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My honest letter to the newfound peacemaker President Museveni!

Dear Sir, His Excellency (H.E.) President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni!

Though I am surely not so dear to you, I am sure if you we’re ever to read one of my pieces. I would end up in Luzira or even Nalufenya, in a dungeon not seeing daylight before my mind was weaken and my thirst for liberty and justice was all over. That is what would be my ending, if you got your will. As many others who has questioned your rule and your power. They have lost their days and their lives, they have been detained and been tortured. This is something you know and done your orders. That is well-known.

So the last week has boggled me, how you at the time taking the Chairmanship of the East African Community, which goes between the Member States. Therefore, your place there after the Tanzanian President Joseph Pombe Magufuli isn’t shocking. What is more important, is the stages of your concern of the nations around you. How you suddenly want to invest your time and urges to change and give hope the republic’s around you.

That you travel on credit to London to talk on AMISOM and possible peace in Somalia, than later you travel to Tanzania and discuss the sanctions and say the EAC should be able to solve what is in-house, and today you are in South Sudan, giving advice on National Dialogue there. You are certainly occupied with other nations troubles.

In London, United Kingdom on the 12th May you said: “However, our strongly held view is that it is not enough to check Al-Shabaab. Somalia must heal completely and stand on its own feet. In our view, there are a number of bottlenecks that stop the complete healing of Somalia” (Museveni, 12.05.2017). In Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania on the 20th May you said: “Burundi is our member and no action should be taken against it without our input. Our house is our house” (Museveni, 20.05.2017). Today in Juba, South Sudan you said: “Within the party, speak frankly to each other. Reach decisions by voting or consensus. Raise issues by having regular meetings in the party. Insist on having meetings in party organs. Never use force. Violence should be a means of last resort” (Museveni, 22.05.2017).

That you suddenly are the grand peacemaker is weird, the man who done his thing civil-war and coup d’etat in Uganda, you have been involved in two wars inside the Democratic Republic of Congo, you ushered the rebellion and ruling party of Rwanda Patriotic Front/Army in Rwanda. You have sent your army without mandate into South Sudan. The other mandated forces has been operations against Lord Resistance Army in Central African Republic and the African Union Peacekeeping Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). Also, being hired security agents without consent of parliament in the Equatorial Guinea. I am sure you have used them differently, like lately the UPDF helping mission for the SPLA in Bieh State in South Sudan in April 2017. So the use of army for your own gain and the foreign exchange is also well-known.

Therefore, that you suddenly speaks of peace, negotiations and of consensus, it must be a lingo you dislike. As you yourself want to get rid of opposition in Uganda and want only the one who agree with you. Therefore, that you advice President Salva Kiir Mayardit to talk consensus, while in Buyengo Sub-County on the 9th May you said: “I am tired of wars. I want you to vote for pro-NRM members of parliament like our party flag-bearer, Mr Moses Walyomu.” (…) “I don’t want to go back to the bush to fight again. Don’t send me people who will disagree with me in parliament. I fought in 1986 and I am tired.”(Kirunda, Nakato & Katabulawo, 2017). So it is not like you believe the words you said in Juba today, aye? It seems more like a ploy and pigment of imagination, since you need to say this to look wise for the world. But we know that this isn’t the real you, you don’t believe in consensus, you believe in your vision and doesn’t trust anyone else, but yourself.

That you speak of violence as last resort, what about all the tear-gas as the opposition? What about all the harassment of them? What about all the ones detained for their political affiliation? Than, I also have to ask, why did all of the innocent had to die in violence in November 2016 in Kasese? There are so many questions, you should also answer for detaining all the kids of suspects in the killing of AIGP Andrew Kaweesi? If you doesn’t want to resolve with violence, why is the Flying Squad and the UPDF so quick to spread fear every-time there is ballots and elections. Why did you send the fighter airplanes to fly over Kampala on the days after the Presidential Election in 2016? I ask these questions since you tell people not to use violence, but speaking frankly; which I am doing to you now.

So with your history of violence, your love of guns and militarized government. I have little or to be honest. No faith in your mediation. Mr. President you have no character of trying to make peace. You have only made war and stifled your opposition. Therefore, very few of your adversaries are still alive. Most of them is gone, as well as the UNLA mates are gone and others who has stood in you way.

