Opinion: DP Ruto’s dreadful week!

The more humble and obedient to God a man is, the more wise and at peace he will be in all that he does.”Thomas à Kempis

Deputy President William Ruto has a special kind of talent. To malign himself and to say utter nonsense. Where he wants to be looked as the next President, but instead he looks like the politician, that doesn’t want blame and just wants glory.

With that in mind, this week has been glorious. The biggest boo-boo of his was saying that the Universities had the wrong focus and bad career courses. Where the office work and other non-use of classes. Some part might be true, but as the one who are on top of the Food-Chain. It doesn’t look or sound wise either. As his government are running these Universities and these places of Higher Learnings. They can priorities and also allocate funds for the needed subjects. So, if the DP sees other courses as viable, he should administrate that through the channels of government and even in Cabinet Meeting with the CS for Education. However, alas, that wasn’t the case.

Because it is so easy to blast the Universities and not take the blame yourself. Not look into the mirror and question your own self and what you have been doing in power. Where you have wrecked the economy and become a bondage of debt to foreign powers. That will constrain the future generations, because of the Hustlers own lavish spending on themselves and their businesses. If, that would have come into the equation, than he would have showed some humility, because he has been in-charged and has steered the government agenda. But not in ways that has created jobs or economic growth, that can hire the educated personnel. That should be priority from the state, but it is easier to say a course is useless, than building policies and government programs that actually makes a difference.

In the same regard, he has not taken into account the aspect of the public donations to churches. That he is seemingly doing every week. That he gives millions upon millions shillings in public. While his mere salary couldn’t really have coped with it. But his rising businesses and whatever back-room deals he has. Surely ensures the growing wealth he has gotten and the resources at his disposal. As any man, he can give and donate to good causes. That is fine and dandy, but the perception that he does to flaunt his wealth and buy credibility also comes into question.

That DP Ruto is a former walking preacher and now is the infamous HUSTLER. Who doesn’t have the personal insight or views of the message he spreading is worrying. Because it is the actions of a man, whose supposed to be an example. Instead, he is acting more of a glorified self-serving individual, instead of elected official. Who has amazed grandeur of wealth and uses that to get recognition in all sorts of churches.

If he had given in silence without the fanfare, if he had given with humility and without the press. It would have been cooler. It would have shown true dedication to the causes. Instead, it seems more self-serving and more an indication of his own public perception. Which a gift shouldn’t be about, but be about the ones needing the donation.

That is why the DP had done two giant miss-steps this week. First of the Universities speech, which he should have taken some of the blame himself, as his government haven’t made society and businesses prepared for the graduates and their courses. Secondly, not managing the Universities and their courses through the Cabinet Meetings with the CS of Eduction. Thirdly, vastly underestimating the message he sends with public donations. Fourthly, the arrogant handling of both cases without any significant doubt or recognition of why people are reacting to it. Peace.