RDC: Communique en Rapport avec la Conference de Genval “L’Unite de L’Opposition dans la Coherence” (25.06.2016)

RDC Oppositon 25.06.2016 P1RDC Oppositon 25.06.2016 P2

Letter dated 15 June 2016 from the Permanent Representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the United Nation addressed to the President of the Security Council (16.06.2016)

DRC Security Council Letter 16.06.2016

RDC: Declaration de la Majorite Presidentielle sur le Forum de l’Opposition Congolaise a Bruxelles (10.06.2016)

Declartion RDC Opposition 10.06.2016 P1

Declartion RDC Opposition 10.06.2016 P2

Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo statement: “We kill the people, because he is asking for freedom” (30.05.2016)

Cardinal DRC

We kill the people, because he is asking for freedom. And this cannot continue and needs people to denounce such crimes; so I took my responsibilities. Shouldn’t we insist on the change of the constitution, which divides the country and the people are already incensed. Me, I’m afraid he’s excesses. The people must remain vigilant to oppose by all legal means and peaceful to any attempt to amend the constitution to allow the current head of the state and his clique to continue to lead.
Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo

French Version: 

On tue le peuple, parce qu’il réclame la liberté. Et cela ne peut pas continuer et il faut que les gens dénoncent de tels crimes; donc j’assume mes responsabilités. Il ne faut pas qu’on insiste sur le changement de la constitution qui divise le pays et le peuple est déjà révolté. Moi, je crains qu’il ait des débordements. Le peuple doit rester vigilant pour s’opposer par tous les moyens légaux et pacifiques à toute tentative de modification de la constitution pour permettre à l’actuel chef de l’état et sa clique de continuer à diriger.

Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo

Text of Draft Resolution by the U.S. Senate on DRC: “comply with constitutional limits on presidential terms and fulfill its constitutional mandate for a democratic transition of power in 2016”

114th Congress DRC 2016 P1114th Congress DRC 2016 P2114th Congress DRC 2016 P3114th Congress DRC 2016 P4114th Congress DRC 2016 P5114th Congress DRC 2016 P6114th Congress DRC 2016 P7

#Telema and #Yebela – Demonstrations against the killings in Beni and also against the Third Term for President Kabila all-over the DRC

DRC Kinshasa 26.05.2016 Peaceful Protest P1

Today there we’re planned marches from the Opposition in Lubumbashi, Kisangani, Bukavo, Goma and Kinshasa after what I perceived information and the reports today are startling.

Kinshasa 26.05.2016 Tear Gas

As there were planned demonstrations in the capital Kinshasa, there was calm in the morning, but there we’re many closed stores and police we’re in the streets. Also less traffic than normal as well. The youth of the UDPS with its head David Mukeba was the first line to the front of the demonstrations at one point, so UPDS Youth was not following party-line and participating in the demonstrations. At one point the Police barricaded the Martyr’s Stadium. At the MLC Headquarters the Police threw tear-gas at the demonstrators there. This was even said on the Police action: As they walked on the proposed route, the protesters still had to retreat. “Even on the route imposed yesterday, they charge” (…)“We respected the line established by agreement Tuesday”. This proves that the agreements made the ones behind the Demonstrations and the Authorities, the Big-Men change their mind and then the Police starting to use fear and intimidation against the people on the streets of Kinshasa. What is shocking: “that Congresswoman Maman Eve Bazaiba Masudi has just been shot in the leg”. She wa apart of the Demonstration in Kinshasa today!

What the Police have said about the Demonstrations in Kinshasa:

“Police talks about 2,000 demonstrators in Kinshasa. 35 police injured in the capital. The spokesman said no trace respected.Police said an accident caused the death of a civilian. Also there we’re 6 serious injuries, but No Police officer shot”. “They promised a peaceful protest and we found ourselves facing the rioters ,” said the police spokesman.

Lubumbashi 26.05.2016

The planned demonstrations in Lubumbashi did not happen as the people we’re scared as the Police was already in the streets, and the demonstrators was not organized as their leadership was disorganized by the authorities.

Kisangani 26.05.2016

In Kisangani the town was totally silent after the Police and Authorities didn’t allow the Opposition to demonstrate in town. There been reported that their been arrest in town, but no accurate number.

DRC Bukavo 26.05.2016

While in Bukavo there we’re demonstration that the Police tried to disperse as several of demonstrators are arrested and even some are hurt by the Police brutality in town.

Goma 26.05.2016

There we’re demonstrations in Goma, and there the Police brutality went even further where even pictures of demonstrators killed by the Police. There been reported arrest from the Police in town, I don’t have any number. This is also reported from there: “minor children have been detained by police for participating in demonstrations, as the children showed tears when they boarded the Police pick-up”. There was also reported that as the Police shot towards the demonstrators with live-bullets they even hit and wounded a Six-Year old girl in her leg.

In Butembo in North Kivu where there also we’re demonstrations there are released pictures of a demonstrator who was killed by Security Forces during the demonstration in town. In the town while the Police dispersed the public, are truck hit a motorcycle and arrest 4 students and 1 UNC member.

In Bunia there we’re demonstrations, as everywhere else, the Police Brutality we’re there and they used force to disperse the demonstrators. They got 30 minutes to march in the town before the Police starting doing their thing.

What the UN Human Righs DRC is reporting: “at least 9 prohibited demonstrations, 59 people arrested, 1 person & 1 policeman killed, 4 injured” (UN, 26.05.2016).

Gustave Moke reports this about today: “Dr-Congo 100.000 people march against Kabila’s third term & call 4 Pres. Elections: 2 dead, 19 arrest, 57 injured” (Moke, 26.05.2016).

So today the People where it was possible and as long as they we’re allowed too, they walked asked for change in constitution and justice for the people dying in Beni; while the Authorities with their security organization did what they could to disperse, detain and even at some points even taking lives. There been showing their true face and little dignity towards the citizens and protestors. They also protest against the breach of constitution if the current President Kabila wishes to go for a third term, which is most likely; as there haven’t been since independence any peaceful change of Head of State or the President. They have been sitting in power until somebody came with enough guns to punch the clock and take the salary; then they either go into exile or the casket. Therefore the next election is important. Peace.

RDC: “échange de courriers au Kasai Oriental autour de la manif de jeudi. Lettre de refus des autorités” (24.05.2016)

Kasai Oriantale Letter P1

Kasai Oriantale Letter P2

Kasai Oriantale Letter P3

Letter: DRC/Mbuji-Mayi – “Information pour la tenue de la marche pacifique du 26 Mai 2016”

DRC Ban March Beni 24.05.2016

Press Release RDC: “l’AR dit oui aux discussions techniques pour les élections conformément à la Constitution” (23.05.2016)

PR DRC 23.05.016

DRC oppositon condemns ruling on Kabila and elections (Youtube-Clip)

“A leading opposition party has condemned a ruling by the Democratic Republic of Congo’s highest court that President Joseph Kabila can remain in office, if elections scheduled for November are delayed. The Movement for the Liberation of Congo says the court was not independent. The ruling came amid rising tensions over the government’s failure to set a date for the country’s next elections, originally due in November this year before Kabila’s mandate ends” (CCTV Africa, 2016).

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