Opinion: Lungu is a very worried man right now

The Patriotic Front (PF) and two term incumbent President Edgar Lungu was going to the polls today. As the sentiment and the lack of popularity in the general public has been rising. The President has to use the armed forces, come with warning ahead of polls and it is now reported that he ordered a media blackout.

What is happening in Zambia isn’t a new tactic from leaders like him. He had already used the courts and gotten the ability to become a three term eligible President. While the Constitution doesn’t say so and he wasn’t in a full-term before the second and this is why he was “eligible” for it now.

This just shows what sort of management and governance Lungu supports. Lungu who has run the economy down and becoming addicted to loans. A state who has failing state enterprises and certainly not delivered on any promises of the past, which could matter to the general public.

That is why Lungu have vilified the biggest opposition party the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Hakainde Hichilema. The party an HH has been painted in a manner, which is of epic proportions. HH has even been said to be similar to “Hitler”. That is the sort of political discourse the PF has delivered during the campaigns.

We know it’s bad for the PF and Lungu… when as the polls are counted. He calls for rigging and orders a media blackout. The same man who ordered the soldiers on the streets and done whatever he could to ensure victory. We know he has made numbers lower in known opposition strongholds. The same authority has already been reported to give little to none ballots and equipment to certain polling stations. Which is just fitting, because the PF and the state knows.

The PF and the ones anointed has done what they could ahead of this. The state and the President has used all known means to ensure a victory. Not because… Lungu is popular or loved at this point. No, his not loved or cared, because if he was…. He wouldn’t cry havoc on election night, but grinning to the bank.

Lungu will be swimming in dollars and spending a night drink champagne. Alas, he is instead ordering army out to several of provinces. To ensure there can be questions of legality and easily can contest the results. The sort of results that will not be in favour of the President and he can call it “rigged”. The ironies is that the system and the authorities has used all techniques to secure the “win”.

Lungu mus worried in his home. He is sitting biting his teeth and knowing that his time is up. That a man who has the power of the Republic and as the Head of State. Still, the will of the people isn’t naturally his.

The polls that has been released through VPN, the partial polling stations results has been for now in favour of HH and with a majority of the votes. Let’s see if this becomes the game or the ECZ and the authorities will cook the numbers. That’s what I anticipate, since this man is using all the other tricks in the book of election rigging.

Lungu is a worrisome and with a reason. His whole life and career depends on it and he is behold to the public. He could touch everything within reach and appoint the ones who would follow his orders. However, the incumbent cannot impose himself or be loved on commando. Even if that is something he hoped for tonight. Peace.

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Zambia: Patriotic Front and Lungu will “win” this upcoming election

The 12th August 2021 is sort of protocol and procedure. The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) will predetermine the elections. Just like the stronghold of the opposition have less voters in 2021 than in 2016. While in the strongholds of the PF the amount of voters has grown since 2016. Therefore, just by the voter rolls everything is prepared for the President and his party.

There will be voter intimidation and all stakes are out. It is not like Edgar Lungu can risk losing his power. This will be his third term and the Constitutional Court cleared him for it. Therefore, this is all in cards.

The main opponent Hakainde Hichilema and his United Party for National Development (UPND) will be vilified. HH have even been called “Hitler” and said to be “blood-thirsty” as he wants people to “die” to get into power. Which is very ironic, as he doesn’t have soldiers on orders and the government at his disposal.

The Patriotic Front and the government has that. They are ordering the soldiers on the streets and blocking the UNDP to hold campaign rallies and meetings. The state is targeting HH and his party. Making them into “criminals” for political activities, which isn’t new, but continues at a rampant pace. In such a manner, that the ECZ is even suspending races and stopping them from campaigning.

This is why we know the 12th August is only a rigged affair. The PF and Lungu will win. The PF will have the majority and the President will be re-elected. He will get his third term and have a majority. That is what is coming and everything else is hopeless hope. These sort of proceedings usually tend to go this way.

The PF have been the pivotal party for so long. It is used to get away with the stranglehold on government and civil society. The PF can do whatever it needs to stay in power and that will visible in the coming days.

The soldiers deployed days ahead of the polls. The use of election violence and brutal language against the opposition. Is proof of what is at display. The ECZ is already making sure they have the tools in order to deliver what the “boss” needs and anything else is a lie. We just know Lungu will not risk losing power. He has no intention of bowing down or giving way. If so, he would haven’t made the case and allowed himself to run for a third time.

We know he circumvent it, because the “first” term wasn’t a full one and he inherited the position in some regard. That’s why his “second” term in 2016 is sort of his “first” and this can be counted as his “second” even when he is his “third”. That’s how he has utilized the courts and gotten away with it. Since he has no plan to retire.