President Museveni, a leader and Commander-in-Chief since 1986, what sort of history and guidance can you bring from you experience and reasoning inside the Ugandan Republic, to build bridges in Burundi and South Sudan? Other than, bring the Special Forces Command and blow the possible enemies to pieces, Mr. President is that avoiding violence? Or throw tear-gas at consultation meetings of Opposition parties, is that mediation and consensus, Mr. President?

I am just asking because this is your advice… your own advice to the fellow brother in South Sudan, Somalia and in Burundi. Kinda hard to follow where you reside and run the nation, aye?


Best Regards

The Writer of MinBane!


Kirunda, Abubaker; Nakato, Tausi & Katabulawo, Andrew – ‘I don’t want opposition in parliament, says President Museveni’ (09.05.2017) link: http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/I-don-t-want-opposition-in-parliament–says-President-Museveni/688334-3919496-71atniz/index.html

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Burundi: President Nkurunziza plans to consolidate all power, by all means now!

That earlier this week that President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi, that made a decree where he started that the Constitution will be reviewed, in a way to make sure he can continue to stay in power. The CNDD-FDD has no plans of leaving any successor. As the reports of the repression and the centralized control of the state, is all in the hands of the President.

The Inter-Burundian Inclusive Dialogue, which former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mpaka is leading, has been told how to travel and who to contact. There many parties and many CSO/NGOs who hasn’t participated. Therefore, the dialogue has been flawed and made sure to fit the paradigm of Nkurunziza and his allies. Not to try to understand the oppression and the harassment of the opposition. Who either flees, are assassinated or kidnapped. There are so many Ex-FAB and former leaders of opposition parties who has been killed since 2015. This is clear motivation to consolidate power!

There is also revealed this week that a memo from 24th January 2017, that all exports from Burundi are taken extra funds directly to Nkurunziza. This being done that the exporters are paying 2600 BIF to the Burundian Central Bank, while the 1000 BIF goes directly to Nkurunziza and the rest goes to the Exporters after the currency are converted. So the exporters get 1600 BIF when converting, while the rest of the balance enters the pockets of Nkurunziza. Which, is such a wonderful way of doing transactions. Certainly, the foreign companies must feel they entertaining their totalitarian master for the resources and minerals, by doing this!

The Same government have had questions when the European Union didn’t want to pay the salaries of AMISOM brigades are paying their salaries and transferred funds through CECAD (COOPERATIVE D’EPARGNE ET DE CREDIT POUR L’AUTO-DEVELOPPEMENT). This as the FNDB (La Force de Défense Nationale du Burundi) or the National Defense Force of Burundi are paying their salaries through CECAD, which doesn’t making sense, other than it can be another scheme to sting the monies away from the soldiers who serve in Somalia on behalf of the FNDB and the CNDD-FDD. Therefore, the Burundian government clearly doesn’t care how they are misusing funds.

Just as this dossier proves the CECAD and AMISOM connection:

This triple “dossier NDONDEZA” has an unusual characteristic. While all the previous cases seem to be linked to the crackdown on the protests against the third term in office of President Pierre Nkurunziza or have not been clarified in their motives, this one is related to a mafia system and economic interests. Alexis NGABONZIZA used to manage a sort of “Banque Lambert“[2] and lent money to Burundian soldiers that want to pay bribes so as to be added on lists of participants in peacekeeping missions in Somalia and the Central African Republic (AMISOM and MINUSCA). The role of Alexis NGABONZIZA was even more important. Not only did he lend to the soldiers but he also would also transfer that money to the high ranked military authorities involved in this mafia through their “principal commissioner” and could make sure his clients were on the lists of selected candidates. Alexis NGABONZIZA disappeared when he had an appointment with Lea NZEYIMANA, “the commissioner”, at Army Headquarters. He disappeared at the same time as his sibling Ferdinand HAVYARIMANA who had accompanied him. Corporal-chef Jean NDAYIZEYE, an agent of the Presidential Guard BSPI[3], and a friend of Mr. Alexis NGABONZIZA, had paid a bribe to return to Somalia. He also disappeared while responding to an appointment with Léa NZEYIMANA at the Army Headquarters” (Ndondeza, 2017).

