Zimbabwe: Citizens’ Manifesto – “A Better Zimbabwe is Possible” (01.12.2017)

Opinion: Mnangagwa’s message with the newly announced cabinet is that it’s a dream wrapped as a nightmare!

They’ve promised that dreams can come true – but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too.”Oscar Wilde

President Emmerson Mnangagwa have today announced his new cabinet of 39 ministers of the old and of the cronies with Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). There isn’t a magic wand or big change from the people that Mugabe picked in recent years. What is new is that there is two military leaders within the Cabinet, this being Major General Sibusiso Moyo, who are appointed as the Minister for Foreign Affairs. The other are Air Marshal Perrance Shiri as Minister of Lands, Agriculture and Rural Resettlement.

President Mnangagwa has not offered anyone the Vice-President position, the position and place he had until recently. Before the military coup and the eviction of Mugabe. Most of the ones picked in usual faces with ZANU-PF. There are no coalition or no place for Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and Morgan Tsvangirai, neither has the political assassin Acie Lumumba gotten any appointment, even after announcing him leaving his own party, Viva Zimbabwe. We can wonder if any other of the opposition feels like the Mugabe change was “much ado about nothing”.

The 18th November seems for all opposition like a betrayal as the Cabinet was announced. Only the ones eating in the Lacoste and the military will be happy. People are even spreading rumors that Zimbabwe Defense Force General Commander Constantino Chiwenga will get the honorable post of VP. That the coup has gotten all power and hired stooges of Lacoste fraction of ZANU-PF to make sure they got settled. The beauty of it all, was that Civil Society, Opposition Politicians and Activists bought into the narrative in the midst of change in mid-November.

Those dreams has been shattered. They have been broken and was brutally destroyed when the state sealed their deal with this cabinet. This is more of the same, just with another head, then the one who was there for 37 years and was preparing to install his wife. The family dynasty would eat the ZANU-PF and was close to do so. It was all prepared for the December conference for Grace Mugabe. As now President was put into Exile.

Now Chiwenga and Mnangagwa is continuing from where Mugabe left of. As explained by Jealousy Mawarire: “Mnangagwa Cabinet, retains 23 Mugabe Ministers, brings in 2 soldiers, including coup announcer & resurrects 3 fired by Mugabe” (Mawarire, 30.11.2017).

So there isn’t a real change, but more of the same, but another head. We just miss to see who he trust in his place. However, we wouldn’t be shocked if htat is Chiwenga. To just show the power of the Army, who has already gotten their space in the Cabinet.

We just know now, that the changes done are artificial and the next 8 months will not be much different. They want to secure their wealth and their positions. Not genuine change of any kind. Only some more military presence in the central government. Chiwenga will have something to say and that is without a doubt. Mnangagwa do not want to play with fire, as he used fire to get rid of Mugabe.

The people, #ThisFlag and all others has still a mile to walk. Maybe even further, maybe as far as to the moon. They have to show flex and show muscles. This is a continuation after the military took control and stopped the cult surrounding Mugabe, for a hot minute the same has been done around Mnangagwa. However, now the reality there. Even arrested Ministers like Chinamasa, the Financial Minister gotten his Ministry back. Clearly, the loyalty to the party pays off. Especially in the eyes of Mnangagwa. The Cvs and asking for references before hiring, was a PR Stunt and not a reality!

If you feel betrayed after the 18th November 2017, that is fine, but the ZDF and ZANU-PF are trying to keep control of all their assets and their riches. They are still showing the values that is eating them and the state. Soon, the goblin’s ways and the crocodile’s ways cannot be separated, as they act and talk the same game. Mnangagwa, has clearly tuned into the same tune, but not re-configuring to the promises and hopes within the people.

Some glasses has been shattered today, some hopes has been destroyed, but the people shall not give in and give way. After what they know and what they need to do. Last time, the Military did their duty and got rid of the despot. However, it didn’t get rid of the system or it’s cronies. All of them are there and are not planning to rest. Certainly, the movements and civil society has to react to this. They have to show their disappointment and see more of the disgraced leadership still ruling the country.

Mnangagwa has not given new brooms or new people a chance to make a difference. He has hired more of the same. Its not a good morning and smell the coffee. It is more of yesterdays burned brew and bitter aftertaste. “Much Ado About Nothing”. Peace.

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