Opinion: OO would have said that Jesus didn’t die, because he rose from the grave on the third day

Today, Government Spokesperson Ofwono Opondo have written yet another piece. This time published in New Vision. The article or think piece is called: “OPINION: Alleged kidnaps, torture and disappearances must be stamped out”. It was published on the 15th February 2021. What he says is despicable and show no regard to all the citizens taken with no accountability or justice.

The likes of OO is the ones who will defend death, murder and extra judicial killings by attacking the ones who are getting this treatment. OO rather shield his emperor and the regime itself. Than understanding the pleas, the tears and the suffering of others. It is more important to look Noble, grand and supreme. He rather want the world to be praising his master and his vanity. Because that is what matters to him. This is why he writes pieces like these.

I will take pieces of it and then discuss it. Just like I have done before. Because, someone has to debunk and dissecting his text, yet again.

He starts with: “Reports of alleged kidnaps, torture, illegal detentions and disappearances are mostly false alarms, but they are nevertheless embarrassment to the well-established track record of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government and must be stamped out immediately. Every person arrested by security agencies must be accounted for in accordance with established procedures and laws of Uganda, offenders punished. Even cases of false alarm and mischief by people who go underground only to surface later must be dealt with” (OO, 15.02.2021).

OO writes like the world and the people doesn’t get the memo. He wants the stories to cease and silent the public. Just because it destroys a “perfect” track-record of the NRM. Which isn’t grand in the first place. If he government is so genuine and cares about “rule of law”. Why does the NRM keep up having ungazetted “safe-houses”? Why does the state have to pay damages and repair hurt for victims illegally arrested, tortured in the courts?

Not like that is a new feature of the state. It is the mere scale and the ability of the National Unity Platform to spread message about the activity. As the state violence, injustice and impunity gets recorded and spread on the new social media platforms. It is not like the Uganda Police Force or any other security agencies haven’t done this in the past. They have and that is why Nalufenya and other places have a reputation, which resembles the days of Argentina House. That says a lot, but OO would never state that. He wants people to believe the NRM believes and works for “rule of law”. When they have since the inception been brutal to its dissidents and done what they could to control the population by force.

He continues: “It is also necessary to state that virulent groups and gullible media are being used to portray the Government as run by rogues who have lost moral, democratic and legal campus to deserve any legitimacy. To them, admitting President Yoweri Museveni’s strength undercuts their false foul cries to persuade foreign governments to sanction Uganda on unverified human rights violations. In a choreographed scheme, they have chosen words carefully to land powerful punches on NRM and President’s core credentials, respect to human life, dignity, democracy, and the rule of law.” (OO, 15.02.2021).

If the government and the state was so legitimately and adherent to “rule of law”. There wouldn’t be the need to charge civilians in Military Courts. There wouldn’t be the need for “drones” and for arbitrary arrests, kidnaps and torture of civilians. However, that is what the state does.

He also wants the President Museveni to be praised and getting his glory. Just as its the victims fault and their use of minds to explain the ill fortune. That they can spread the message about the human rights violation. The government spokesperson doesn’t want to take that into consideration the efforts of state and their ills. He just want the “good” but not take account for the “bad”.

The spokesperson calls it a coordinated effort and such. However, he speaks of respecting human life and democracy, but doesn’t want anyone to speak out of the violations of both. People are just supposed to be loyal crony like himself. The core credentials is a lie, because his achievements have been by the gun and not by the mercy of the people. Therefore, he cannot play this one out and believe his own words.

OO continues: “They continue to make the most horrendous allegations of what they christened ‘kidnaps’ rather than arrests. They have coined ‘forced disappearances of persons’ and not detention of violent criminal suspects accused of plotting heinous crimes of subversion, treason and spreading political terror to undermine civil governance” (OO, 15.02.2021).

This man rather make a mockery and attempt to justify arrests without any proper procedure. No warrants, no charges and no sentencing. That is cool, because the opposition cries ‘foul’ which is wrong. Since in his eyes they should just be silent and nod their heads to regime. These folks are not supposed to speak or even dare speak out of the ills of society. No, they are supposed to go silent to their graves and serve like he does.

Again, a government official is calling civilians criminal for political affiliation. Calling them terrorists for taking a stance and being part of political association. That shows how little the state care for “rule of law”. It is horrific to call out the ills, but they are at the same moment called “terrorist”. That is how this government is bargaining with its dissidents. This shows what sort of atrocities that is at stake.

