Brexit: Boris Johnson resignation letter (09.07.2018)

Brexit: It is imploding in front of our eyes!

Not that I had faith in the Tories anyways, since they have been bickering back and forth. There haven’t been any leadership or stability since the election, they have to beg Belfast for help from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). To even have a chance to still be in office. Therefore, the steady and stabile, has become unsteady and wiggling.

Now today, the head of the Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) resigned, Mr. David Davis, who has never serious taken this. He has jumped around as if rabbit hoped that nothing hit the fan. It is not as if I liked the man, but certainly, if there ever was a lazy minister in charge, it was this man.

Seemingly, it was all talk and no play. Davis and Johnson never seemed ready for the task of leading the negotiations, neither anyone else from United Kingdom. That is why we are here two years after, still talking practical matters like Customs Union, borders with Ireland and trade in general with the EU after leaving the membership.

If they had been serious, as the European Union has shown, the character of the needs and wishes would have been carved in stone. So that EU and UK could be certain about where this goes. Not as if the deal was set in the sky, but the red-lines of EU are made within reason of the state being outside the EU and being a third party. Something, the UK never seems to understand or unwilling to understand.

That Prime Minister Theresa May have her work cut of out is clear. Boris Johnson and the other Brexiteers are in it to win it, no matter the cause. The ERG are clearly in it to make it more difficult, as well as the Remainers in the camp too. Nothing like a shadow boxing match until the finish line.

That the recent chequers dilemma is showing-up, is just another twist and turns, where the circling around basics never ends. The Brexit is already are farce without any consideration of the implications. The narratives can be spinning, but the groundwork was never there, if it was, the public is not aware. It is not like the Tories or the HM Government have been transparent.

It is like they want the public to walk in darkness and don’t know what hit them when the light is turned on. Certainly, that was a good look for Davis, but for the United Kingdom it was shambles. There are nothing in the woodworks that seems to enlighten public.

His resignation is just a sign of more trouble ahead, not security or knowingly where this goes. There are enough hurdles and passages, enough things to fix and negotiate over, where the Remainers and Brexiteers will fight over, without any of them thinking what the EU might will say. Because this is two parties trying to come to an agreement, on structure and how to leave. This is not just the Tories doing as they please; they have to deliver accordingly to protocol as well.

This will be bloody, this will not stop and that it still is at this stage after two years, says something about the lack of ethics and courage from the Tories. Peace.

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Brexit dividend is hogwash at its best!

We know that Prime Minister Theresa May and the Conservative Party wants the best outlook and the favorable view of the withdrawal from the European Union. However, their whole flawed negotiations and the parameter of agreements shows their neglect, more than winning when concerning the days after being a Member State within the EU. That is all forgotten, this has been shown with the dreamland approach to the Customs Union, Migrations and the trade agreements in general. The lack of policies and openness makes the uncertainty even more dire.

It is like the Tories plans to wing it and fix it after the Titanic hit the iceberg. Hope they can save the passengers and the ones on board without having a general plan for any sort of evacuation or sinking itself. That is evident as every day has gone from the ballots cast at the referendum. They haven’t shown signs of certainty or anything really, that is why Businesses has warned the government, businesses have moved to Dublin or even Germany. Manufacturing businesses started to move to other EU Countries, even Land Rover being produced in Eastern Europe to secure the tariffs to the EU Common Market. If that isn’t dire, the loss of jobs and therefore, also the revenue of the production. Will hit the government. But they don’t want to talk about that.

That is why the Tories and PM May is speaking positive about the Brexit Dividend, as the lack of paying to EU projects and EU organizations will save the government so much money, as they are maybe even forgetting the money that is going to EU sponsored infrastructure projects and educations sector. However, that is maybe not in May’s calculation. Who knows at this point right? It is all spinning the wheel and hoping no-one looks into it.

The Tories should be horrified of the situation they have put businesses in, the population and the uncertainty of what they are getting out of it. There so many warning signs, and so much business already moving and sparking messages that they are planning to do so. Because they are worried about capital, tariffs and also their possible transfer of goods between the UK and the rest of EU. None of this is certain. Maybe the UK get less free-market, but also less open borders when concerning people. But the reaction from the EU will be less friendly trading partner and that will hit the banks and corporations. The City of London might lose it power in Europe, as that moves to Frankfurt and even Dublin. That must hurt the pride of UK. The sun isn’t setting on an empire, but a sinking ship.

