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Opinion: The NUP should emulate the EFF in the 11th Parliament

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) came into existence after former African National Congress Youth League (ANC-YL) Leader Julius Malema was axed there. He created his own party in 2013 and came into the Parliamentary Election in 2014 like fire-brand politician. That’s a position he has kept ever since.

The National Unity Platform (NUP) and their Members of Parliament (MPs) should study the EFF of South Africa. They should consider their “assault” and their vindictive attitude towards the procedures and protocol. As the NUP no matter what it does. It will reflect bad on them. They are in a battle they cannot win. They have a minority, even if they are the leaders of opposition.

With those seats and with the MPs they do have. They should interrupt, sing songs and walk-out of plenary sessions. The NUP can be as vile and rude as the EFF. Since, we all know the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has no concern for the opposition. They can use Special Force Command (SFC) to silence MPs in Kololo and easily do it again.

That’s why Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine should get some notes and some experience from Malema. He should really call him and get some guidance. So, that he can gather his MPs at his home in Magere, Wakiso district and give them a heads-up. If not have a sessions and meetings with them ahead of the plenary session.

The NUP needs to this sort of play. Since the playing around the games of the ruling regime isn’t helping anyone. The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has had more power and sway when they have used defiance and demonstrations for their causes. The same is what the NUP needs ahead. To forge a game-plan and even take inspiration of the EFF.

That is my advice. Call Malema, look into the history of the EFF and do the bidding of them in a Ugandan way. Take the noise, the walk-outs and the singing. Show disregard for the National Assembly. Risk everything and loose out. Show the general public that your a stark contrast to the ruling party. That your different and radical. Not only wearing a red beret, but showing resilience in-action.

This should motivate the 57 NUP MPs … they should see the results of the EFF, which has grown in strength since 2013. Malema has been able to build a steady party. Just like he was able to grow his national standing in the ANC-YL. Bobi Wine should follow this and do that his own way. Though, there is nothing wrong with learning from others experience.

Especially, when people starting to judge and go by default on the voting of yesterday’s speakership race. That is why not only out of a publicity standpoint, but a factor of showing difference from the ruling regime. The newcomer and the contrast to NRM needs to be shown.

I hate to say this, but the diplomatic and playing by the rules of the FDC haven’t helped the cause. They have had their time and it hasn’t had a big pay-off. They have built a strong party in the middle of oppression and it’s commendable. However, they have not gone from strength to strength.

Bobi Wine and the NUP can forge another way now for them and for the Parliament. They need to chase loud dissent and even suspensions. If they follow this path… there will inquires and commissions. Some public outcry, but also proof of how stupid the government is. As the investigations and reports will prove why the NUP acted like it did. That can most likely show what the NRM wants to keep a secret. That’s the smart move of this and something that’s needed.

The NUP should see what happened around the kicking out of MPs in concern to the Age Limit saga. That is the last time violence, attack on the Parliament and the dark truth of how the state is run. This is the reality and it won’t get better.

The President and his team is running the state with an iron fist. The army and Special Force Command can easily entertain another round of violence in the national assembly. This is why the NUP needs to address the situation differently. They cannot the same procedure and protocol like its predecessors. Especially, if it wants to prove a difference.

Because, if it’s run and mediocre. If they are just vindictive and relentless, than they will not go anywhere. There is a need for plan and stage this ahead. Be one item and team who causes havoc in the plenary sessions. They need to cause fury and rage. To prove where everything is wrong with this system. That is how they can humiliate and show the reality to the world. Peace.

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Opinion: People should never underestimate Malema!

This shouldn’t be news, but there was many doubters to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the party itself created by the former African National Congress Youth Leader Julius Malema. The one with the biggest fallout and also helped the rise of former Jacob Zuma. This man shouldn’t be underestimated. Because who else can speak of economic inequality and still be known for wearing Louis Vuitton from head to toe.

Its been know how Malema uses words and garn people’s attention, how he has build grassroot organizations and also been active in politics since forever. He was a key supporter and helper of Zuma, even made sure the Unions was on Zuma’s side at some point. However, that love was lost. Malema was suspended and never could return to the party.

That didn’t stop Malema who has become a bigger figure and one of the top leaders in the South African politics. Him and Mmusi Maimane is the future of politics, both on different branches, but still they have their place.

Malema will speak of the state organized and get state controlled over the mineral resource, nationalizations, the saving of the land and take back what was taken by the colonizers and apartheid. Malema will really fight for those causes, in a tone that is in stark contrast to plenty. Some will be afraid, but others should look to it as an aspect of needed voices in the midst of poverty. There aren’t everyone who will stand-up for the left behind in the townships, but Malema will.

Even if Malema himself is the political elite and wealthier than most. Still, his message differ from that, the way he speaks economics and policies in general. It is based on the matter of liberation and freedom of the masses, while getting more state control and less of the ones who is looting the riches of the Republic. That is where Malema is, not that everyone can accept that. But the need for the narrative is there, as he has gained his following and been able to build a viable party.

They might look like red colorful brigade in the Parliament, the National Assembly wouldn’t be the same without the people Malema has around him. The EFF Party has shown what they are capable of and the leadership of Malema makes sense. He proven that in ANC and ANCYL especially. Therefore, the ones surprised that EFF turned 5 years. Has forgotten his methods and his ways as leader there.

They wouldn’t think he would build a foundation and loyalty, also continue to work on the base of supporters and spread his message? That is what Malema has done. Even if you don’t agree with him. You got to be impressed. It takes time to build a party and he has achieved a lot since being kicked out of ANC. No one can deny him that.

Therefore, never ever, ever, ever think of underestimating Malema. He is not for the short-con, he is for the long-con, if not he is for the cause and the principals. He might sound like big buffoon doing so, but don’t misjudge him. That he will use to undress you and your stances. Malema is coming, all of us don’t know how, but he will come.

Either with blazing guns, with revolutionary tales, if not a Louis Vuitton belt and suit shining like a Prince. Who knows, but don’t let his appearance fool you, he something up his sleeve. Peace.

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