These are just three common outcomes and perspectives on the volatile crisis in Burundi, where they are lacking petrol and even foreign exchange, this is all because of the sanctioned importers of petrol is only two now. Which also, makes the arrangement from the state to cronies, instead of serving the public. But most of the business is to supply the President and his men with funds. If that is questioned, than they silence them.

Therefore, at this moment, the idea that the inclusive dialogue is worth anything in Burundi, is a pipe-dream, as even the ones working in the system can suddenly vanish or disappear. Just like the ones working for the scheme inside the CECAD and the salary system of the Army. This here is just another evidence of the Nkurunziza government who doesn’t care about governance or about their legitimacy. As they are reviewing the Constitution and the handpicked appointments are clearly working on the notion of giving way to the President. Just like Constitutional Court did when he did get the possibility to run for a third time. Now he is preparing a fourth term and at the same consolidating more power. Not trying to dialogue, as Mpaka and the EAC has seriously just looked away from all the transgressions and violations done in Burundi.

There isn’t any reports or revelations that proves that he cares about democracy or about justice. The justice is made for his will and his administration. This government clearly doesn’t care about 299 in the 2005 Constitution, “No procedure or revision may be retained if it infringes of the national unity, the cohesion of the Burundian People, the secularity of the State, the reconciliation, the democracy or integrity of the territory of the Republic”. These words and law apparently doesn’t mean anything to Nkurunziza, who could without any question appoint a commission to review the constitution.

With the frauds, the schemes, the kidnapping, the killings and the lacking interference in the Inter-Burundian dialogue, the state of affairs is dire and the world is looking away. They are giving faith in the EAC who is not pushing or trying to intervene. They are letting Benjamin Mpaka being told how to act and who to talk to. They are not giving him the tools or the will to pursuit an honest negotiations. As Nkrurunziza is clearly not interested in giving way or stepping down. President Nkurunziza will use his power, his army and his control to silence, or even make the opposition stop. Stop them by all means, the courts, the intimidation or even assassinate them.

The United Nations, their accords and the peacekeeping missions is flawed, powerless as Burundian authorities are using all means at their disposal to stay in power. Therefore, the world should listen to this: “Jérèmie Ngendakumana, spokesperson for the National Council for the Respect of Arusha Agreement (CNARED) says it is not the time the constitution has been amended. “Burundians are not calm and not ready for the amendment. They are gripped by fear following the murders observed on a daily basis, kidnapping cases, forced disappearances, arbitrary arrests,” says Ngendakumana” (…) “The former chairman of the ruling party says the amendment of the constitution aims at overriding the Arusha peace agreement. “Pierre Nkurunziza was elected for his first presidential term in 2005 thanks to the Arusha Agreement. Then, he wants to review the constitution with the main objective of remaining in the power,” he says” (…) “Tatien Sibomana, an opposition politician, says the CNDI report does not require action from Burundians but rather from members of the CNDD-FDD, to override the Arusha agreement. He says the opinions expressed in the CNDI report are nothing new. “All the opinions expressed were prepared by the ruling party in 2013, when the draft constitution law failed to be adopted in the National Assembly,” he says” (Uwimana, 2017).

This voices should be heard and taken notice of, these are the ones suffering and seeing the aggressive and totalitarian regime under President Nkurunziza. They see, what other can also see. That Nkurunziza are only trying to forge his power and find ways of getting rid of the ones who doesn’t want him there. Therefore, the dialogue and commission, together with all schemes is to facilitate and make the funds to stay in power. Not to make the Burundian republic developed. Peace.


Ndondeza – ‘Enforced disappearance of Alexis NGABONZIZA, Ferdinand HAVYARIMANA and Corporal-Chef Jean NDAYIZEYE’ (03.03.2017) link:http://ndondeza.org/statement-focode-0032017-march-3rd-2017/

Uwimana, Diane – ‘‘No term limit, amend constitution,’ says commission for national dialogue’ (13.05.2017) link:http://www.iwacu-burundi.org/englishnews/no-term-limit-amend-constitution-says-commission-for-national-dialogue/