China: Spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU Speaks on a Question Concerning the NATIO Summit’s Communique (15.06.2021)

New Hong Kong Cultural Club Canada: 14 HK Activists Granted Asylum in Canada (14.01.2021)

Hong Kong: Information Service Department – New requirement for appointment to civil service on or after July 1 (12.10.2020)

North Korea (DPRK): Clear Is Our Message to US (12.06.2020)

Botswana: Public Advisory 13: Adhere to Extreme Social Distancing and Save Lives (24.04.2020)

Botswana: Office of the President – Press Release (23.04.2020)

Botswana: Office of the President – Press Release (22.04.2020)

Botswana: Ministry Readiness for Water Supply during the COVID-19 Lockdown (19.04.2020)

Botswana: Rebutal-The Patriot on Sunday Article (14.04.2020)

Botswana: Statement on the Reported Mistreatment of African Nationals in China (13.04.2020)

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