Kenya: Press Statement on the “Chickengate” Investigations (05.10.2016)


Odinga endorses recommendations of Joint Parliamentary Select Committee (Youtube-Clip)

“Cord leader Raila Odinga has welcomed the joint parliamentary select committee’s recommendations, terming them the beginning of a journey to a free and fair poll next year, whose outcome will reflect the wishes of the electorate. Odinga has however proposed that president Uhuru Kenyatta consults with him in the nomination of new IEBC commissioners, just like he was involved in the appointment of the outgoing electoral body bosses, by former president Mwai Kibaki in the grand coalition government” (Kenya Citizen TV, 2016)

Opinion: The IEBC dilemma continues even after firing the corrupt ‘band of brothers’ now

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The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission of Kenya is now at a standstill after months of hustling from the Opposition against the Commission and their men. The band of brothers run by the Commission Isaack Hassan have been under fire and besieged as their fate have been questioned by ‘Chickengate’ their involvement in the questionable Burundi third term election in 2015 of Pierre Nkurunziza and all the other issues entangled in the current leadership.

Therefore the reasoning for staying while the Jubilee government under President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto could by law keep the men, even as the trust between the IEBC and the people where in tatters. Still, the viable approach through laws and constitution could let them keep the men in charge and run another election in 2017. Though the perception on the rigging and the embezzlement of government funds would be stamped on the foreheads of the commission as they legacy are filled with CHICKENS. The chickens and facilitation of the ones who bought the ballots and needed electoral equipment for by-elections and other elections who earned extra monies on the transactions; these people shouldn’t be there and they can be compromised by the ability to facilitated to give a counted number instead of real cast ballots, as long as the Commissioner would be given a brown envelope.

The Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) Kenya leader and ODM head Raila Odinga wrote today: “Yesterday, those discussions culminated in a very encouraging development—the expression by the IEBC commissioners of their willingness to resign to allow a new team take over in time for 2017 elections. I wish to congratulate Senators Kiraitu Murungi and James Orengo for the steady leadership to the Joint Select Committee of Parliament that has ensured harmonious and mature discussions which has produced this commendable progress” (…) “I thank all the members of Parliament serving in this committee for putting aside partisan politics and focusing on what really matters at this moment in the history of our country which is the need to have a credible electoral body that enjoys the broad support of a great majority of Kenyans ahead of 2017 elections” (…) “Once the talks began, it quickly became clear that CORD and Jubilee have more in common on the IEBC and how to conduct future elections. This is usually what happens when we choose to talk to each other and not at each other and when we give dialogue a chance” (twitlonger, 04.08.2016).


Also this we’re reported:

“The audit report, which also formed basis of a petition forwarded to the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee by Mr Barasa Nyakuri, blamed the commissioners led by Mr Hassan and part of the secretariat for irregular procurement of the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits for the 2013 elections” (… ) ”Mr Hassan, who has gone to court seeking to have his name expunged from the report, is also alleged to have single sourced lawyers handling the 2013 presidential election petition, in which over Sh380 million was paid to three prominent lawyers” (…) “The select committee has summoned the IEBC commissioners and senior directors at the commission to present their defence before it today, as it works towards finalizing its report within 30 days as contained in the Motion approved by both Houses, which also set its terms of reference” (…) “The committee’s report could be last nail on the coffin of careers of electoral chiefs mentioned adversely in corruption allegations, including the chickengate scandal, and throw a lifeline to those found not to have engaged in fleecing the taxpayers of millions of shillings” (Njagi, John – ‘Team to probe threats on auditor over IEBC report’ 01.08.2016,

As the reports coming in and the mentality of the change is of guards are coming. IEBC had to be changed before the General Election 2017, as the standstill between the opposition and the ruling regime. Still, with these negotiations, that has happen after the dozen of violent demonstrations because of the police brutality.  In this crisis the judgement from the Police and then CS Nkaissery defending their misbehaviour towards the citizens and members of opposition was not just.

Paying Commissioner for thieving:

“Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich said the Government will use cash from the Contingency Fund to pay off the commissioners. “We have contingency funds for such unforeseen expenditure if it does occur,” Mr Rotich told the parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms” (…) “This means that the nine, each earning Sh1.2 million per month, will get Sh372,000 for the five years served, translating to Sh1.86 million per person and Sh16.7 million for the team. The current commissioners are Issack Hassan (chairman), Lillian Mahiri-Zaja (vice chairperson), Albert Bwire, Kule Godana, Yusuf Nzibo, Abdullahi Sharawe, Thomas Letangule, Muthoni Wangai and Mohamed Alawi” (Michira, Moses – ‘IEBC bosses will take home Sh180m 04.08.2016 Link: ).