He continues: In all these insidious schemes, NUP and their surrogates were bold enough to lay their plots in public view through intimidation, harassment, and physical assault of innocent citizens. Their initial plan was to intimidate voters not to turn out in large numbers on polling day so that NUP hooligans do whatever they wanted with balloting, counting, tallying and eventual results declaration, which the security forces effectively foiled. The current anger and frustration for being nipped in the bud has driven them to extreme desperation to the point they are willing to use vagabonds and criminals in adventurous ways to disrupt public order in the false belief they can win unchallenged. People with criminal intent must be told in clear terms that they will be tackled aggressively. NUP continues to hold a hostile posture in the public spaces, gullible mainstream media and social media cesspool to spread false and fake news” (OO, 15.02.2021).

Here we see again. The spokesperson is saying people are deliberately getting themselves into trouble and is doing it with criminal intent. It isn’t wrong of the state to do this dubious and violate their freedom, liberty and justice. The injustice and use of force to take away their freedom. It is the NUP’s fault and the victims are to blame. That is so typical… as the state is not to blame for its activity and its usage of weapons towards the unarmed.

Then he toys around with the sentiment and time, as people are just supposed to accept this vicious ways. The President and Security Organizations wicked ways and use of state apparatus to silence the opposition. While he calls them criminal and with that justifies the injustice. He calls the public gullible and mocks them for believing in the leaders. That is directly showing his disdain for the general public. That’s because the NRM doesn’t need them, but they need the armed force to continue to rule.

He ends with these words: “By donning the so-called bullet-proof vest whose efficacy was not proven, Kyagulanyi skillfully accomplished dark drama, like Dr Kizza Besigye and his infamous handcuffs. Having failed in an election they had billed as the waterloo for President Museveni, NUP and its insidious foreign backers including some diplomatic missions here, continue to frame an absurd narrative that Uganda is a criminal state spinning out of control” (OO, 15.02.2021).

What is really striking is saying that Bobi Wine and Besigye is actors with a political play. While not stating the reason for their actions. Not like the cars of these politicians has been attacked. That both have been close to assassinations. Not like the armed forces and police has used violent means on the campaign trail. No, the opposition have been able to travel across the Republic without any issues. No, they have not been close to live-bullets, ambushed, tear-gassed or even slept on the road-side, as the hotels was not open for them.

Well, the government spokesperson calls that democracy and “fair game” I suppose.

If Ofwono Opondo was the spokesperson in biblical time. He would have attacked the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. OO would have deemed him criminal and called him a “terrorist”. His disciples would have been a gang of crooks and their dogma was to cause “unrest”. OO would have said the stories of Jesus resurrecting and rising up from the dead as a “lie”. The spokesperson would have dismissed all believers and called them out for blasphemy. OO would have said that Jesus couldn’t have died on the cross, if he rose from the dead on the thrid day. That is the sort of man OO is.

He will not say it himself. Because that is tarnishing his life work and dedication to the throne. His the loyal subject and will defend anything for Museveni. All of his life has been in his hands and he will write it in blood if he has too. That is who he is and that is why we got to call him out for it and not accept his lies. Peace.

Drone Watch: The Police is serving a poor excuse of a meal on a plate [the food fell off actually]

Many of these vehicles are new and when they are being imported, they come with very small number plates fixed infront and sometimes they are not fixed in the hind part. At times those small plates fall off and you see them on the highway” – the acting Police Director in charge of Traffic ad Road Safety, Lawrence Niwabiine (15.02.2021).

The drones or the Panda Gari’s is ravaging the Republic. The state is getting scrutiny and public outcries. As civilians are taken by plained clothed individuals and taken into these “drones” to unknown locations, kept incommunicado and tortured at ungazetted “safe-houses”. This being done in “secret” by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) and other security agencies. The numbers of how many that is taken is fluid, as the state only drops a minor number, which isn’t reflecting the reality on the ground. Neither is the state account for the ones left for dead and deposed on field like slaughtered prey.

Therefore, the Police Director Niwabiine must think people are foolish, stupid and dumb. These sort of statements only shows their lack brightness. There is nothing smart about this. We know why it doesn’t have number-plates, because then they cannot be traced. It is not like the general public can get the Vehicle Indication Number (VIN) on the Chassis. That numbers is something the producer have and the possible importer for the vehicle book. However, the Niwabiine wants us really to believe this:

First ascertain(why the vehicle is numberless) because the owner cant carry it to the licencing authority for a new number plate.” (Niwabiine, 15.02.2021).

That he wants us to believe that is saying a lot. Because that means the car owner isn’t able to register as a person at Uganda Revenue Authority and also at the DT Regional Service centres. Where you drop the paperwork to prove your claim to the vehicle, paying the fees and showing the books on the vehicle. So, that the car can get registered and get its number plate.

