Opinion: The Potter experiment is over…

The ones who were for the hipsters and popular narrative that Graham Potter was the next in line. The hope of British Managers and whatnot, well, that ship has sailed. The 7-month journey at Chelsea Football Club has proven that Potter wasn’t ready for the big-league just yet. Just like the Nathan Jones wasn’t ready for Southampton either.

Potter might be a marvellous fellow, might be a genuine good guy and a gentleman. However, in the Premier League and in a hot mess like Chelsea. He was never there and never ceased the moment. It isn’t like it’s all his fault. The new project and new owners have their own vision. Which doesn’t coincide with the manager or the team surrounding him.

That’s why Potter was destined to fail. When you could sack Thomas Tuchel with no good reason or explanation. You just know your bound to go down eventually. Potter might have thought all the support and good words from the owners would save his skin. Nevertheless, there is just as much pain and losses a man can do. Especially, when the club has been a winning team and a challenger over the last decade.

Chelsea isn’t a run of the mill club now. It has been a contender and a club that has won things. That has been the nature and expectations is high. Managers are being sacked for just a dip of form or lack of results. Therefore, Potter was lucky to last 7 months with his lack of results.

The performance of Chelsea was abysmal under Potter. It was like they had a sickness against winning and scoring goals. The was a lack of moral and a lack of a proper philosophy. That is evident on the pitch and the policies of the transfer market haven’t helped him either. It is like a mismatch of player in combination with the ones that are already settled in. For a man like Potter that was a huge task, and he had no time to fail. Ironically, he failed again and again… and the fans will not miss him.

The task for the next appointment is to build a strong 11 and have one fixed philosophy on the pitch. The next manager needs to step up and deliver. It cannot be an unproven and unsolicited guy with no experience. That has already been proven and it doesn’t fit the bill. Chelsea needs a “serial” winner and someone who can push the club forward. Because right now… they are in the middle of the league and closer to relegation, than to reach Champions League. That’s not what Chelsea has been about over the last few years.

Some of us said that Potter shouldn’t have left Brighton this early. Now he has stained his reputation and possibly ruined his career. Potter was lucky to get this managerial role to begin with. The previous owner wouldn’t have hired him, and the board would have shunned it too. Nevertheless, the new American owner believed in him and gave him time. Now this season is wasted and it will cost for the next one too.

Chelsea will already have questions and we all can wonder if the club complies with FFP rules. The huge spending spree and long contracts are going to backfire. Just like the pay-outs to Potter will last for a long time. This will also be the case for the players bought in and if they fail. Well, they are on the payroll and the club cannot just “sack” them.

Now the club is wasting millions of pounds on Potter. A man who didn’t deliver and never seemed capable of doing so. A man who got the most expensive signings of the transfer windows, but still not able to deliver. That’s a story to tell. Others would have been giddied in his stead. However, Potter complained and was seemingly unhappy. He wasn’t made for it. Potter might never say that, but the results prove it.

Chelsea was too big for Potter. Potter wasn’t ready and seasoned for the job. That’s why it was bound to fail. The next manager better come correct and have experience. Because, this squad, this club and the ambition isn’t easy. Potter should have read the writing on the wall, but instead jumped into it.

Now his name is stained and his been found out. Instead of living in the hype and getting better by every year. He jumped high and now it is his inevitable fall… Peace.

Opinion: Potter has lost the fans

The hype, the man and the favourite manager for the hipsters, Graham Potter has fallen out with massive parts of the Chelsea fanbase. Genuinely, it is the board of directors and the owner that decides his fate. While the public disdain and the anger is getting at him.

Some might say… why don’t they give him time. Well, it isn’t that sort of club and only thanks to the predecessor… if not… the club would be deep into the relegation zone as we speak. Chelsea is closer to the final three of the league than ever getting into a European Competition. The London club is free-falling and curiously enough. The leadership on top wants to “trust” the “process”.

Potter might be a nice guy. Heck he has rose through the ranks and gotten bigger and bigger roles. His gone from the lowest and beyond the beaches of Southern England and gotten shine. He has taken managerial positions or coaching gigs not only on the continent, but also been a technical director or whatnot for a Ghana Woman’s team. So, he has tested himself not only in the United Kingdom, but in Sweden and elsewhere.

Now… this is the hard one. The records his breaking isn’t doing him no good. The manner of which the team is playing is shoddy. There is little redeeming factors for him. Chelsea doesn’t look like or sound like it used too. Especially not right after the Abramovich era, as the titles and the prestige have grown even higher.

Graham Potter has gotten a massive squad. The owner has invested into the players and that should improve the results. However, it is the total opposite. It is like Potter don’t know what to do or has any clue on how to blend these different personalities together. There got to be fixed 11 which he trusts with a few subs that he knows will fight for the position. That’s what a team should have, but under Potter it doesn’t, which is one reasons why the team is struggling to produce results.

Potter should know this. It is basic. A team needs a starting 11 and subs who can change the game. That’s the code and the tactic or philosophy, which is imprinted in the players. In such a fashion that they believe and wants to play for the manager. They are seeing how it bear fruits and they can deliver within that framework. However, in the current Chelsea… no that’s not happening at all.

It is hard to imagine Chelsea getting relegated after all these years of top 4 and participation in the Champions League. A team that have been in a golden era. A club that has become a giant, but is now looking fragile. It is a mystery but also baffling.

Right now Potter is running a team that doesn’t know how to score goals and neither keep a clean sheet. There is little to no redemption here. No signs that any of the signed players are bleeding for kit either. They are just there for a massive pay-day and years-upon-years long contracts. The Winston Bogards of our time.

