Lumumba criticises bid to extend Supreme Court judges contracts (Youtube-Clip)

“Kenya School of Law Director, Prof PLO Lumumba has criticized a bid by a section of Supreme Court judges to seek extension of their term to 74 years. He said the constitution was clear that a judge shall serve up to the age of 70 and urged those who had attained that age to retire honorably” (Daily Nation, 2016).

Footage: Anti-IEBC protesters heading to Nairobi CBD from Kibera (06.06.2016)

Another Police Brutality and Tear-Gas Monday; as the continued demonstrations against IEBC from CORD, today!

Mathare Road 06.06.2016

As the re-started after a week of rest, as the Jubilee that meaning Deputy President William Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta, have stopped the leadership of CORD to have real talks on the reform of Independent Boundaries Electoral Commission (IEBC). This is happening while the Supreme Court today accept the wishes of CORD and allow them to peacefully protest against the government institution, as the Kenya National Police Service under IGP Boinett ordered the ‘Demonstrations’ to stop and would stop it with ‘force’.

Kenya 06.06.2016 P2

Something that the Kenyan Police have done, just as of late, there are three persons who was shot and killed by the Police in Kisumu, where the demonstrations where heated. Another one was hurt by bullet as well, but not reported killed in Kisumu.

From Uhuru Park:

In Nairobi the Nairobi Police Commander Japheth Koome is demanding to see “broken bones and blood on the streets”. So if the Kisumu is the one following the wishes of Koome, then then will be worse reports from Nairobi, as the roads down towards the Central Business District and the Anniversary Tower is closed from the early morning. There been putting tires on fires on roads all around the city, like on Mathare Road, Jogoo Road and so on. Certain Junior Officers of Nairobi Police have refused to follow the directive of Koome to incite violence towards the demonstrators today. The CORD plan yesterday to have another rally at the Uhuru Park, as the other parts of CBD of Nairobi have been sealed off by the Police; so there been steady movement of demonstrators in that direction. Even truck drivers around Mlolongo have strike against the IEBC and put up a massive jam in the area, as there we’re trucks at a ‘standstill’. There even been reports of the Junior Officers who didn’t want to follow orders of Koome, went to Nairobi Central Park and relaxed, instead of driving water-cannons and shooting tear-gas at demonstrators, again. While the Anti-Riot Police are as usual stationed at the Anniversary Tower, I think they should put up a Police Post there, as they can see all steady movement every-day of the week, not only Police Brutality Mondays.

“UN Nairobi Office bosses told to let staff go home early and those able to work from home to do so. Pressure felt”Shops and schools are closed in Kibera, as he demonstrations today are we’re on the way and they wanted to be prepared, as there been violent behavior during the demonstrations in the recent demonstrations in Kibera slum.

Homa Bay Town 06.06.2016

There been peaceful demonstrations in Homa Bay Town.

Kenya 06.06.2016 P1

There been demonstrations in Narok, Kisii, Migori, Meru and in Eldoret, but no news of violence or killings there.

Uhuru Park 06.06.2016

You know the issues are turning to be fuzz, when the American Ambassador Godec visiting Hon. Raila Odinga and ask him to stop with the demonstrations against the IEBC; with that in mind Amb. Godec wanted CORD to stop and end the demonstrations completely, Odinga he answered that Ambassador should go and talk with Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee, not stall him, because he is the ones with the main issues on the matter.

Cord Presser 06.06.2016

CORD Principals are urging all our people to converge at Uhuru Park in readiness for ‪#‎IEBCMustGo peaceful demonstration. No carrying of stones or any form of weapon. They have also threatened to extend the demos to THREE days in a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)” (Cord, 06.06.2016).

Kenya 06.06.2016 P3

The looting of two supermarkets in Kisumu is just worrying, even if the Police brutality and killings are occurring, as they are vicious and wrong; that does not justify to attack and loot businesses that are not even connected with the IEBC, that the reason for the demonstration, neither is it peaceful to be thieving, though the live bullets and tear-gas from the Police is not justified. Let that all be clear!

This here will not be silenced easily or go away as it is wished by the Jubilee, as the stalemate, the questions of the chickens, the pay-offs and the arrangement of the IEBC as they are not any requested changes that the CORD have asked for, while the blood and burning streets are not a good look for Kenya or the Jubilee Government. Peace.

