Statement of Crisis in Zimbabwe by Citizens of the Republic of Zimbabwe (02.05.2017)

Opinion: These two ideas shouldn’t be thing in 2017: Goats for tuition fees and Jerrycan-Irrigation!

NRM in July 2016 in Kakinga in Western Uganda.

In the Republic of Uganda and Zimbabwe there are two issues that should not occur or need to happen, as the societies under Zimbabwean African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and National Resistance Movement (NRM), that President Robert Mugabe and President Yoweri Museveni has been the Executives for decades.

These two republics has both their issues concerning these gentleman, though not the same. Still, the republics has some dire needs. You know so, when President Museveni has to spread this message in the year of 2017:

I continue to encourage farmers to use drip irrigation. Even as we wait for government to roll out mass irrigation, farmers can irrigate their crops with basic tools like bottles. No one should let seedlings go to waste on claims of drought yet we are surrounded by water” (Yoweri Museveni, 16.04.2017).

The Jerrycan and bottle irrigation mantra in the land of steady progress, you can wonder and pound about the agriculture reforms that was about to happen when the NRM came into power. Where the wealth creation and the cash crops we’re supposed to change the economic landscape. Still, since the Movement ceased power in 1986, the same President as back-then has to spread the message of a drip-drop irrigation system based on bottles and jerrycans. Instead of modern agriculture, because of how he misused the state reserves and the donated aid. Therefore, the lacking facilitation of agriculture. So it is sad to know that the President Museveni has to propagandize the jerrycan irrigation system, like it is a fantastic invention and something that would really be a paradigm shift.

Than you have in Zimbabwe, the county of the Lancaster House Agreement, the ZANU-PF elite and the Bond-Notes, with a massive movement behind the voices of opposition, as well as the financial troubles under President Mugabe. Who has turned the Southern African breadbasket unto a food-import heaven as his land-reforms has destroyed the agricultural production as well as the economic climate. Therefore this news shouldn’t be a thing of 2017!

Parents who cannot raise tuition fees for children can offer livestock in lieu of payment or do chores for learning institutions, a Cabinet minister has said. The Sunday Mail understands that several State-run primary schools in Glen View, Harare have already adopted the arrangement. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora told this paper last week, “Our schools have to be flexible and ensure those who do not have money to pay fees can work. For example, if there is a builder in the community, he/she must be given that opportunity to work as a form of payment of tuition fees” (…) “On the issue of livestock, the community has to arrange a market where everyone participates; from the school authorities, local leadership and parents themselves to avoid parents being duped” (Gwete, 2017).

So in the proud republic of Zimbabwe the Cabinet Minister Dr. Lazarus Dokora, says parents who doesn’t have enough cash to pay tuition fees can now pay in livestock or goats. We know by now that the faith in the Bond-Notes is abysmal, still that the Republic has such little cash flow; that can take animals as payments. Shows the neglect of the state, the little money circulation and the financial vows right now. If the financial market and the currency we’re in a better condition, than such massive amount of parents wouldn’t have to trade their goats and livestock so their kids can go to school.

That under President Mugabe, the citizens have to use their livestock and goats as trading tools, or even as currency because of the lack of stable financial policies. This shows the draconian state and what sort of government that is in charge. When they are more concerned about their Mercedes Benz’s than the population!

That the Zimbabwean people and citizens of the Republic run by Zanu-PF should feel betrayed by the lack of governance and care of the taxpayers funds. The Zimbabwean people should be in sorrow as even as their state is insufficient, it now has a plan not to only eat their monies, but also take their animals. So that the future of Zimbabwe can learn how to read and write, even type and some hopefully understanding better what it means to be a Statesmen. A Statesmen that cares about its constituent and their struggles, not just eat of it and leave them to rot. That is what the Zanu-PF elite does right now.

What we have have seen with these two stories is clear lack of policies and wish to intervene in the struggles of the citizens. We can see two governments, that is Zanu-PF and NRM, who clearly are both out-of-time and out-of-pocket as they scrap their best ideas to salvage some hope. The hope is that some can be duped by the idea and support the so-called progress. That it is progressive to take goats as currency to pay for tuition and the other revolutionary idea of using bottles and jerrycans to irrigate the dirt. That President Museveni and President Mugabe is over-due is proof with this. The milk is thick and nasty. The milk is not drinkable and if so you will vomit. The reality is that these men doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see.

