Constitutional petition against the appointment & conduct of DCJ Kavuma filed (06.09.2016)


The Lord Mayor Lukwago of Kampala has to fight for his position and the KCCA tries to override the Voter’s again!

“VIDEO: The Kampala Mayor elect Erias Lukwago who was meant to take office today stormed the Deputy Chief Justice’s office today. Find out why” (NBS TV Uganda, 2016)

Lord Mayor Kampala 13.04. P1

Erias Lukwago Statement today on the Matter: 

Addressing the press at my home earlier in the day. I reject in totality any suggestion, whether made in good faith or not, that I should halt all the arrangements for resuming my duties at City Hall until I have subscribed to a new oath in May. I need not labour so much to explain the current legal status, for it’s known by all and sundry that the purported impeachment was declared null and void by Justice Lydia Mugambe on 28th March 2014. The Attorney General never appealed against the said decision and, consequently, the interim order of stay of execution issued by Justice Kavuma lapsed upon expiry of the 21 days from 1st April 2014. Following the Solicitor General’s warped opinion that the 21 days were frozen by the Supreme Court direction of 21st August 2014, we elected to seek for a clarification and guidance from Justice Kavuma, and the Registrar, Court of Appeal, H.W Nizeimana Deo assured us that they will issue a statement on the matter before close of business today. As law abiding citizens, we have opted to patiently wait for the same before taking any other step. I will furnish you with all the developments as they emerge, and will give you details tonight on 88.8 CBS fm from 8.00pm. For God and My Country.

My statement: This is it for Now. History repeats itself and Jennifer Musisi enjoys the KCCA offices while trying to impress Mzee. Peace.

PS: Did she forget this – I think she doesn’t care about the voters of Kampala. Just like the spotlight on herself.

Irony Musisi

Letter to KCCA Executive Director Musisi: ED/KCCA/007/01 – “Legal Status of the Lord Mayor Kampala Capital City” (13.04.2016)

Lord Mayor Kampala 13.04. P1Lord Mayor Kampala 13.04. P2jpg

Statement on by H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta on the Tribunal to Investigate the Conduct of Justice Phillip Tunoi (24.02.2016)

Kenya Tunoi 05022016

After further consultation and review of the relevant provisions of the Constitution, and given the strict timelines for the setting up of a Tribunal for the investigation of a Judge, I have today suspended Justice Philip K. Tunoi, as a judge of the Supreme Court, with immediate effect, and appointed a Tribunal to investigate his conduct.
I have made this decision, despite my concerns regarding the pending matters before the Court of Appeal, as to the correct age of retirement for Judges who served under the previous constitutional dispensation. I believe that my concerns may now be addressed by the Tribunal itself, which may independently consider the merit, if any, of such concerns, should it be raised before it.

I reiterate my commitment and fidelity to the Constitution of Kenya, and confirm that I will continue to uphold and defend it, as I have from the first day I took oath of office as President. Nothing less should ever be expected from me and the office I hold in trust of Kenyans.

I hereby appoint the following to be the members of the said Tribunal:

  1. Justice Sharad Rao – Chairman
  2. Roselyne Korir
  3. Justice (retired)Jonathan Bowen Havelock
  4. Judith Abrahams Guserwa
  5. James Kaberere Gacoka
  6. Abdirashid Abdullahi Hussein
  7. George Munji Wakukha


23rd February, 2016

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