Nairobi 16.05.2016 Police P2

The Kenyan Parliament must be proud of how they are promising payment and salaries towards the former Electoral Commissioners who we’re embezzling funds. They are initially getting paid for stealing funds from government and even not being trusted with delivering trustworthy elections. Free and Fair elections under their leadership we’re under question as they actions we’re bent for the ruling regime and as their financial adjustments we’re done to create bigger wallets from the ones signing contracts for the IEBC. That shouldn’t be paid to silence and to get rid of them. As John Githongo we’re sent away from addressing corruption for being a whistleblower, the men behind the IEBC scandal shouldn’t be paid, but be sent to court and express their guilt or be free-men for not having evidence of the illegal transaction.

The CORD had grievances with the Electoral procedure and the Electoral laws, not only the Commissioners who could be bought and secure funds for themselves as the Kenyan Constitutional Referendum or the OKOA we’re shut down by the same Electoral Commission under Commissioner Isaack Hassan. The other just happens to follow his lead and create an atmosphere where this is justifiable.

Who will take over for former-IEBC Commissioners are not easy to foresee as the negotiations and the agreement between CORD and Jubilee is not something a man can find the answers on the skyline. The next IEBC men and woman have to be people that the current MPs and Parliamentarians trusts as they will both parties agree to their acts as a Commission and their turn for holding the election. The reality will be that no matter what they do and who get picked they will be scrutinized and should be accountable. As the previous ones tried to keep people in the shadow and keep the monies encircled for themselves instead of trying to reasonable and honourable men who did their duty for their country. They tried to quick fix their own pockets instead of just doing their job and being content. Isaack Hassan and his band of brothers will be remembered for their chickens, not for their work or the ballots casted in the elections. Peace.

Kenya: Preliminary Obejection to Joint Parlimentary Select Committeeon IEBC petitions (01.08.2016)

IEBC Prelimenary Statement 01.08.2016

“Why I rejected Okoa Kenya Referendum,” Issack Hassan speaks (Youtube-Clip)

Press Statement: Office of the Public Prosecuter will look into the ‘Chickengate’ at IEBC scandals of 2009-2011 (19.07.2016)


Statement by His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta on the IEBC (08.06.2016)

Kenyatta Ruto Madaraka Day 2016

Dear Kenyans, Good afternoon,

The debate around IEBC reforms has been raging for a while now. And as President, I wish to give direction regarding this matter.

Let me begin by affirming Article 1 of Chapter 1 of our Constitution, which states that “…All sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya…” But the Article goes ahead to emphasize that this power “…shall be exercised ONLY in accordance with the constitution” Any attempts to exercise it outside the provisions of the constitution not only undermines both the spirit and letter of the constitution, but is also a recipe for confusion and anarchy.

Secondly, let me reaffirm Article 3(1) of the constitution that states; “…every person has an obligation to respect, uphold and defend this constitution” This obligation is NOT an OPTION. It is imperative, mandatory and an irreducible civic duty. As your President, I have sworn to defend it; but as citizens, you have this irreversible duty to protect it.

It is in the spirit of these constitutional provisions that today I held consultations with Religious Leaders drawn from most faiths in the country. I also invited our two speakers, Hon. Justin Muturi of the National Assembly and Hon. Ekwe Ethuro of the Senate to attend.

Cord Presser 06.06.2016

At this meeting we agreed on the following steps on how to move the country forward.

FIRSTLY, Subsequent to the agreement of the Speakers, a Joint Select Committee of both houses of Parliament be set up in accordance with the standing orders of both houses. The mandate of the committee will be strictly and exclusively the matter of IEBC.

SECONDLY, As provided for in the standing orders of both houses of Parliament, and in the constitutional spirit of public participation, all stakeholders, public and private should be accorded an opportunity to make submissions to the joint select committee.

THIRDLY, We expect that other initiatives by Parliament will harmonize their work within the framework of the joint select committee.

FOURTHLY, As the leader of Jubilee, I have convened a meeting of the Parliamentary Group tomorrow morning to agree on the membership and Jubilee’s participation in the joint select committee.

