Ethiopia: KQ-WGU – To achieve the goal of Oromo freedom struggle, the struggle must be strengthened! (06.06.2021)

The organizer committee of the people’s sea (KQ-WGU)
In recent times, the political demonstration that can change the African people’s political participation has become clear for the relatives and enemies. Up to this day, the political participation of Oromo children blood and the soul of Oromo children, even if the system of fascist and dictator three are demolished, do not confirm the rights of Oromo’s land. This is also the reason why strong mankind is being owned by ethics, more power and lack of diplomacy, we have reached today. In this time of speech, the world is sharing the same information and dealing with technology has created a big struggle for Oromo freedom. This is how the enemy entered into a big shock, the strategy to cover Oromo was to destroy Oromo as a nation, destroying Oromia as a country and being Oromo was to break the mind of Oromo.
Thanks to our youths who have given their sweat, blood, bones and soul of Oromo freedom struggle, the plan of enemy has failed. Oromo people are fighting against each other so that they don’t lose their weapon, they are fighting against Oromia and standing guarding each other so that Oromo won’t be lost. In this way, the program of Neftegna’s messenger of PP and ABO-OLF is going on in Oromia. PP is begging Eritrea for the help of Eritrea soldiers in Oromia and killing and robbing our people. Oromo can’t stop seeing this way but death and prison.
The power of Ertrea and PP are taking place in Oromia, this force is in south Oromia; Guji, west Oromia; Wollo Guduru, North Oromia; Wallo Kamise and Central Oromia; North Shoa and Finfine. It is possible to understand that PP has passed the power of Eritrea and Fascist Dergi supporters are begging for the Russian and China to support the PP’s demonstration in Addis Ababa. PP is selling the power of individuals and their own people for the sake of the country, the wealth of the country and the people.
By the way, they are showing the power of the western forces like USA and Europe PP to solve the problem in Ethiopia. The big reason they told them is because human right is because the conflict between the people and the government. In many places in Oromia, it is possible to learn from the lack of ear to get enough of human rights, leading bitter fights and shouting to the world that the world will help you, and also learning from it can make a big move and impact. The action taken by America and Europe has never been seen in history. Today criminals government officials of Eritrea and Ethiopia are banned from moving around the world, they don’t have economic support and buy weapons. Sacrifice and shouting are getting people ears.
Therefore, Oromo is leading strong protest, denying the enemy movement has no other solution than giving his freedom. Oromo has seen for three rounds that a big weapon is a weapon that is used to destroy dictatorship. It is still important to move to the world’s eyes and ears in Ethiopia. Because it’s shown on the following points:
1. Supporting and teaching each other in USA and Europe, in many places and buildings. Taking pictures and posting on fb and social media. For example, it’s not good. ′′ We respect the dictionary of USA and EU on Ethiopia NATO and security council should save the life of children and women We Love OLA ′′ and etc.
2. In 2., waiting for a big leader to be born, it is a horse to block the high roads of Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, ours and Eritrea, and Eritrean to enter the country, and to block all the entrance of Finfine.
3. PPI is the one who is in the city and moving cars are spying on the people, all the armed forces in Oromia need to put fire on the road.
4. Protecting Oromo’s wealth at home makes the enemy to destroy Oromo, weak and weak. A person carrying a gun has no life but food, to shoot your body; water, milk, butter, milk and honey is a crime. Especially in PPN cities, it must be mandatory to cut water and damage.
5. The children of Oromo and the oppressed people are in the form of enemy, their relative and their fate as the wrong work of the people, even the highest crime of PP, Ertrea and Amhara special force Standing beside the people who make history by protesting and killing their guns and encouraging the people. If you don’t have to do this but it’s important to remind you that they are doing the worst crime and the time to be responsible is not far.
6. The army of PP is being carried out in Oromia region of Oromia so our people must protect Oromia border.
PP is a party that doesn’t know the law, who is killing the people because of lack of public support and jealousy. This party is killing Oromo children and oppression. The way the world is in this world is not stopping killing PPN from killing the people. So, the only way to take OLF’s call is to take part from the people of June 8, 2021 If this party is buried like this, it is impossible to give birth to the people rather than the Oromo Liberation Front. Death and wall cannot stand on the people.
Let the truth come back to the father!
To reach QBO is a horse, strengthening the hard work!
Victory for Oromo people!
June 6, 2021

Opinion: Abiy wants to rule like everyone before him

And after he slept there appeared unto King Solomon a brilliant sun, and it came down from heaven and shed exceedingly great splendor over Israel. And when it had tarried there for a time it suddenly withdrew itself, and it flew away to the country of Ethiopia, and it shone there with exceedingly great brightness for ever, for it willed to dwell there” (Kibre Negest)

The upcoming (s)elections in Ethiopia. Will neither be free nor fair. At this current time there is no outlook or prospects of any safe journey ahead of the polls. Neither will the results reflect the will of the people or have the ability to vote for their leaders. They can only point at the prefixed leaders and ensure the Prosperity Party consolidated power. Which they hope in the end will legitimize it and get recognition internationally.

