Opinion: The Wise-Guy Babu Owino better chill

Now that the Member of Parliament for Embakasi, Paul Ongili aka Babu Owino has sent a letter through his lawyer to the Nation Media Group after they posted an article on him and DJ Evolve aka Felix Orinda. The MP and his team is sour about the article, but there is justification for it. 

The MP and his team needs to chill, they need to take a brew and stop. What happen was is already online, the receipts and the clips of what he did. That the authorities haven’t acted upon it, says more about the rule of law in the Republic. Than about justice for DJ Evolve.

The clip of what happened that night in the club when Babu Owino shot the DJ is as clear as day. The way he handled the gun and the way he aimed at the DJ. It was all deliberate. It doesn’t matter if the DJ talked smack or anything. The intent and gun-shot was straight up trying to murder the man.

The MP asking for the Nation Media Group to apologize or get sued is foolish. The video and the clip of his gangsterism is already there. The wise-guy and MP better use the same wit as he does with as he does with trying to vindicated for the shooting of the DJ.

The MP should get this through the Courts. Get his lawyers on speed-dial and get it squashed in the Courts. That is paying damage and pleading guilty, because the video-clip is already there. The man did it and the video showed it. It isn’t hearsay and just some random legend of what happened in the Club in January 2020.

The MP can act a fool, his can be a tool and he should be schooled for this. DJ Evolve deserves justice, as the act of Babu Owino was injustice. If he wasn’t an MP and was anointed by the cartels and the State House. He wouldn’t walk around like his Al Capone and be greatest gangster since Bumpy Johnson.

Babu Owino MP should praise the Gods, he should be on his knees and worship the Lord. Why? Because, he has had no punishment or no sanction on him after the attempted murder of DJ Evolve.

Nevertheless, him and his team is acting vicious. They are acting entitled, when in reality his lucky he isn’t a jailbird. That Babu Owino isn’t wearing bracelets and serving time. He should pray and be merciful to everyone around him. Since people have seen the tape, people have discussed the tape and the vicious attempt he did. Which he haven’t paid for or had any consequences of.

His off the hook for now. That’s why he should fold his hands and pray. If that isn’t his thing. Maybe some more shisha and beers in silence. Peace.

Opinion: Babu Owino MP CCTV video-clip is straight outta a gangster movie

A clip that has gone viral of Embakasi East MP Babu Owino from earlier this morning in the nightclub of B-Club in Kilimani, Nairobi. That video clip is a scene straight out of gangster flicks or noir movies. This here wasn’t an assassination attempt. He was hanging around shisha with a few friends and suddenly triggered the gun directly at Felix Orinda aka DJ Evolve.

The MP was smoking shisha, who knows what else he was up to that late in the morning in the club and how long his roamed the club too. That is up for someone else to look into. However, the clip itself shows no signs of fear, intimidation nor anyone aiming for the MP. Just he striking the gun easily at the DJ as if it was nothing to him.

The clip shows a man, who has total control and aim; there is no remorse or anything. Just a bullet into the DJ and the friends taking him away after the shoot. There is nothing showing fear or intimidation. This is like the Scorsese mafia movies and Babu is one of the bad-guys.

He gave the DJ an offer he couldn’t refuse and suddenly he snapped. After that snap, he shot him. This is evidence of attempted murder on civilian by a supposed lawmaker. Someone whose in the chambers of law and represents the people.

Babu Owino is the sort of man you should trust. Because of his status, position and what he represents. Even if he has dozens of heavy loaded statements and other questionable acts in the past. Still, the way he handled the gun and aimed at the DJ. There is no question, which he should answer and be punished for that. His station shouldn’t save him, but be the factor for why its even more important to punish him. Because he should know better. if it is wrong for a civilian to use force, than a lawmaker should get harder punishment. Since, he can create laws and justifications for people to get into legal trouble. By just being in his office and such.

There is no one in their right mind, that after seeing the video-clip that can say his innocent and doesn’t know what his doing. Because, there was clear intent. Who knows what sparked it and what is the reason for the brutal shooting, but that shouldn’t vindicate him either. The evidence is right there, in the viral CCTV clip.

There will be an investigation, but the victim is in the hospital possibly fighting for his life. While the MP will continue to live a lavish life until the possibly are prosecuted, unless the get the same treatment as Jaguar MP, but we don’t know that. If he will only be fined and let go. Therefore, that he can run another term in 2022.

Don’t shocked, even with the incriminating viral video, with influence and power come possibilities. Where he will reside in comfort, while the victims will dwell in uncertainty. This was a gangster move of Babu Owino.

No matter what the DJ did or said in the club, does not vindicate the shot directly at him, which could turn fatal. However, we don’t know that yet. Peace.

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