this in way that would seem proper. Ivanka has to defend and also act as a victim. Also, defending him in a way that seem to be typical of her father. To believe the ones who are accused and not think of the victims, the ones who has been assaulted and attacked by womanizers. Trump, the President is one, that is known and his tales of infidelity goes back over decades. Therefore, Donald Trump is a typical one and the accuser are not believed because it is not verified in courts. They are put to the side and for now its just allegations, instead of evidence of the misconduct. Even as the porn-star Stormy Daniels and former playboy model Karen McDougal, who both had affairs with Trump and proves how little loyalty he has to wife Melanie Trump. Still, Ivanka will profess and say her father is good and doesn’t do that kind of stuff. Because that is what he tells her. That is why

However, we know it becomes foolish levels of diplomacy, when the shoe-seller and fashion designer is the main person in Germany and also in a delegation recently to South Korea. In both instances there should be someone more qualified from the United States to do these duties. Someone, who has had some knowledge and expertise to actually affirm the stances of the Republic. Instead, the President is sending Ivanka to South Korea. Thinking she could muster something sensational, the only good thing, is that in the delegation there were experts on the nations in question.

Like the South Korean News Agency said: “The U.S. delegation included National Security Council (NSC) director for Korea Allison Hooker. The North Koreans included Choe Kang-il, a senior North Korean diplomat handling affairs with the United States. Hooker was seen accompanying Ivanka Trump at the airport. A U.S. embassy official said that all the delegates, including the NSC director, seem to be leaving on the same day. On Sunday, Kim Yong-chol, the high-ranking official leading the North Korean delegation, which is here until Tuesday, told South Korean President Moon Jae-in that Pyongyang has “enough” willingness to begin dialogue with Washington, according to Seoul’s presidential office” (Yonhap News Agency, 2018).

So it doesn’t seem to be any discussion or anything profound made by Ivanka in South Korea, only that she was there, watching the closing ceremony at the Olympics and had a meeting with the President of South Korea. This just seem typical, that the Trump’s can take credit for something, when they have really done very little. Most likely the meetings on the borders between the South and North Korea, had much more effect and made the combined teams in the Olympics possible. Not because of a sudden traveling daughter of the US President. It is just nepotism to give her any credit for what happen or didn’t happen.

That is the whole problem of having Ivanka and Jared in the White House. They are just family members, with extra titles, but not expertise. If they had sent Hooker to have meetings as a diplomat, it would have made sense. Because of her knowledge and her position within the United Nations. However, she wasn’t made important by the President and neither in the press. That shows that all eyes was on Ivanka and her actions.

This can be a downfall and also be negative route for the White House, that they have to carry water for the Trump family, instead of actually serving the Republic and its institutions. That the self-serving and the narcissistic President isn’t enough, it is also his closest relatives. Who are all under the roof, creating problems for the conduct of the security of information and for the confidentiality of the state. They can suddenly misuse the power and authority, even if they don’t have it and the President can sanction it with recklessness because he trust his family members.

That is the problem and that is why this Presidency is toxic just by this decision alone. He might not know it or even in his tiny mind understand it. But everyone around him should know it. That the family matters should be left outside of the office, not inside. The White House isn’t a golf-club, it is the epicenter of government and where the executive orders come from. Peace.


Vazquez, Maegan – ‘Ivanka Trump: ‘Inappropriate’ to ask her about father’s accusers’ (26.02.2018) link:https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/26/politics/ivanka-donald-trump-sexual-misconduct-accusers/index.html

Yonhap News Agency – ‘(LEAD) Ivanka Trump says visit to S. Korea was wonderful, hopes to come back soon’ (26.02.2018) link: http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2018/02/26/0200000000AEN20180226001651315.html

The Schiff Memo undress the Nunes Memo: Conspiracy theories of the GOP Versus DOJ Procedures!

Yesterday, the Democratic Party rebuttal Memo came out, after two weeks and first stopping it at the White House. This one is redacted not like the Devin Nunes, the Republican Party Memo, who has been favor of the party line of the GOP there. This is the minority leader at the Intelligence Committee Representative Adam Schiff. This is the answer directly and address the Nunes Memo, which the state itself has said as fact and vindicates Trump. Even if it more likely been a charade that is close of obstruction of justice in the midst of the Russian Probe. Therefore, it is special that the Democrats didn’t initially wanted this out, but the Republicans wouldn’t.

Therefore, the whole ordeal with this memo is strange, the whole idea that Nunes would reveal something so special and so suspect, that it would blow our minds. Which it didn’t, it is within this parameter, that the White House has dismissed this one and did it as the released this one. On a Saturday Evening, while the CPAC was happening. Where Nunes get to comment it and also say it is false. So the narrative they are playing, they are playing it with full force.

The Schiff Memo of 29th January 2018, which also reveal that the Steele Dossier is not reason behind the Trump Campaign investigation and neither the vital reason for the FISA Applications done on Trump Campaign Aide Carter Paige. So this shows only with this information what sort of Hitman Nunes has been in this story. This memo says before the issues transpired and the narrative of disclosure that Papadopoulos, which the FBI was already monitoring for the covert operations of Russians in the 2016 elections. The report even states that FISA wasn’t used to spy directly on the Trump Campaign, but more on associates that had been monitored by the FBI previously and continuously, as the Intelligence was also informed, the Department of Justice and FISA judges knew what Steele was collecting on intelligence, which happen to connect two of the foreign advisers of the Trump Campaign. They we’re already monitored and had enough evidence on even before campaigning started. Also, the memo dismiss the idea of the DoJ paying for the dossier.