Lungu will therefore use all means to win. He will ensure “victory” and “celebrate” it. We just know this and to think anything else at this point is naive. Peace.

Zambia: A tale of two gay men and one U.S. Envoy

In Lusaka, the United States Envoy Daniel Foote have been recalled for making remarks and statements about the two gay men who was charged and sentenced to 15 years in prison for making love to each other.

In this regard, some will see their act as sinful, some will see their acts against nature, that is both in your making. Your allowed to think that and have some basis in religion to do so. However, there should also be legal basis for people to love whomever they choose. Just like you should be allowed to join whatever party or religion, as your conscience deems fit. Therefore, for the state to arrest and detain people for who they love. Its a big fail, if it is their gay or inter-racial, already married or an illegal alien, so whatever reason that should be no grounds for legal remedies. Unless, they are breaking laws and statutes, which violates the sovereign state and have illegal activity as theft, crimes and so on. To make love criminal is just weird to me.

However, what is even more striking in this case. Is the need to recall and send an U.S. Envoy home for his actions in this matter. It is not like he has the power to change the laws of a sovereign nation, neither does he has the capacity to start riots or anything on his own. Unless, he does some coordination with CIA and gets busy, like the US does in Latin America. In this case, that seems like ordinary wide-far-fetched conspiracy talk. Especially, just over two gay men.

That President Edgar Lungu makes such a case and such a stance, is to only be more popular with his evangelical and Christian voters, who deem this as a sin against God and nature. That these two violated the world order and their belief in their activities. The state has laws and statutes where they make Homosexuality illegal. This is all to prove their loyalty to the fate and to the ones who believes this. Which is fine as a personal belief, but a state should be open to more than one mind-set.

Surely, Lungu has more dire problems, more issues of financial deficit, lack of power to repay Chinese loans, loadshedding and whatnot that is troubling his days in the office. As well as monitoring the activities of all opposition leaders. There are plenty of things to keep him busy. Other, than two gay man making love. He should fix the economy and the civic space. However, his busy with how people are using their privates, instead of actually governing. While spreading propaganda of a Western ploy of making Africa gay. Which it is not, it is just one expression and one part of a person’s life, which the state shouldn’t interfere and take away the liberty of a person. That it does, when it criminalize one way of love. If it is this or another.

This is the story of two gay men, who apparently is so vital and important. More important than the cordial relations between two nations. That they have to show their sovereign ways, but recalling him. As they got insulted by what he said.

What is Lungu’s next step now? He cannot get the man back and U.S. has to send another man. Whoever that might be. Still, the Zambian authorities got to ask themselves, was it worth it? What is it to gain to make this illegal and what justification is there to donors to aid this republic, who clearly only gives rights for some, but detains others. Peace.

Opinion: Lungu will run in 2021

President Edgar Lungu is already in his second term as the President of Zambia. This after he took over for Michael Sata in 2015 and held the office until he won his “first” term in 2016. The Courts has already interpreted and ensured the legal argument that Lungu can be the President for a “second” term from 2021. This after he has reigned between 2015-2021.

But just as the Patriotic Front have wrecked the economy and has defaulting loans. The state is in constant load-shedding and lack of force. The Zambian government are even so vibrant in their justification to silence the opposition. That the lack of prison cells, is reasons for not having public rallies of the opposition in the Republic.

The Patriotic Front and Lungu is steaming ahead. Even as the Chinese is collecting collateral and taking valuable assets from the state. Life is just getting tougher for the citizens, but the President doesn’t seem to mind. His preoccupied with consolidating more power.

Lungu has constitutional amendments, where if they are ascended into law. It will give him way or power to actually accept loans, sign international treaties and agreements without the parliamentary oversight and voting of it. This means, if the President gets his way, he will be able to accept and secure state loans without interference. He can sign agreements and treaties without anyone stopping him. This means the President doesn’t need the Parliament to look over his actions nor his economic policies. That in a state, where tolls of loans are already a giant burden and a state, which struggles with fiscal stimulus to fix the rates of back-pay to its creditors.

Therefore, the 2018 acceptance of the Courts. The Constitutional Amendments of 2019. Are all slow walks into 2021. Where he will have secured all power, ensured his appointed cronies in all parts of the government and have loyal henchmen around him.

Don’t expect the other parties to have choice or ability before 2021. Lungu will not let that happen. He has the state and will use all means. Lungu will not let go. He will not let go. To think that is naive, unless a miracle appears and the Holy Ghost brings him a message in the night and the President actually listens. As he listens, he steps down and give ay to someone else. But, we know that will not happen.

Lungu will have his “second” term. Edgar will do it. With all means, with all sort of laws to monitor, control and give him more power. If he doesn’t, he isn’t himself nor as drunk on power as it seems. Peace.

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