They are eating of the plate and sells their propaganda, the own mindset of lies and deception, and it has been said so many times that the old-men believes. Even if it isn’t so. The manufactured reality and the destruction of the society, is the reasons for these tales, many factors involved, but the Presidents has been there through the stages. They have seen it all and created policies that has changed to this level of underdevelopment. If they really did care, than the countries would have looked different. If they would have created parliaments for serving cadres for the people and not their own bellies like right now. That is why many of them think these sort of policies are acceptable and even profess to them. Therefore, the republic’s are living in a state they doesn’t deserve and the citizens are used as pawns. Peace.


Gwete, Wendy – ‘‘Pay school fees with goats, labour’ (15.02.2017) link:

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Opinion: ZANU-PF continued problems with Whites, but no issues with the Chinese!

santions Mugabe

Certainly the loans and development projects as well as the infrastructure paid by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that supports the Zimbabwean state and the regime of Zimbabwean African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF). This under President Robert Mugabe, that has had an issues with the white people since they cut the loans and aid from the Western Hemisphere, therefore the Zanu-PF has to support and sustain the ones delivering funds to keep the state afloat. Like these to statements from President Mugabe and Finance Minister P.A. Chinama!

Mugabe’s problem with the White:

“Mugabe said in an excerpt carried by the state-run Herald newspaper : “We would want to see our people turned into entrepreneurs. Have we really become producers of our own goods, have we become the masters of our own economy, or are we still thinking of whites as the best entrepreneurs and Africans as laborers for these entrepreneurs?” (Gaffey, 2017).

Finance Minister Chinamasa on the Chinese:  

“He told a recent meeting organized by the Confederation of the Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) Manicaland Chapter: “I often have local business people in my office complaining about the Chinese dominance in the country. But, my question is where are you when the Chinese come and do the same businesses in your area?  You must copy the way they are doing those businesses.” (Masekesa, 2017).

The Chinese has offered millions of dollars to ICT, Festivals, Security Firms and debt to fulfil the needed fiscal funds the Zimbabwean republic needs. The giant amount of funds as the republic needs the fresh funds as they sell resources and such to the Chinese. Therefore the join-ventures and hiring of Chinese to work in Zimbabwe comes with the agreements and loans for infrastructure. This is offers that haven’t come from the former British or American to the Zimbabwean republic. Either from other nations in the Western Hemisphere as the sanctions and others has hit the nation. Therefore the hatred towards the west and the love of the Chinese!


The Chinese get support and love from the Zanu-PF regime, not because they are gentle and kind, that is because they give the needed support the Mugabe administration needs at this time. If let us say that all of a sudden Switzerland or Belgium gave in the same amount and also put their working squads on the outside of Bulawayo, than Chinamasa and Mugabe would sound differently.

So that Mugabe continues with the Pan-African vision while his Finance Minister knows the value of the financial and industrial power the Chinese gives the nation. Therefore the hatred for Europeans and Whites comes with the sanctions and the misgivings. Because in the past President Mugabe said this about the British:

The basic injustice of this unequal economic system does not arise from the fact that those few are white in colour, although that racial dimension certainly aggravates it, but rather from the fact that the majority were deprived and impoverished by the minority. And so, even if the present white owners of property and natural resources, the need for a socialist revolution would still remain urgent. A bourgeoisie does not cease to be exploitative merely because its colour has turned black or because it is now national rather than foreign. On this subject, I wish to express utter dismay at the bourgeois tendencies that are affecting our leadership at various levels of Government. When, for example, we established a system of local government in both rural and urban areas, we were of the strong belief that democracy would further be enhanced by giving power to the people through local councils” (Robert Mugabe, 3rd Anniversary of Independence 18th April 1983).

We can see that even in early starts of the liberation and the early years of the tenure under President Mugabe, he still was focused on the whites, it took decades before his will and tendency to blame the Whites for the issues, instead of the policies and economic framework that the Zimbabwean republic needs. Still, the troubling fact is now that White is the problem no matter what, even as the Republic has been run and the laws have come to fix the problems of inequality. The Republic struggles still with the same issue apparently that it did in the 1980s, if the President offered the problems of white entrepreneurs over other tribes in Zimbabwe.

So he will pound on the Whites, but trust me none in Zanu-PF will ever try to say anything to offend the Chinese or the ones supporting funds from China. P.A. Chinamasa and President Mugabe would not cross and bite the hands of the ones that is feeding it. That is why the same figures will address the Whites in other regard than the Chinese. So we will see if the Zimbabwean state and officials will address the Chinese differently when they stop funding their operations and their government institutions, like the Whites did. Peace.



Masekesa, Clayton – ‘Zimbabwe: Don’t Be Jealous Of Chinese – Chinamasa’ (21.02.2017) link:

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