A sinking ship they themselves put on fire and saying everything is fine and dandy. The UK has played themselves for fools and now only getting uncertainty. That is what outsiders are seeing and weird that the UK are accepting this. They are going to get hurt by the Brexit, whether they like it or not. There isn’t any signs that shows otherwise. As the ramification on production, industry and businesses, the ones generating revenue are under fire and the bonfires are not put out. Instead, the Tories are hoping no one notice.

Theresa May might promise more to the problematic NHS, but then the taxes has to grow, the people will be more taxed. As the revenue from the corporations and businesses will go down. As the Customs Union, the issues of lack of trading policies and the reaction of becoming third country and trade as that. Will not make the change friction-less, but instead hurt the economy and the windfall be costly for the population.

Therefore, the UK should be wiser, but not anticipate it. The Tories are busy scheming and lying, trying to configure components and trying to foolishly spin the reality. Without showing the reality, that is why the leaks of possible damage of the Brexit took so long. The Department tried to keep them to themselves, because they knew these numbers would hurt the cause. That is why David Davis and others in the Tories wanted to keep all information to not show the reality to the public. Because they knew that this was an issue and would likely make the citizens afraid of leaving.

The United Kingdom citizens should ask for openness and transparency, as the state have tried to not show the reality for months and since the referendum. That shouldn’t be the state of affairs, and that is why the uncertainty is there. Combined with the lack clear policies and willingness to show what sort of exit the UK wants. As they have moved back- and fourth. There been so much squabble and internal issues within the Tories alone. That the Brexiteers and the Remainers have made the negotiations and the EU uncertain of what the UK really wants. The EU have clear guidelines, but the UK want to make their own. Which will be impossible.

This saga is far from over, but the Tories will continue to spin, but not be caught in the hype. The losers are the public and the citizens, as the uncertainty only makes businesses and the manufacturing companies more certain of moving across the borders to safety. The Brexit Dividend is a forgery and will not become a reality. Only May and her Brexiteers believes that. Peace.

Brexit: House of Commons – Consideration of Lords Amendments – “The Unity Amendment”

Brexit: The UK will get a HARD Border with the EU!

The European Union has a rebuttal to the United Kingdom’s technical note on the Temporary Customs Arrangement with the EU, that they published on the 7th June 2018. Again, there are questionable things with the UK arrangement. As they are not properly prepared or have solutions to the new status of the Kingdom. That is weird that after so long working on leaving the EU, the UK still have no clue or at least delivering hackwork to the negotiating partner.

That is why some parts of the Technical Note from EU that was published today is critiquing the UK. They are really leaving nothing behind. Everything is criticized, they did this on the 8th June 2018 and published it today on the 11th June 2018. So the EU didn’t wait long to answer the UK.

What the UK lacks in their note is to explain this parts to the EU:


Duties, VAT and excise, trade policy, governance

Regulatory [no UK proposal]”

That the UK and the Tories have no explanation concerning the duties, VAT, excise, trade policy or even governance of the Customs Unions between them. That the duties of goods, the lack of explaining the VAT arrangement and general trade policy. This is all about how the UK as a third-party state to the EU will comply with the standards and also how they will tax the goods. How the labeling and the checking of the goods between the EU and the UK. That is the governance that is not explained. They have been working on this months and still have no clear indication of how the UK plans to this and what they are wanting to see.

There is no regulation or regulatory explanation of it. That is a real surprise, as this is tale of how the goods and the movement of products are supposed to adjust the new border requirement. The Customs will then follow standards and protocol of the papers, licenses and the general checks of the goods. The added duties, VAT and excise taxes as well. It is weird that the negotiating team of the UK haven’t delivered.

The EU Note is specific in the nature that the EU decision-making autonomy in Trade Policy and also Full EU Supervision and enforcement mechanisms, this means the UK has to follow both parts of the Trade Policy from the EU. That is if they want their goods to be fairly crossing into the Customs Union and the regulations they are following it. It is interesting and weird that the UK have no proposal for the regulatory devices of the customs arrangement between them. If that isn’t a failure, than nothing is.

