The medieval acts of the Museveni against the Opposition; Out of this darkness the defiant acts of the people can bring light and change!

Muhoozi Museveni

There are days like these that just dwindle in disappear like the sun falls on sky at night, to a-wait a new day. As the bliss hope when night time comes of a new day, there are still shades of darkness as the unknown will approach. That are in the knowledge of the unknown, we have to captivate the known to adjust the unknown. Let me start with the words of Defiance and liberation from Besigye!

“Even without being convicted obviously, a system like Uganda’s can administer a death sentence on me. Anybody who challenges Museveni must accept the risks associated with it, which includes death. One does not have to suffer death through the judicial process; many suffer death out of the judicial process. I am not afraid of the possibility of death in a struggle. It is part of the hazards of struggling against bad governments.” – Dr. Kizza Besigye

Besigye 18.05.2016 Nakawa

We could all be in despair… in sorrow and in pain as we see, as we hear, as we know of the attack on moral codes, on deeper knowledge of what is expected of a government and their works. As we should be hurt by the darkest knowledge of the sorrow and pain of these men who fights with peace against those who uses the swords against the opposition; these swords are not just words but acts of aggression. These words and acts are decrees of violence against itself and its neighbour. Silence against that is muttering and agreeing with aggression and the known progression of inflicting pain of fellow brothers and sisters.

It should be hard to eat, without questioning the manner and the approach of set government and their agencies, their hired men and their hired soldiers. Their advisories are worse beating then the dogs and in dungeons of dangers; while the kings and his court is eating on the peasant’s yields and donors who feed in his chambers.

Entebbe Statehouse

The narrow approach of small minded will let this be and let this medieval emperor deal with the manors and castles, creating knights and butchers while the peasants are eating breadcrumbs, while the king and his court are eating pheasants and truffles. While their agents are hunting down the men who speaks against the king and his throne; like warriors they destroy their homes and take down the clans without decrees or honour. As the ruler’s greed takes a piece of everything and everyone. Therefore he has spies into everything. Every word spoken will be followed and all the birds will be taken down if they sing too much. The king means that the people speak to much and doesn’t work hard enough for him.

The clarity and the sense of the matter is this. The Allies and the men who supports the king, does because he is needed right now, but when he is done, he will be in the coffin, like the ones he carried away of his own and other kings in the area, like Mobutu Sese Seko, Juvenal Habyarimana, Idi Amin Dada and Laurent Kabila, have all fallen in his time. Some because of him, other within his making entailed in him, even the South Sudanese legend of John Garang, but the truth of that day will once surface on these events as that one is not for sure.

Paolo Muwanga Quote

There are in the midst of all tragedies, all deaths, all thieving and lies, we have to seek the truth, in the midst of the darkness and deceived masses, the counter intelligence and valour of greed. The greed that is now in all parts of state and eats of the destruction of all other beliefs than the king as he tries to salvage his kingdom and realm, but it is late. Suddenly in this darkness and in the light before dawn has to move wisely, as these men who eats of all the plates, never last forever. Because they cannot pay of all the soldiers on borrowed time; they can only pay of a dozen as the newly created fractions have to be paid as well. When the clocks are ticked, the arrows are bowed and the king is silent. The gates of the manor and the castles are unsecured as the men’s loyalty are in vain, as their families are starving; that is the time the king will without his knowledge because of greed, will greet in the new era. Because he does not have the initial power of people will to determine their future and their leaders, as their vision is not to bow down to his grace and his court, but instead to the men who serves them with honour and diligence, with the fear of people’s will and will not spread will to the people through the bows and spears. Peace.

This might be the reason for the delayed return of VP Dr. Riek Machar, as there reports of how the tension was created in Juba before President Kiir let him back into the Capital of South Sudan.

Machar Kiir

There here is certain report that was in sent in between the Kenyan Embassy in the South Sudan and their Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As the stories and taking time to get Dr. Riek Machar the leader of SPLM in Opposition instated again as Vice President of South Sudan. That took time and was speculation already, and the commentary was at the size of the guns and the amount of men that the SPLM-IO was allowed to enter the Capital. This here reports shed some lights into the tension of the capital before he returned and to what state of affairs.

That the Government we’re prepared and even decided to put up a military barrack besides an UN POC site proves the levels of tension in the country as the steps of movement before the returning of planned TGoNU or the Government of National Unity.

Information from insider memo in February:

That the President Salva Kiir decree of making 28 states in South Sudan is initially a move that violate the newly signed peace agreement.

The Formation of the TGoNU:

The Formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity will nominate 16 ministers, 10 SPLM-IO, two former detainees becoming ministers and also two minsters from other political parties. The Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) will have President Kiir decree that nominated 50 SPLM/A-IO to the TNLA, with this will expand the ARCSS to 400 MPs with the SPLM-IO getting 50 seats, and one seat of a former detainee and also 17 seats nominated from other Political Parties.

The Ceasefire Transitional Security Arrangement and Monitoring Mechanism (CTSAMM):

Have set up a centre in Juba as a Joint Operation Centre there with the South Sudanese National Police Service; but the level forces and demilitarization have slowed down the progress as the lack of resources to function.


This is reports from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kenya 15th April:

That the SPLM-IO had been travelling in civilian clothes into Juba and under UN protection sites located in Juba. SPLM-IO is believed to have 40,000 civilians/soldiers hiding at the UN POC sites with their weapons. These have prompted the Government to have a Military Base 300 meters away. They have also deployed artillery pieces and helicopter gunships around the Jebel Hill. This intended to be close to where the SPLM-IO is located.

As well as the Tiger Battalion from the Western Barh El Ghazal State transported in to Juba on the 10th April, which was 10,000 strong. This is something that SPLA have confirmed.

With tense situations before the re-entering of Riek Machar the Juba capital was reported that the Government army was walking in civilian around the town; either as change of the uniforms of the armed men; this in the style of Prison officers, Police Officers and Wildlife Officers. But they are all heavy armed.

These reports together with Public remark of SPLA Chief of General Gen. Paul Mahong, that he would never allow Dr. Riek Machar to become President of South Sudan and that if he provokes them again he would kill him. That was reported to worsen the tense situation in the capital in other parts of the country.



As much as we can see the militarized politics is clear and the levels of tension create between the friction of President Kiir and VP Machar. These have to play with care especially if they are playing each other. This because South Sudan needs peace and need stability as the inflation is over 200% right now; the government need to be structured and save haven for rule of law. That is since the civil war between the leaders needs to rest and build the new country. Just as the country become a new member of the East African Community and have the ability to prosper if it gives itself peace and its citizen’s stability to build and regenerate the country. Peace.