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Cameroon: MRC – Communique au Sujet du Projet d’Atteinte a l’Integrite du President elu, Maurice Kamto, Par des Extremistes du Regime Camerounais lors de son Sejour Announce en Europe (07.12.2019)

Cameroon: UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Cameroon Condemns Killing of Abducted Aid Worker in North West (01.12.2019)

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Illegal suspension by mobile Operators of SMS services provided by GTS-Infotel Cameroon: Our Appeal to the Public Authorities (18.11.2019)

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Cameroon: Ministry of Decentralization and Local Development – Secretary General – Death Announcement of Mayor of the Buea Council (24.10.2019)

Cameroon: South-West Region – Fako Divison – Divisional Office Limbe – Subject: Radio Announcement (28.10.2019)

Cameroon: FAO warns about food insecurity in the anglophone region and in the far-north

In Cameroon, as the Ghost President Biya is more preoccupied with sending arms and soldiers to the Anglophone regions of the North-West and South West Regions, also continuing trouble of insurgency of the far-North of the Republic.

With the trouble that has been going-on for a long while. What is really special about the FAO report is that its not projecting the coming months, but analysing only the previous months. Usually, they are projecting what is coming it the up-coming seasons too. Therefore, there are substantial lack of data for FAO, if not they have not been allowed to show this. That is just the way I see it, as I have seen plenty of FAO reports and this was lacking.

Here is the vital things from it:

In the North-West and South-West regions, harvests (maize, plantain and yams) are ongoing, however roadblocks put in place by successions groups are disrupting trade, causing further price increases and hindering the delivery of assistance. Moreover, the lack of access or abandonment of fields is likely to result in the third consecutive below average season. In the Far North, difficult road access is challenging the delivery of assistance to vulnerable people and insecurity has hindered the preparation of the main agricultural season. Cattle rustling during attacks by Boko Haram are frequent, depriving owners of a significant source of income. Moreover, increasing infestation of fall army worm is likely to affect maize production” (FAO . Cameroon, October 2019).

We can clearly see the troubles ahead for these regions. As there are no remedy and only more stressing factors remaining. There isn’t the security or the promise of ordinary production or farming in these regions. But that is not weird either, considering the implications and the ones fleeing from armed soldiers coming their way. Therefore, the stress level might only get worse and the lack of possible support from the UN agencies, might even make it worse too. Since, the state is only creating more suffering and lack of safety.

That is why this a warning and a sign of what might happen. This is not a sign of strength or remedy. It is a sign of worsening food security in the midst of continues battles from the state army. Peace.

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