What is also striking is that the common issues for used Toyota Hiace is thick white and grey smoke from the exhaust. Additional noise when the car decelerate. Another common defect is a shaking clutch. This happens sometimes when the car have issues during the start-up. There is also issues with Diesel engines not starting in hot weather. That is the heat-up stopping the ignition switch from turning. Last common issues with a Hiace is having trouble in cold mornings as the plugs are not working properly and struggling with the weather changes.

All of these are common issues from a reputable Japanese Car Exporter page (Carused.jp). There is nothing there about troubles or issues with number-plates. That shows the dishonesty. As we know perfectly well the drill and the reason behind the lack of number-plates.

The reason for no number-plate is that they don’t want traceability or ability to figure out where it has been. The “drone” can just be ghost appearing and leaving with its prey. There can be no direction or monitor of its movement. As the vehicle have no other sign or proof to be the same vehicle. Yes, people know the White Toyota Hiace and how it looks, but there could be several of these and doesn’t have to be a “drone”.

That is why the agents or law enforcement using these “drones” have kept them anonymous to ensure no-one can sport the right one or be sure that it is really a “drone”. That is how to mask yourself and keep it hidden. As the public cannot search for the VIN and surely they cannot have a hallmark to trace a car – the number-plate.

This secrecy is for a reason and also to strike fear into the people. As every-time they see a car that resembles the “drone”. They will worry and feel disdain. They know what happen to others and that’s why they will be frighten by just the outlook of having it in their streets. Because, they know how these cars are used and they are a tool for oppression, torture, kidnappings and even death. This is why people fear those cars.

The lack of number-plate is just a method to mask over and to not be able to find out the owner or placement of the set vehicle. Usually that is a trick of thieves and robbers, who doesn’t want to be captured and used by villains. Alas, this is used by state actors with ill intent to keep silent and not be able to find their ways. This is done to keep it under a wraps and terrorize the public as they see fit.

They are doing this deliberately now and now they are trying to downplay it. That is really disingenuous and insincere. The Police Force is also thinking the general public is stupid and that they will accept this reasoning. Just like they hope someone can red-tape it and call it a night. Peace.

Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde letter to the Electoral Commission – Re: Presidential Aspirat Consultations (28.02.2020)

The Cable Guy: The missing piece to why the Police Force couldn’t solve crimes

It seems like there is a reason why the Police Force cannot solve crimes. All along they never hired Jim Carrey or ‘The Cable Guy’ from 1996. He should really help the detectives, the police officers and every other agency in the Republic to solve the criminal activities there. His needed and that quickly.

This is since, the Police Force has claimed, when they get to study the tapes of the murder scenes and places where crimes where committed. They would able to solve these crimes. However, now as the murders are a week old and some are even older than that. Then, they are putting out a statement, that power outage and disruptions in fibre cables is the reason for their lack of possible leads.

Like, this is now UMEME Limited and Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL) fault, they are too blame for the power outages. While the National Information Technology Authority (NITA) and National Data Transmission Backbone Infrastructure and e-Government Infrastructure (NBI/ EGI) is to blame for the bad fibre optic cables, which is also causing issues for the CCTV cameras.

It is like its a acronym jungle, where the Police Force (UPF) is lost together with Internal Security Organization (ISO), the Flying Squad and the Cheiftain of Military Intelligence (CMI). Who knows whose else is missing. Because, the UMEME, UETCL, NITA and NBI/EGI is all screwing up. I am sure someone there, they can need the service of the Cable Guy.

They surely seems to need him now. If not, the Police Force wouldn’t come with a statement like this. Where they are pleading to the public, like a school-kid who couldn’t finish their homework on time and blaming the dog for eating the assignment. Because, that what they did. Instead, as professionals call the technician. Or is it their plea to get money so they can get service on their operation? Do the Police Force need supplementary funds and more funds for upkeep?

Seemingly, the UMEME, UETCL, NITA and NBI/EGI should be offended, but also defend their craft. We know the UMEME has often outages, but the Police Force should be able to cover tapes, angles and have safety batteries in their operational CCTV cameras. In this day and age, even fire-alarms and other installations like that has alarms that has batteries that last for days even without electricity. That is if, the state and its producers has built a well-functioning system. Especially, considering the knowledge of the common cold or the common black-outs.

That is really the magic trick here. It is a reason why many fuel power-generators to keep the business humming, even when the black-outs are appearing on the skyline and awaiting for the return of the Dark Knight. However, the Police Force isn’t prepared for villains nor heroes. Only to be silently idle and await their next happy hour.

That is why they are lonely and need a friend like the Cable Guy to save the day. He might even cover them with a free cable to save the next coming crime. Because, you invited him and befriended. He needs a companion and who better, than the lost in darkness, Police officers in the Republic. Peace.

Opinion: Lt. Gen. Tumukunde history of indiscipline and sackings!