Kenya: The Constitution Amendment Bill of 2016 (02.06.2016)

Kenya Gazzete 02.06.2016 P1

Kenya Gazzete 02.06.2016 P2

Kenya Gazzete 02.06.2016 P3

Indictment of the IEBC Kenya No. T20137605 at SouthWark Crown Court

CordDemo Court Paper P1CordDemo Court Paper P2CordDemo Court Paper P3CordDemo Court Paper P4CordDemo Court Paper P5

IEBC demonstration in Kisumu (Youtube-Clip)

Second Clip:

The Invincible wall between CORD and Jubilee (Kenyatta and Odinga); as the IEBC Stalemate continues and credibility dwindling as Kenyatta and Ruto doesn’t want to talk… to CORD!

Kenyatta Ruto Madaraka Day 2016

“It is not possible that the Opposition leaders do not have faith in all the institutions established under the Constitution” (…) “For instance they say they do not have faith in Parliament, Judiciary and IEBC and yet we recently told the world that we have enacted progressive laws that guide in the running and management of the country” – William Ruto on Madaraka Day rally in Nakuru (The Star Kenya, 01.06.2016).

There are those days when you sit down and wonder if these leaders we have really lead, or just follow their gut. That is how I feel about H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Jubilee Coalition, the soon official Jubilee Alliance Party. Who has is advisory in Hon. Raila Odinga, not that the two other main leaders in CORD doesn’t matter, they do, the same does also the deputy of Jubilee. They all matter… therefore the Dialogue and negotiation is so important.

Nairobi 09.05.2016 Demonstration P7 Tear-gas

When we have had the Tear-Gas Mondays and Police Brutality Mondays as the Anti-IEBC rallies have happen around Anniversary Tower in Nairobi, and after a while also happening in other central parts of Kenya, under the leadership of local governors and dignitaries from the opposition. As this has happen, the Jubilee and their MPs, and other leaders have said that the Media and Police should shut it down as it is unconstitutional. Well, the shooting of citizens who demonstrates, the ones walking in the street doesn’t do any harm, the ones with tear-gas, water-canons, sticks and also guns shooting at citizens are the ones that are breaching the constitution. With that in mind, as the killings of civilians will be stained on the ballots of the General Election 2017, unless their loss will be within reason; because the situation right now is that they lost their life for nothing and because of a brutal force from the government. That is not a position or legacy a Kenyatta, want to leave behind, is it?

Not, that CORD are totally correct, but they are right in questioning and asking for reforming both constitution and the IEBC, as before the IEBC, there was IIEC and surely there was another funny abbreviation for an Electoral body in Kenya. I am right, right?

Cord Statehouse 01.06.2016

But because of the current conflict, because of the matter of violence from the Police Service together with the strong rhetoric from CS Nkaissery and others are putting up an invisible wall between them and the leaders of CORD: Hon Raila Odinga, Hon Moses Wentan’gula and Hon Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. They are all under fire from the reign of Jubilee, as well as the Deputy President William Ruto also addressed them and said there was no need for talks.

The reason why Jubilee doesn’t want to talk, they want to be big-men, elected men who don’t want to show weakness, even if that weakness might show justice and true freedom. Within reason there are freedoms, but when CS Nkaissery can without anything order a journalist detained for writing about parliamentary gazette, then there something wrong with the current laws and regulations. And that is with the freedom of speech, not in the freedom of tallying votes and ushering in voters to actually vote.

The “Chickengate” and the stories of fixing the Burundian Election in 2015, must eat on the bones of the leadership of the IEBC, as the troubled history of the chairman Isaack Hassan and the others who bought and secured funds for themselves and other bureaucrats, as they wanted to eat “chicken” every time the needed Electoral Material, and with that in mind; they surely would like some money direct from ruling party to fix results as they could see fit. That would be fitting right, if you can be bought ones, why not twice?

Cord Nkaissery

The Jubilee shouldn’t just push those thoughts away as there been enough cash-scandals under their reign in this first term of H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta and Hon. William Ruto. They have both seen the cash-strapped organizations eaten government funds and seen government officials eaten some extra funds, that from sports to police officers. “Man eats Man Society” as Julius Nyerere called it.