Therefore, the paradox of this memo, is how strikingly chauvinism that the GOP did with their majority memo, how it undercuts their own institutions for their own gain. How they are addressing their own ways of monitoring and gathering intelligence. If that isn’t striking, nothing is, as they are trying to spell out the troubles of FBI, DOJ and FISC Applications, which has been done with proper procedure and with gathered information, doing the due-diligence and securing the approval of the judges on Paige and Papadopoulos, even before the Trump Campaign.

What shows how the Nunes memo makes conspiracy out of thin-air is how they have made the Fusion GPS and the connection with Bruce Ohr, that seemingly was just tying dots. That didn’t exist and had no grounds. There are even no indication or no basis for the stated facts inside the DOJ to prove the supposed relationship and either transactions as the Nunes Memo says it did. Which, is just showing how far the Republicans go to alter a case in their favor at the moment.

Then the SMS between the two FBI Agents, which has been a talking point for the Republicans, who was dismissed from the FBI because of bias, when the DOJ found it out. So this is just another proof of how the GOP are working to undermine own institutions in favor of their president and his associates. Instead, of understanding the troubling connections it has had to Russia.

This memo showed more of the procedure for the rights of monitoring US citizens who are in cahoots with foreign powers. Therefore, we get to see and explained even more how the courts are working to make sure the applications of following Paige and Papadopoulos. So, the Republicans are not winning with this. Because, they are looking more conspiracy theorists, who are following Alex Jones and Sean Hannity, instead of being political operatives who builds up investigations into people who has worked for others. It is weird that party speaking of patriotism, is the ones that are working the most to undermine their own republic. That is just how it is now, burning bridges for their boss Trump, by any means and whatever the costs.

The only one losing the American people, who has a president with Russian associates and undermining their own intelligence organizations and Department of Justice, which are their to safeguard the republic and its values. Instead, they are using the time to stop investigations and find people to spin stories that supposed to invalidate the investigations into the Trump Campaign and the GOP. It is really rare and strange, what is happening in 2017 and 2018 in the US. The state is not so strong anymore, neither is the government, which is reeling and using all force to dismantle itself. Peace.

Russian Probe: Rice – Response Letter to Senators Grassley and Graham (23.02.2018)

USA: Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats letter to Senator Schumer on recent U.S. Intelligence visit of its Russian Counterparts (16.02.2018)

Russian Probe: Yet another person charged, this time Van Der Zwaan!

Yet another person has been charged with delivering a false statement in connection with the Russian Probe, the case building by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is no joke. It is moving forward and this person is in connection with former Trump Campaign Aide and Business partner of Paul Manafort, Richard Gates, who also recently has started to co-operate with the investigation. Therefore, his possible plea deal makes the amount of people telling stories and building case massive. The evidence collected and the people involved is stretching.

Alex Van Der Zwaan might sound like a random European, but his place in the Russian sphere is unique. In Kyiv Post by Josh Kovensky wrote this about him in 2017:

“the London-based associate Alex Van der Zwaan, the Russian-speaking son-in-law of Russian oligarch German Khan” (Kovensky, 2017).

This proves his ties to Russian sphere, as a son-in-law. Proof of how close to Kremlin Khan is, this take from: “For the purposes of this article it is necessary to mention that many media outlets argued at the time that TNK-BP experienced multiple assaults from various Russian authorities (security, tax, labour, immigration, environmental services) because Russian shareholders in the company, namely Mikhail Fridman, German Khan, Viktor Vekselberg and Len Blavatnik, with the informal backing from Kremlin sought to gain control of the company’s operations and financial flows. The conflict climaxed during the summer of 2008 when Russian oligarchs turned up the heat on Robert Dudley, a US citizen and the then CEO of TNK-BP, accusing him of breaching his duties and warning they may seek damages running into hundreds of millions of pounds for the alleged mismanagement of the company” (Ilya Zaslavskiy, Export of Corrosion: How Practices from Russia Penetrate and Undermine US and UK – Prepared for a panel discussion “Export of Russian Corruption: From Kremlin with Hate” at the annual Convention of The Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES), 2013).

So when Mueller get a possible plea deal today after charging Van Der Zwaan today, the London based associate, the net is further expanding and getting closer to gates of power. Since a son-in-law of a powerful oligarch, isn’t a small fry. That is a big fish and who knows what he knows, because of his connection and his place in the world. So, when is married into the family of Khan, it is clearly, that the networks to Kremlin is getting closer. That also Manafort and Gates, had associates that was directly working for them.

So if Manafort continues to play hardball, the net around his nesting too. There is fewer and fewer people who he can trust. Since the Mueller get people to co-operate and deliver statements, documents and such, which can make the case for the FBI. Clearly, Mueller can see this, but maybe he thinks he can get away with it.

If you learned anything today, never underestimate Mueller and his team. They are taking one step at the time, finding information and dealing with it. This time it was Van Der Zwaan. Peace.