The key ending of the arrangement from the technical note is this: “Does not cover regulatory controls, leading to a hard border”. So the softness of the UK will not have affect, the effect of the withdrawal will be hard, the price of leaving the Union will be hard. The border are most likely hard, as the proposals are either non-existing or not following the needs of the EU. This is something the negotiating team of UK should know. They cannot have the same arrangement as they have today, because they are not an member(wrote that a few times now, but it seem to be consistent with the nonsense the London offices gives to the world).

That is the impact the UK has to await themselves. Even Michel Barnier stated this on the 8th of June:

In all the UK papers that we have been receiving until now – which I read carefully with my team – there has been a request to maintain the status quo, a form of continuity, which is paradoxical seeing as the country decided itself to leave the European Union. The United Kingdom seems to want to maintain the benefits of the current relationship, while leaving the EU regulatory, supervision, and application framework. When we respond to UK leaders saying that these benefits are not accessible outside the EU system – because of their decision – some people in the UK try to blame us for the consequences of this. I simply want to say that we will not be swayed, I will not be swayed, by this blame game” (Press statement by Michel Barnier following this week’s round of negotiations, 08.06.2018).

The UK have stop sending their hob-knobs across Calais and send someone with a little common sense. They must be embarrassed, the people of United Kingdom should be shocked and in awe. Because their politicians are continuing to their future and their opportunities for a ride. The Tories Government should deliver safe customs union and policies, which fit with their new role with the EU. Instead, they are thinking it be worked out in the near future. United Kingdom and their businesses should worry about this, hard border because of laziness and lack of delivery to the negotiating team.

The only one losing big is the UK and not the EU. The EU are asking for certain things from the UK. Which the UK doesn’t even have and that puts the EU into a positions, where they have to make a HARD BORDER. Because their rules will not be changed by a outside entity like the UK. Peace.

Brexit: UK’s ‘Preferential Treatment’ concerning trading goods with the EU is soon over!

Latest in not so breaking news, this isn’t a newsflash. Not for some of us. Certainly the United Kingdom, Her Majesties Government should be aware, but they are dodging this sort of thing every single time. Tories Government and the negotiation team is winding down and looking at the world upside down. Trying to configure itself to its reality, without looking at the scripture on the wall. However, that has been impossible from the Brexiteers and the closes allies of the Tories. They have been thinking everything will be smooth and not cost the UK anything.

I hate to say this. If you believed anything of the smooth and soft Brexits existing. Your wrong. Your boat left for the high seas. That just sat there at the dry-dock awaiting orders and hire people to travel to the destination. However, that never happen, as the empty promises left you and the remaining crew left behind at port. That is what the Tories Government has done to you.

Your will not be special, you will not be somebody who the European Union looks differently at. The United Kingdom is the ugly duckling of Europe. The UK will not be getting Preferential Treatment by the EU. That is what the European Commission wrote in a notice on the 4th June 2018 named: “NOTICE TO STAKEHOLDERS WITHDRAWAL OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND EU RULES IN THE FIELD OF CUSTOMS AND EXTERNAL TRADE – PREFERENTIAL ORIGIN OF GOODS”.

The signs of the wall is here:

Goods exported from the EU:

As of the withdrawal date, an EU FTA partner country may consider that goods having an EU preferential origin before the withdrawal date no longer qualify at the moment of their importation in that third country, due to United Kingdom inputs not being considered as ‘EU content’. As of the withdrawal date, in case of verification of the origin of goods exported to a third country under preferential treatment, the exporters in the EU-27 may, upon request from that third country, have to prove the EU origin of the goods taking into account that United Kingdom inputs no longer account as ‘EU content’.

Goods imported into the EU:

United Kingdom inputs incorporated in goods obtained in third countries with which the EU has preferential trade arrangements and imported into the EU as of the withdrawal date will be ‘non-originating’, in particular in a context of cumulation of origin with the EU. As of the withdrawal date, in case of verification of the origin of goods imported into the EU, exporters in third countries may have to prove the EU preferential origin of the imported goods” (European Commission, P: 3, 04.06.2018).

