Botswana’s Position on the General Election in Uganda (22.02.2016)


The Government of the Republic of Botswana has taken note of the reports of international observer groups on the recent General Election held in the Republic of Uganda. The Government of Botswana has observed that based on the findings of some international observers, the elections were characterised by, amongst others; lack of transparency, reported incidents of intimidation and harassment, social media restrictions, as well as continuous arrests and detention of a prominent leader of the opposition.

In view of this, the Government of Botswana remains deeply concerned that such conduct during an election would have deeply undermined the norms of best practice governing democratic elections, as well as, the continent’s efforts towards consolidation of democracy. Going forward, the Government of Botswana therefore encourages all concerned Parties to address the election disputes for the peace and stability of their nation.

(Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation)

#DearNextPresident: Gbenga Akinnagbe wants money out of politics

It’s an interesting and noble idea! What do you think? Peace!

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