Sigh. The blues are singing the blues. That is clear and does who thought Everton was badly off. They have at least hope that Dyche can deliver the objective and save the season. However, in Chelsea the alarm-bells should be ringing, but the American is either oblivious or arrogant in his ways. Thinking he knows better, as his playing in real life Football Manager and thinking he can juice it all up. He just need to get the right “wonder-kid” and the team will blossom. Peace.

Opinion: Before PM Cameron of the UK blames others on Corruption, maybe time to claim blame for the fueling money in UK based tax-havens like the BVI?


“We’ve got some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain… Nigeria and Afghanistan, possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world,” – David Cameron on the 10th May 2016 at the Anti-Corruption Summit in London, UK

David Cameron, the United Kingdom Prime Minister said the one day that Nigeria and Afghanistan was fantastically corrupt. That might be true. But I will write today, because of the bliss arrogance of the United Kingdom, why trying to play the higher moral background and their own actions that opens up for these activities.


It is easy to shoot at dragons, because they are big and visible, they are flying and looking likes a monster. There is easy to shoot, what is worse is to actually kill, that is why we have legendary tales of knights killings dragons and taking control of them. That is why they have existed in our novels and stories as they are bigger then elephants and more powerful as well, as they could control villages with fire. So with that in mind; when I discuss the matter of Corruption, it is a dragon and it burns as these wealthy companies and world leaders have power to silence people who writes about it or sack the editors behind it.

So the United Kingdom, the British, the luxurious capital of London and Financial Centrum of the City of London is vital in their economy as the accepted rich and wealthy immigrants of oligarchs and daughters of despots are welcomed with open arms as the town and even football clubs like Chelsea Football Club is bought by one of them, Roman Ambramovich who bought Chelsea back in 2003 and after that have spoiled the club with Russian oil money. So the United Kingdom have complained when rich people use questionable funds in their territory, as it was not made by bad deals and trades in Swindon, but in middle of Siberia or anywhere else.

Buhari Quote Corruption 2016

That is why I am bit late to plate, I know, but that PM Cameron, should watch his mouth more closely is that the Panama-papers shows that vast amount of money are going from all around the world to British Tax-Havens, that in the midst of that gives back shillings to his tax-coffers, small the contribution might be, it is still there instead of where the money was earned or moved from in a sophisticated layered Limited Liability Company (LLC) that are based in Nigeria, but have the Headquarters in British Virgin Island (BVI), still the owner is living in Lagos. So the money is funded through the BVI account and the profits ends in the hands of owner; instead of paying proper tax to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)

Like even Zimbabwean Companies like Randa Two Limited and Randa Three Limited are registered in BVI, and that is a country with nonsense economy and where the central government controls it all, even with sky-high inflation and massive corrupt state official; still the BVI have no problem accepting their money.

Togo Cartoon

You have even controversial businessman from Togo, Prasad Motaparti through the company Ballyward Limited who is registered in the BVI, where the money is sent from an address in Lome in Togo through this postbox into the account of the company in the BVI. So surely the money Mr. Motaparti has earned either in Mining or other in Togo is susceptible actions.

When PM Cameron of UK have a problem with the corrupt and embezzlement in Nigeria, as he claims, still his nation under the BVI still accepts for instance the Account under the Goldflow Group Limited with the Stakeholder Manjit Singh Lit. It was a working company from 2009-2011, but it shows the heritage of cash-flow to the BVI with links from Nigeria. One that is current and own partly by one of the greatest companies of Zenith Nominees Limited and Zenith Secretaries Limited that runs a company in the BVI named KENMEAD Investment Company. So these stakeholders hold money in BVI through the KENMEAD Investment Company, which is proof of the connection between UK and Nigerian money.


I could have gone on, I don’t have the tallies or numbers on the connection between the Companies sending money from businesses in countries that are corrupt and transferring them through procedural business-models that securing tax-evasion in the BVI. The BVI is a part of UK, which means under the jurisdiction of PM Cameron, who claims that other leaders are corrupt. That might be true, but he has tool in his pocket where these leaders can unleash their corrupted and embezzle state funds. Therefore that he crassly addresses other leaders, he should walk more careful when he is responsible for a Tax-haven. He has himself even been caught with having funds in company in a Tax-haven. So the “do what I say, not what I do” is an ordinary politician of our time.

So if PM Cameron is serious… and wants to combat corruption he should stop the ability to fund monies through the British Tax-Havens as the companies and rich leaders they use these to secure the money without nearly paying any tax, while securing less funds for the corrupt countries. These leaders have no moral high-ground only greed, so to stop the ability inside British territory would be a serious action as the BVI is used as tool by these rich embezzlement kings and queens, by the ones who are involved in countless graft and acting corrupt. The corruption is activities to secure tenders and mask money from the corporations and state funds. This is then transferred through sophisticated transferred made by Lawyers and into second and third companies who then fuel the money back to the stakeholder without the ordinary tax on the profits of the transactions. So the corrupt are using these shell companies in the BVI.


So as long as Prime Minister David Cameron is in charge he can decide and make the House and Parliament of United Kingdom to amendment of laws and determine to create other kind of practices than the ones that are happening now in BVI. As the BVI is like this:

The British Virgin Islands are an internally self-governing overseas territory of the United Kingdom. The United Nations Committee on Decolonization includes the islands on the United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories. The Constitution of the Islands was introduced in 1971 and amended in 1979, 1982, 1991, 1994, 2000 and 2007. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the House of Assembly. The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature. Military defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom” (BVI.org).

So even if it is self-governing territory, it is still under the United Kingdom; the legislature is the responsibility of the United Kingdom, that falls in the hands of PM Cameron and where he does his day job as elected official and as an Prime Minister, he is the ones together with the other elected representatives makes the laws that are the legislature in the BVI. So if David Cameron have heart and serious about cracking down on corruption then he should start to clean up his own shop. Start with BVI and then the other Tax-Havens! Peace.

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