The date for the elections is now set for 21st June and the African Union is set to observe it. However, don’t be fooled. This is just a procedure for the coronation of Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy and his token “yes-men”. The proceedings is not to elect the representatives of the Republic and neither is it to show the world how and free and fair election is run.

The “medemer terror” is residing in the nation. The conflicts are spiralling out. The region of Tigray is starving, looted and both Amhara/Eritrean is annexing land there. The farms are left behind, villages have been burned and factories tarnished too. There is millions in need and people are dying. The Tripartite Alliance is ensuring the deaths, the assault and possible genocide is occurring with a steady acts of massacres happening on the regular. While promising the world a “final offensive” which it did as well in the end of November 2020. Which is long past and the guerrilla war is stinging the allies in the conflict.

While the conflicts of Tigray is making the Republic suffer. There is problems elsewhere with this election. Not only COVID-19, which was the excuse for the postponement and the illegal 6th Year of the House of Federation. But there are trouble in other regions, which is not creating an atmosphere of peace ahead of the polls.

If that is the brutal arrests, killings and political activated use of force in Oromia. Where most of the opposition leaders are behind bars. Where activists are killed and the state is making the civilians suffer. The Command Post on steroids and the ones who differs from the state party are getting targeted.

In Ogaden there is no difference and in the beginning of the reign of Abiy. Here is where the state made use of the tactics ushered in Oromia. Where the streets, meetings and elders have been taken by the state. Where party officials, activists and others been arrested. The elections in this region, Oromia and Tigray is all suffering. Not only politically, but mentally. They are targets and been that for so long.

Prime Minister Abiy doesn’t care and only have his token soldiers behind him. Carrying his water and his instructions. Lives doesn’t matter to him. That has been seen in Afar region as well. There is no boundaries and no way out. The coronation of him will not change this either.

I think this text from the 1990 summaries things perfectly:

Almost all the past rulers of Ethiopia indiscriminately killed, burned, maimed and flogged their opponents and innocent civilians without any moral or legal restriction. Most of them came to power through violence, used violence to stay in power and lost their power only through violence. Ethiopians of today will do well if they try to understand the horrors of the past sixteen years within the context of the heritage of violence. The difference between our leaders of the past and the present in their use of violence for political purposes is simply a matter of style and sophistication. Science and technology have indeed perfected the art of killing and torture in Ethiopia, both at the center and the periphery” (Gebeyehu, Asamenew G.W. – ‘The Background to the Political Crisis in Ethiopia’ 1990).

Yes, Prime Minister Abiy didn’t directly use violence to get into office, but he surely used it in the years after. He got into power because the previous one stepped down and he was able to get into power. He has now used all means and justified all the violence all along.

Abiy will be remembered in a manner, which he doesn’t want too. That’s because he ordered this and he let it happen. There will be little or great fanfare. He is responsible for so many lost lives. The Prime Minister has burned, destroyed and depleted regions. The PP will not be remembered for reforms, but how it re-issued the Derg era. That’s very special… considering the coalition it stemmed from fought that dictatorship in a bloody civil war.

Now the Prime Minister is returning the grim dark days. Where people are losing their lives in starvation, in lack of the basics and there is guerrilla war. Where children are alone and don’t have living parents. Where families are suffering from the aftermath in camps in Sudan. This is the nation and the Republic, which he will reign supreme. Where his own citizens have been suffering and continues to suffer. Just so he could consolidate power and undermine anyone who differed from him.

Like Gebeyehu also wrote in 1990: “Historically, individuals who were not satisfied with their destiny, i.e., those who were not born into prestige, power and wealth, felt free to change the course of their destiny through violence” (Gebeyehu, Asamenew G.W. – ‘The Background to the Political Crisis in Ethiopia’ 1990).

I think those words fit perfectly for Abiy at this very moment. It is tragic and horrific. That a man has serve this annihilation of one group of people to be in office. That one man has to create such a bloodshed to prove his point. The Prime Minister and future ‘Mad King’ are doing this. Just so he can rule from Finfinne and continue the bloody traditions of previous rulers.

Abiy will be no different. The only difference is that his doing it now and using the means at his disposal. The ones believing that he will be elected truthfully. They are either delusional or not grasping the trouble he has created. There are so much pain and suffering he has ordered on people. So, many souls who has lost their lives and people who are silenced behind bars. These has to be addressed.

However, don’t expect him to do it. His ego and his turn is coming now. His the “chosen” one and will do at whatever cost. The Republic have to see this man get the crown and be anointed, while the public will suffer. Peace.

