Statement from Human Rights Observers incl. Kingi Snelgar, a Māori lawyer, at Ocheti Sakowin Camp on the ‘Dakota Access Pipeline’ (10.09.2016)


Press Statement: Zimbabwean Government answer the tweet from Julius Malema (15.07.2016)

Zim Gov 15.07.2016 P1Zim Gov 15.07.2016 P2Zim Gov 15.07.2016 P3

Here is what the Zimbabwe Government was answering:

Malema 13.07.2016

Professor PLO Lumumba on “A pan-African perspective…Decolonising the Mind of Africans” (Youtube-Clip) – (04.11.2014)

Well, I know that I’m as European man, and never the less, I am very moved by this speech! Hope you are as well my brother. If not, I don’t know what gives! Listen to the wise words of Professor PLO Lumumba! Peace!