South Africa: The Inkatha Freedom Party questions the summons against the Minister of Finance (11.10.2016)


South Africa: MoF Summons Issued against Minister Pravin (11.10.2016)


The Presidency – Announcement of the NPA on the Minister of Finance (11.10.2016)


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Watch: Recession is unlikely in South Africa – Pravin Gordhan (Youtube-Clip)

Investigations into South Africa finance minister worries investors (Youtube-Clip)

“The investigation into South Africa’s finance minister has had some major repercussions. Investors are watching closely, and analysts are concerned a ratings downgrade could be on the cards. Detectives want to question Finance Minister Praveen Gordin about a rogue unit set up at the tax authority during his tenure. Angelo Coppola reports” (CCTV Africa, 2016)

Gordhan also accused of frustrating SAA’s plans to secure funding (Youtube-Clip)

“As the stand-off continues between Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan and the Hawks, Gordhan has also been accused of frustrating SAA’s plans to secure funding. SAA former auditor and risk committee member, Yakhe Kwinana, resigned in anticipation of the airline’s liquidation. Kwinana says Gordhan has refused to give SAA a loan guarantee until a new board is installed. South African Airways says an interruption of service on any of its routes is highly unlikely. That’s according to its spokesperson Tlali Tlali. But Kwinana, says the airline is facing possible deregulation in Ghana and Hong Kong, due to its failure to submit financial statements. Kwinana says her resignation was informed by SAA’s imminent collapse which she believes could hurt her credibility as an accountant” (SABC Digital News, 2016)

Finance Minister Pravin Gordham Statement on Hawks investigation (24.08.2016)

Pravin Gordham Statement