Ethiopia: Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Eritrean Army is terrorising and brutally persecuting civilians in Borena Zone of Oromia (05.06.2021)

According to the information received today from local residents, Eritrea Army and Ethiopian Defence Force in collaboration are carrying out brutal atrocities on civilians in three woredas of Borena zone including Liban, Gumii Eeldallo and Negelle towns.
According to the testimony we received from the residents in the area, yesterday (June 4, 2021), a large number of Eritrean Soldiers in Ethiopian Defence Force uniforms arrived by helicopters in Liban district of Borena in the early morning and invaded the city and surrounding areas. The residents told us that these soldiers cannot speak Oromo language at all and only few of them could speak broken Amharic.
Immediately they arrived, these foreign troops started harassing herders and other civilians in the region and also deployed to other nearby cities of Eldello and Negelle Borena for the same atrocities. They are confiscating individual mobile phones, cash and looting private belongings from local civilians.
It is to remembered that last week the same atrocities were undertaken on civilians in western Oromia region of Abay Chomen by Eritrean soldiers.
We would you like to inform the Oromia and Benishangul-Gumuz citizens that these evil acts of foreign Eritrean soldiers is increasing from time to time and the Ethiopian ruling group and Eritrean regime are planning to undertake full scale war in these regions and would advise you to organise and defend yourselves.
We also would like to inform the international community that the continued involvement of Eritrean forces and redeployment of these forces from the Tigray for operation in Oromia and Benishangul regions are serious security threat and catastrophic move to the peace and security in the region.
We appeal to International community, AU and UN bodies to denounce Eritrean involvement in Ethiopia internal affairs and give serious attention to this matter as it is causing imminent danger to civilians and will cause the loss of thousands of civilian lives in these areas.

Opinion: Ethiopia have a dream of the Red Sea

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dina Mufti stressed today that Ethiopia is planning to build a military base by the red sea. Since there are several nations who are interested in controlling the region.

In 2018 the Addis Ababa government planned to relaunch a Navy. The landlocked nation planned to have vessels and ships on the ocean fighting wars at sea. However, there has happened a lot since then.

The Prosperity Party, the Federal Government of Ethiopia have gotten closer and is more tied together with Eritrea. The government of Eritrea is already very invested in the conflicts inside Ethiopia. Their armies are fighting the civil wars of Ethiopia. So, in this regard, the relations between leaders are close too. They are listening to each other and doing each others bidding.

So, Addis Ababa would be served well to have a port or a navy base in Eritrea. As it would cost less than having it in Djibouti. Where it is already crowded with American and Chinese bases. In Somalia there been deals of ports and trading points, but not of directly warfare. Secondly, the navy base would be either towards the Indian Ocean or the Gulf of Aden and not the Red Sea.

That would be easier to achieve with a brother who is fighting wars together with. The burning of Oromia and Tigray is already a collective run enterprise. So, the Ethio-Eritrean partnership is already paying off and their enemies fought together. Now they can also expand and get to conquer new terrain. This time show itself as a viable force on the sea.

In early May 2021, the Chief of Staff Gen. Berhanu Jula launched the logo and uniform of the newly created navy. Now, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in June is stating the plans of navy base. The movement shows that they are entail to further associate itself with Eritrea and use their coastal land to build this. As it seems less feasible to build it in Somalia at this current point of time.

It is really showing blind ambitions by the leadership of Addis Ababa. That they are willing to use money, power and efforts to build a navy now. At a time it is busy with internal conflicts. Where millions are hurt, starving and lacking basic commodities. The government together with allies are scheming to build a vessels and a navy base elsewhere. They are putting the trust in Asmara and others to handle it with care.

The Ethiopian leadership is clearly aiming big. However, that isn’t new, as it wasn’t long ago. The Prime Minister promised technology to control “rain” and where it would “drizzle water” from the sky. So, this wouldn’t be as epic, but still a large enterprise. Which will cost fortunes and could easily bankrupt anyone.

The Prosperity Party clearly see no grounds or no reasons to stop their expansions. This being done without any precautions and just on a whim. While they still have to tackle the internal bloodshed, lack of foreign support and a more hostile neighbourhood. That’s because the leaders of the Ethio-Eritrean alliance is willing to let people die in-front of their eyes. The leadership is willing to let their own die without any consequence.

The idea of taking the red sea only shows the imperial drive of the alliance and their associates. They are willing to bury their own and bash itself in glory elsewhere. That’s the tragedy here.

This vessel shouldn’t leave port, but don’t be shocked if does. The Ethiopian government already have a logo and uniform made for it. That they had without even having a place to set sail. Peace.

Eritrean Ethiopian Ambassadors Fight on Live TV (Youtube-Clip)

Part II:

The Whole Interview: 

Worth a watch right? Interesting, right? Peace.

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