Burundi: Rumours of high ranking cases of COVID-19

When a Republic like Burundi kept on pushing the envelope and hold campaign rallies in the midst of a global pandemic. As the COVID-19 and Coronavirus outbreak hit internationally and also the Republic. It is weird that the state didn’t take any steps nor measure to contain it. This is why today is heartbreaking, because this could have been avoided to a certain extent. However, the late President bravado and self-belief was this ego could conquer this with the help of God. Apparently, God didn’t answer his prayers nor his faith in him. Since the fate of in-action and scrupulous acts were fatal.

Just as the alleged COVID-19 case of the late President Pierre Nkurunziza. There are reports that Evariste Ndayishimiye, the President-Elect is in the ICU at the Hospital with the illness. The mother of President Nkurunziza, Domitillie Minani, has passed on due to the disease at a hospital in Ngozi. A sister of the President is also in the ICU. ‎Pascal Nyabenda, the Speaker of the National Assembly and Interim President until 20th August 2020 is also in a hospital because of the disease. The Speaker and President-Elect is both admitted to the Bumureki Hospital in Bujumbura. They have already tested positive for COVID-19 or the coronavirus. That is the alleged rumours on this for now.

This is all alleged, not yet verified as the CNDD-FDD and the authorities are keeping facts to their chest. Something they are known for and withholding information isn’t new. Especially, when all the big-men and their families are involved. This is not only the President’s fate, but his family. After that its his close associates and successor were talking about. That is why they are so mum about it all.

If the high ranking officials and the first family of Nkurunziza is hit so hard. What does that say about the rest of Republic? What sort of levels or amount cases are there now?

Since the start of the global pandemic, the Burundian government didn’t purchase or procure testing kits even for it. They were not in the loop or concerned about in the end of March 2020. Therefore, the lack of testing in combination with no social distancing. Might have produced a gap and also uncertain amount cases. As the backlog in combination of mismanagement from the top. Which wasn’t steering into this, as everything was a go and nothing was supposed to stop.

The Supreme Leader of Patriotism and Eternal Guide said so. That is why everything went aloof and nothing was done. They were just praying and hoping for the best. Because, that is how you solve a crisis of a pandemic.

What we are seeing is a free-for-all created from the top. The man leading is gone. His interim successor is in ICU and the successor is also in the ICU. With that in mind its a hectic days ahead. Especially if anyone of these succumbs to the disease as well. The state is already downplaying the First Lady Denise Nkurunziza. The state isn’t official about the others either. Even as the reports of the death of mother is trickling in.

The COVID-19 Crisis in Burundi is real. The state, the President and everyone involved with him is to blame. They didn’t do their job and the result is his demise with others. As they could get the experts intelligence and wisdom. However, they made he WHO Experts “Person Non Grata” and banished them.

The gig is up and the dumb-foolery got to stop. There are lives at stake and instability to be created by these fluid changes. Even as horrific, brutal and destructive the reign of the Nkurunziza was. Still, this sort of affair is tragic, because this could have been avoided. However, that wasn’t in him. He wouldn’t let it happen, as he knew better than doctors and experts. That is who the President was and he went from being a militia leader to President to dead of COVID. He could beat a civil war, but he couldn’t challenge the invisible enemy Coronavirus. Peace.

Opinion: You living on a lie, Supreme Leader Nkurunziza

If all over the world we talk about the coronavirus pandemic, but we were able to gather without any problem, hold an electoral campaign without any problem, send our children to school and go to the market without worries….it is the hand of God which shows he has placed a special sign above our Burundi” Pierre Nkurunziza at a rally on the 28th May 2020

The Supreme Leader for Patriotism, the three term President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza has come out with strong words and shown again his reckless behaviour. That has actually cost him and those surrounding him. Since, the President has downplayed and not taken the Global Pandemic of COVID-19 or Coronavirus seriously.

That’s why it’s both sad and ironic at the same time. There is no reports that Pierre got and his wife Denise Nkurunziza got it as well. Only his wife has able to leave the republic for treatment at Aga Khan in Nairobi, Kenya. She together with three bodyguards whose also been tested positive for COVID-19. Therefore, the necessity for mass-testing and checking society should be key.

Especially, since the state, the party and the leadership have held open rallies and done as ordinary. There been no or nothing of social distancing, neither lockdowns or anything. That is why the spread of COVID-19 can be to heights we cannot imagine. We know its worrying, when the big-men and their wife catches it. Also, the workers of the Big-Men get it too.

It is not like the state can afford to ship every case or everyone who would treatment to Nairobi. Neither, would the Kenyan authorities accept it either. Even if the Kenyan authorities are not supposed to accept people with COVID-19. However, they did, because of the stature of the First Lady of Burundi.

Mr. President with this and the actions you have made. You have been living on a lie. Because, you get tested since your a big-man and the ones around you for the same reason. All of them get tested as of association with you. The general public doesn’t get this treatment. Neither, is there any safeguards nor open checks in place. All trust are just going directly to God.

God wouldn’t let you act a fool. God wants is us to use our mind and to our best abilities. Yes, we supposed to trust his will, but not stop using the tools around that. Which is what you have done, Mr. President. You could have in the last months of your Presidency, ensured testing capacities and abilities to secure the spread of COVID-19. However, you have lived on a prayer and therefore, you have not shielded yourself nor your wife.

The prayers didn’t save you, the faith didn’t stop the virus from spreading to you. You don’t know where it comes from. Your wife doesn’t know where it comes from. It could anybody your been close in the recent weeks of campaigns. There could be plenty of others inside the CNDD-FDD and the State House. Who are running around asymptomatic and with the illness. However, you cannot know, because you have not tested nor even tried to combat this.

That is why Mr. President, Supreme Leader of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, you have been living on a lie. Instead of acting upon a global pandemic. You have taken the easy way out, which now will cost. Hopefully, we hope, that the people of Aga Khan can heal and ensure good treatment of Denise.

You can now be remembered that in your ignorance and in your arrogance you risked your own family just for the glory of the party and your own legacy. Peace.