With that in mind as the grievances between the parties are there, as the history between the figures and what they have said about each other are there, even when they have the humility to be together at State House when the South Korean President passed by the Kenyan Nation. That proves that the differences is not too big for them to share the same room and breath the same air.

Now that we know that, they can talk pleasantries in the State House, then there are no reason for why they cannot let certain groups from Jubilee and Cord can discuss the IEBC and reason between them; so that there are no bad-blood before the General Election 2017. If the Jubilee doesn’t do it, then their Police Brutality should be sued and taken to court as breaches of rights to demonstrate in the streets of Nairobi and other Kenyan towns. That is something the CORD party should consider as a treat to hurt in public display and within court laundering of the Kenya National Police Service and their officers. That would not look good in the months as the Courts and trials can last, as there are many actions, many injured and many to interview and write up affidavits from. That would not be tactic that makes the Kenyan government looking friendly… though they already have to address the Dadaab Refugee Camp closing in November 2016. That should be enough for their loyal subject CS Nkaissery.

Judiciary Kenya

So with the knowledge of the chaos of retirement and bribes in the Kenyan Supreme Court, with the Tunoi Tribunal and the Dr. Willy Mutunga and crew makes the necessity for talks even more important, as the reign and openness of scandals in governmental institutions have been staggering. It has not been silenced, there haven’t been enough of emotions, as even the Kenyan Media have been shown to be silenced by the Jubilee, as CS Nkaissery have even been for some an all-powerful English teacher. I myself learned so much from his plain-English last year.

So with the knowledge of all the events, all the actions and all the questions, all the scandals and even added little bit of Police Brutality, the Government, the ruling Party, the President and his Deputy should by all means consider to discuss the future. Where they will possibly disscuss some reforms to give some credibility to the IEBC as the months ahead, and the coming election will be hard to sustain with today’s stalemate between the two coalitions.

Uhuru-Kenyatta Swearing in

If the current government leadership wants to be taken as a serious leaders who can handle to have an initial opposition and respecting the opposition. The Jubilee, who even have at one point as the KANU leader Uhuru Kenyatta knows the taste of tear-gas under President Mwai Kibaki, wonder if the H.E. Kibaki could been more hostile and less of a man, then he might turned and been stubborn as the current leadership is.

That dialogue is not on the table, says more about JUBILEE than about CORD. The groups and politicians, could by all means, regress and deteriorate each other; that will not go into a good space and environment in General Election 2017. Something Kenyatta and Ruto does not want to be responsible for what that could come. As the already loss of life, should make the men, the leaders and honorable to recognize the time and take a cup of tea together to fix and mend the issue. Instead of building and creating a hostile landscape where they are against you, by all means, and doesn’t make for a justified election and campaigning. That create war-mongering and them-us talk that doesn’t create a safe space. With the history of elections in Kenya, that should be taken in consideration, to not ignite or open up for such. That on neither side and instead give some way or look into the grievances that are… and the questions to the government institution… that shouldn’t be muffled. Peace.

Not only Tear-Gas Mondays anymore, but Police Brutality Day as the IEBC-Protests from CORD continues; Now not only in Nairobi, but also in other towns!

Nairobi 23.05.2016 Demonstrations P1

There are questionable actions towards the Coalition of Reform and Democracy (CORD) who are protesting the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) who are conducting the elections in Kenya and are following orders from the ruling party Jubilee Coalition and soon legal entity Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP).

Today is the fourth Monday in a row when the CORD and their leadership have held demonstrations against the Commission who have the authorities and government behind them. Therefore the Police Brutality and violence against the people in Kenya is now not only around the Anniversary Tower around the Haile Selassie Avenue in the capital. It has branched out to the provinces and other towns.

Nairobi 23.05.2016 Demonstrations P2

Today the demonstrations happen not only in Central Nairobi and Kibera. They happen in Mombasa, Kakamega, Nakuru and Kisumu.