This here is saying what is expected. That the business side of the UK will be hit. The financial services of London will be hit. The export and the producing part of the UK will be hit. Especially the parts that is manufactured for the European Common Market. The Traders and Importers that is based in the United Kingdom. Will have to comply with a Third-Country standards and will not be treated as Member State. This means the cost, the labeling and the ways of trading will differ. When your outside, your really outside and has to do it differently.

This sort of treatment of the UK will also hit the businesses from the EU, which is working directly and have their majority of operation within UK. That is why some are moving out from the UK to secure their place in the EU. Like some moves to Germany or Ireland. To get the same secure place and secure their trading, their liabilities and their ability to trade on the same grounds as they did from London today. Which they will not be able to do as the Brexit is nearing.

This here is a business hit, this here is going at the currency and at the core of the cash-flow of the United Kingdom. This is really showing that the UK cannot get their soft-Brexit. That is impossible, because this is really showing the reality of trading. That the boarders and the customs will be harder, as the origin and the tariffs will hit the fan. They are outsider, not an insider in the Union. That has a price.

That most of us anticipated, but the Tories haven’t, if they have been deliberately blind, then they have cheated the public and they will pay. As this is destroying the ability of businesses, trading goods and will also affect other industries. They are not just toying around in Brussels. They are really showing the reality, which the Tories doesn’t want the public to know. Peace.

Brexit: Tories fantasies has to stop, unless they are awaiting a Zombie Apocalypse!

The Conservative Party or the Tories Government under Prime Minister Theresa May have worked for this long and negotiated with European Union. All of that is to prepare a dreamland and a Narnia, they cannot wait to enter Wakanda and all sort of Hogwarts nonsense, which exists in a parallel universe between White Hall, Westminster and the moon made out Swiss Cheese. It is in this sort of context the Tories are working in.

It is weird that a real and supposed governing body, an elected respected representative government are working on dreams and fantasies. They are aiming at the sky, thinking they can get unicorns and dragons to fly in and around the London Bridge. Expect troubles at Twickenham Stadium, there will be gladiator fights and less fish, just chips. They will run out fish, there wont be any left in the river Thames. Trust me, Aldi and Tesco couldn’t get any. It is all out, there is no fish, not in the sea and its only plastic pieces in the ocean, in and around the British Isles.

Well, that is just drama, but as the politicians are working, acting like they are working and continuing on empty promises. They are planning lasers on the borders to Northern Ireland. Planning to dodge all parts of the Customs Union and expect to control the tariffs, as if they are Member State. However, they think they can control that as an outsider, like they are inside. It is like a non-member or not being a shareholder at a company should be able to change corporate policy. Sorry brother, but good luck on your endeavors.

That the Tories are trying to salvage whatever they can, they have to be able to work with DUP from Northern Ireland, be able to have a friendly space with Dublin, while negotiating with Brussels. While in the mix of this they have Remainers and Brexiteers, they have groups within the Tories MPs who are working against each other. The ship isn’t steady and that is evident. That is why the PM is blindly turning in all directions, except for the ones within reason. That is why even Nigel Farage is giving up. The Brexiteer of ancient times, Farage, the White Scary Knight of whatnot’s ham, has given up. While David Davis and Boris Johnson are headless chickens clucking every way. There isn’t anything substantial or policy wise that can be trusted.

The EU must wonder who they are negotiating with, if it is elf’s coming from Wales or a relic from Stonehenge, as they are not showing anything that can be enforced and also respect the protocols of the EU. The EU has standards and protocol, the negotiations are about what sort of terms the United Kingdoms will have after leaving the Union. As a Non-Member, they are not internally apart of the EU and therefore, not directly rights as they did. That is simple math, even as the Tories are saying everything will be fine and dandy, even untouched like Virgins.

Sorry, Tories, the dreams are turning into nightmares, the facade and the fortress is ready for invasion. The reality should bite your ass. You should be afraid of splinters and grenades. You should be afraid of torches and molotov cocktails hitting your area. The Dark Knight isn’t coming and saving you from Poison Ivy, you have already been stung and you have no clue what to do.

The self-hurting nonsense should stop, the lies and deceptions are already in the open. You cannot continue this road. Your only getting the Walking Dead and the Zombie Apocalypse, which Stamford Bridge never seen before and ever will see again. Because London Has Fallen, this time without Gerard Butler, but with Theresa May steering the shaky ship into destiny and into oblivion. Peace.