Uhuru Kenyatta, CGH


8th June, 2016

DP Ruto: “Cord protests are not different from what Al Shabaab is doing to Kenya” (Youtube-Clip)

My letter to the Jubilee Gov. after CS Nkaissery and Prof. Mulgai today outlawed “Anti-IEBC Demonstrations” and this is becoming your Achilles heel!

Kenyatta Ruto Madaraka Day 2016

7th June 2016, Oslo

Dear, all of you in charge of the Kenyan Government!

This is my sincere plea from the ice-cold north of Scandinavia, where mandazi and pilau is not a thing. Well, I know that it taste splendid, but I am not writing to you because of I enjoy a good Kenyan supper and tea; I write because of today recent action.

There are amounts of questions that are raised after CS Joseph Nkaissery and Prof. Githu Mulgai today again outlawed Coalition of Reforms and Democacy (CORD) demonstrations against the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC), who seems to be a sensitive issue for the Jubilee Coalition and the JAP. That means that for you in Jubilee, the President Kenyatta and VP Ruto. You seemed to be more about you keeping the power by any means, then trying to be reasonable.

Cord Statehouse 01.06.2016

The CORD might be wrong at times, they are doing what they are doing to you; because the Okoa Referendum bills to change and amendment the constitution. At this referendum you totally gave it no chance and blew the ability and the level of groundwork that we’re done from the Opposition. That you have not given real space to Hon. Raila Odinga, Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Hon. Moses Wetan’gula.

You in the Jubilee are acting the big-men who were born to rule, and everybody else is supposed to step aside. The Achilles heel right now is the IEBC and the selected men in the leadership of it. Not because you have done wrong yourself, even with the inherited Electoral Commission and new Constitution. That are the reason and near epitome of your lawful assembly. So it is not well-established, the entities and the regulatory electoral procedures and regulation of the ballots; not to talk about what happens to the ballot after it is cast and what kind of independent tallying that exist.

You in the Jubilee are responsible for all the Kenyan Citizens and the Kenyans who does not support you and the ones who do. All Kenyans are your responsibility as you are the legislators and the ones that set the laws in Parliament; you regulate and assure the pay for all civil servants and level of security. With that comes responsibility.

A responsibility you have not honoured of late, not that the CORD demonstrators throwing stones and looting supermarkets are not correct. Henceforth does not justify the Police Officers lit up streets with flair, block streets and rally venues, use rhetoric of fear and actually beat up fellow citizens into pulp in the streets. That is not enough the Police use live bullets, kill the demonstrators or even kill by-standards as they are walking to pick-up cash in bank branch. Also when the Police Officers uses their water-canons, the devious actions of tear-gas and hitting people at random with sticks while trying to disperse the fellow citizens who actually demonstrates for the matter.

IGP Boinnet

So with that in mind, as the Constitutional right for a Kenyan Citizen to go out and demonstrate in peace, without being shot, tear-gassed and even dispersed by violent behaviour and Police brutality. The Demonstrators does not have the right to loot, but when the Police uses violence and even kills, the Government and Police; should rethink that their actions spark reactions from the demonstrators, as the impunity and illegal killings, injuries and hurts of the violent police officers; doesn’t create a level of trust between the Police and the Citizens. As the Citizens already have little trust in Police Officers, as proved with their low ratings in a Poll in 2015; and with that in mind the Jubilee Government, President Kenyatta or VP Ruto together with CS Nkaissery should act a bit Nobel, instead of big-men who are ruling with impunity.

You in the Jubilee are responsible for the killings in the streets, for the vendors closing their shops and the CORD demonstrator’s aggressive reactions to the violent police. IGP Joseph Boinett should get direct guidelines and educate his fellow Anti-Riot Police also learn proper language as respectful manners as address the demonstrators, the same goes to Nairobi Police Commander Japhet Koome, who sounds like a mad dragon instead of a man who respects fellow citizens.

The CORD is not correct on all they do, neither are all their supporters, the same goes to you and your actions as in the Jubilee, you cannot just outlaw ‘demonstrations’ against the IEBC who have not cared for keeping clean sheets and accountable affairs, as their Chickengate and other activities can be question. The IEBC as long as it is in this state, will be the Achilles heel of the Jubilee, and do you want to be remembered for creating the turmoil and stalemate over ballots; and not creating peace and development in your term and reign in Power. Peace.

Best Regard

Writer of MinBane


Footage: Government outlaws anti-IEBC demonstrations (07.06.2016)