Mombasa 23.05.2016 Demonstration

As early in the morning there was 100 Anti-Riot Police was deployed to Uhuru Park in Mombasa. This was before the demonstrations had started that was supposed to be led by Governor Hassan Ali Joho, who is also a Deputy of ODM, a party in the CORD alliance. As the demonstrations moved, so did the ready Police and threw tear-gas at the demonstrators. While also arresting Mombasa Speaker Thadeus Rajwayi and Junda County Member Paul Onje. Together with 10 more people we’re also arrest around the demonstrations. So as the people we’re dispersed by the Police, after that the streets of Mombasa are now patrolled by the officers.

Mombasa 23.05.2016 Demonstration P2

Governor Hassan Ali Joho: “Despite intimidation & outright provocation by Kenya Police, peaceful anti-IEBC demo was held in Mombasa”.

Another report: 

“FIVE SHOT by prison warders during anti-IEBC protests in Migori town,rushed to hospital in critical condition, police boss David Kirui says” (NationBreakingNews, 2016).

In Kakamega as the demonstrations there was also dispersed by the Police. The Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale, he is detained at Kakamega Police Station. Boni Khalwale states himself: “Am in Kakamega Police Station cells arrested 4 participating in a constitutional & peaceful anti-IEBC demo. Kenya!” In Kakamega the Police went violent with gunshots and injuries of demonstrators. Also happening in town we’re Journalist Leon Lidigu who was filming of Police Officer kicking and clobbering a woman, the Police confiscated his camera as he had filmed the Police Brutality!

Nakuru Police Station 23.05.2016

There we’re assembled demonstrations in Nakuru. Even the ODM Chairperson Dennis Okomol was arrest for holding the demonstrations. CORD Supporters have been sitting on the outside of Nakuru Railway Police Station after the arrests for the Police while they we’re holding demonstrations in town.

Also Suna East MP Mohamed Junet have been arrested and is being detained at Kilimani Police Station.

Kisumu 23.05.2016 Demonstrations

In Kisumu the demonstrations was shut down with brutality, as the Police shot live bullets even at a man who was entering a CBA bank. So the Police shot a man in Kisumu, who was not even parts of the Demonstration, just at the wrong place at the wrong time, as the Police in Kisumu wanted to show their power and the rights to disperse the person who demonstrates against the IEBC. Also other than the first person shot, the reports also says two more we’re shot and with serious injuries into County Hospital. The Police also threw tear-gas at the journalist who was covering the demo. What was more impressive what that certain police officers entered a Hotel in town where they stole chapatti and mandazi’s before they arrested the owner of the Hotel. In Kisumu there have also been burning of tires in the street while this is a reaction to the violence shown by the Police.

CORD Demonstrations 23.05.2016

“My heart cries for Kibera. The people your fighting for live in Karen and leafy surburbs na hakuna teargas kwao. #CORDdemos” – DJ Moz Kubamba

Nairobi 23.05.2016 Demonstrations P3 Burning tires

In Nairobi there were actions in Kibera, around the Anniversary Tower, even Police Helicopters while the tear-gas hit the streets, as on the Haile Selassie Avenue. Sealed of the offices, but no major news from Nairobi, as it the towns of Kisumu, Kakamega and Mombasa where the Police went into action this Monday. Seems like Nairobi Metropolitan Police Commander Japheth Koome have slowed down after last Monday’s demonstrations. Even if the Kibera slum where they started to burn tires in the street in demonstrations against the IEBC; while this is happening the Anti-Riot Police have thrown the tear-gas in the area, that have even inflicted the public, which means that Police even tear-gassed the kids! Even a Primary school with 200 secondary school students we’re teargassed!

Nairobi 23.05.2016 Demonstrations P4

There been talking of a convoy of 500 cars driving towards the IEBC Offices in Nairobi as the Offices have been sealed this morning. So the ending of the convoy today will have in Nairobi, as the visible harassment and police brutality that will enter Central Business District of Nairobi, when the leaders of CORD and their convoy enters the Capital as they are driving down from the highway. How the second time around today will go down is not sure. Certainly the Police Brutality has been too high against the protestors, as they are citizens, just as much as the Police Officers. There been vivid actions that should be questioned, as much as the ones that happen last Monday.

They have no done it Monday upon Monday, they are determine to question the powers of the IEBC and their real independent counting and tallying of the results, as this message also show of an anonymous staff at the IEBC:

IEBC Employee Message

That is enough for now. Peace.