Derrick Nyeko MP letter to Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja – ‘Request for Relief for the Vulnerable People in Makindye East’ (19.06.2021)

A quick look into Mzee’s Speech on World Population Day 2020

There are sometimes level to this. Sometimes there are some sort of way things goes. That President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has hold speeches like this forever. He follows a pattern and trying to overlook certain things, but now and then he slips off. In this speech he did one big bummer. Which proves his neglect. For a man that has always praised the capacity and abilities of the Republic to be self-sufficient and produce food.

It is amazing that one of his first points was this:

We in Uganda have also realized that food security is key for the population during a crisis like this pandemic but also in any other crisis, be it locusts, floods, etc” (Museveni, 11.07.2020).

I don’t know if this was his Freudian slip. That this was his moment of clarity, but for a man praising the farming, the agriculture and the growth of this sector. For a man professing to the importance of this field. It is really special that he said this. In the sense, that this means the state isn’t prepared. The state doesn’t have the means or the systems to safeguard food. To have warehouses, storage or ensure capacity in a sudden crisis. That means, the state needs to make this happen. From a man who has had all his grown up life. From about his mid-30 or mid-40s in power to secure this and ensure the public. However, that haven’t been a priority.

One thing a population always needs is food and it needs shelter. To basic things. That the state needs to provide to the ones in need and he has clearly failed the first one.

And in typical fashion, the Republic was hell-on-earth before he took power:

Ugandans will recall that when NRM came to power, we had many unfavorable indicators within the population. However, since then, we have turned things round and we have made a number of gains. For examples; Before 1986, there was low immunization, poor hygiene, high rates of malnutrition, infectious diseases, limited access to health services. All these led to high levels of sickness and death” (Museveni, 11.07.2020).

When you gloss over the facts of the civil war, the tyranny and the weak state after the independence. There are reasons why things wasn’t great before 1986. Not like the state has a perfect health care system. That’s why all high ranking officials, MPs and whatnot tries to get health care abroad. Even the daughters of the President tries to give birth in Germany or abroad. That’s just the system of the state.

So to praise his own game is a bit far fetched. The mortality rates are still high. The lack of capacity. The lack of places of treatment. The private insurance costs of private hospitals and the system at large isn’t for the population, but a small elite. The same elite before COVID-19 would fly many hours for treatment elsewhere. There been gains, but forgetting to mention this fact is beyond me. It is like glossing over the problems. Looking back in time and always ending up on top. Every nation will look better most likely statistically, than how they looked during a civil war. That should be easy Math, not like it was a priority to save children of measles. When two forces was battling out in the Luweero triangle.

Let me end with the last slip of the tongue of His Excellency:

the challenge we are now addressing is the 68% of households which are still stuck in the subsistence economy” (Museveni, 11.07.2020).

It is really showing the neglect. That if over half of the population or near ¾ of them is struggling in subsistence. That says you have not delivered. Your work haven’t been proper or done well. The President is saying his policies, legislation and monetary plans haven’t worked. The man has used three decades in power and still saying close to 70% isn’t part of the economy. That’s why they are in a subsistence. If that isn’t saying something about his track-record. He has had the time to challenge this, but part of me thinks he never wanted this to go. If it went away and such. He wouldn’t get free donor-money to development projects. It is easier to eat money from others, than the money earned from domestic revenue. That is just a sad reality.

If the President thought this was a good look. It wasn’t. The numbers game he drops has been done so many times. That I don’t even care. Its his ego boost of the week. Enough nonsense. Peace.

Namibia: Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation – Subject: Reports in the Namibian and Zimbabwean Media that the Government of Namibia donated rapid Corona Virus Test Kits to the Government of Zimbabwe (26.06.2020)