Well, I had written another piece earlier today, after being criticised for lacking research on the Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde, whose has been taken out of action plenty of times and cried out for unfair treatment. His now changed from going for aspiring for Lord Mayor of Kampala in the up-coming election to now run for President. Because he does this, I will show some aspects of his past. Which the media and the ones paid to write, will not show. An some will say is unfair crtisicm, which it is not!

I got no loyalty to National Resistance Movement (NRM) nor Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). I look up and admire people like Dr. Kizza Besigye, but they doesn’t blind my critical vision. I have seen enough of what Brigadier Tumukunde has done over the years. People will say his a fine leader, why does he get sacked and called indisciplined all the time then, over the years?

Why was he so close to the Temangalo land scandal? Why was this great leader disgraced together with Gen. Kazini after his mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Also, why did he have a public spat with IGP Kale Kayihura for so long before being fired again in 2018?

Do you see what I did there?

Seeing the placement of certain activity, something that repeats itself, he was fired or sacked for his actions in 2003 and again in 2018. He has in the mean-time been charged, house-arrested and suddenly gotten hot-again; when he become political mobiliser in 2016 for the Presidential Campaign of Museveni.

So let me show you some sources to balance my claims!

Brig. Henry Tumukunde: Until recently, Tumukunde enjoyed all the trappings of the family rule. He is married to Stella Tumukunde, a cousin to Janet Museveni. Although he is now not on talking terms with his former boss, pundits say that Tumukunde is under rehabilitation and sooner or later he will bounce back. He once headed the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI)” (The Independent – ‘Museveni govt’s Family Tree’ 25.03.2009)

In 2000:

The ‘Sunday Vision’, said the leader of the mutineers, a certain Kitenge, was the former bodyguard of Nyamwisa. He and the other mutineers were flown to Kampala on Friday by the UPDF’s Chief of Military Intelligence Colonel Henry Tumukunde and “MONUC”. RCD-ML has been bedevilled with leadership wrangles in the past two months, forcing the party leader to seek reinforcements from the UPDF to quell rebellions” (IRIN News – ‘UPDF crushes yet another revolt in Bunia’ 04.09.2000).

In 2003:

A statement from State House later said that Museveni had also effected changes in other security agencies. He dropped the chief of his para-military Internal Security Organisation (ISO) spy agency, Brigadier Henry Tumukunde, and replaced him with his deputy, Elly Kayanja” (Spywar – ‘Uganda army commander sacked over DR Congo looting’ 06.06.2003).

In 2005:

Kampala — Brig. Henry Tumukunde not only violated army rules and regulations, but he also “talked too much,” the army has said. “For him to say the president must go! As a serving officer that does not concern him. He talked too much and broke army laws not once, not twice,” the UPDF and Defence Spokesman, Maj. Shaban Bantariza said yesterday” (Frank Nyakairu – ‘Uganda: Brig. Tumukunde Talked Too Much, Says Army’ 30.05.2005).

Ranking of Army leadership:

However, the UPDF chief political commissar, Col Felix Kulayigye, said Brig Tumukunde should not have expected to be promoted because he was on trial. “Did he expect to be promoted in 10 years of which eight he was on trial? Does he want to say that by the time he became brigadier, he was the most senior officer at that time?” Col Kulayigye asked” (Daily Monitor – ‘Tumukunde cries out on UPDF ranks’ 20.07.2013).

Tumukunde, was placed under house arrestand then later court martialled on allegations of making political statements in the media (after he appeared on a radio program), indiscipline and disobeying lawful orders contrary to the army code of conduct” (…) “Tumukunde was promoted in 2015 to the rank of Lieutenant General (by passing the rank of Major General) before being retired from the army, therefore allowing him to become a “political mobiliser”for the 2016 presidential campaigns” (Bore L, (2016).Army Representation in Uganda’s Multiparty Parliament – a critical review. CEPA Policy Series Papers Number 7 of 2016. Kampala).

In 2015:

In 2005 he was forcibly detained by troops led by General Kale Kayihura, now Inspector General of Police. Two years of extra-judicial house arrest continued until his eventual release and the dropping of charges. His rehabilitation was maybe not completely unexpected. His NRM and NRA history speaks for itself, and his wife Stella Tumukunde is a cousin of President Museveni’s wife Janet Museveni. Henry Tumukunde’s role is unclear, but includes managing the controversial ‘Crime Preventers’, a mass nationwide vigilante or community policing network. With their T-Shirts in National Resistance Movement yellow, their loyalty is clear” (Menas Associates – ‘Henry Tumukunde comes in from the cold as rehabilitated spy master’ 09.12.2015).

In 2017:

Tumukunde was convicted of the offense involving dishonesty or moral turpitude, thirdly, whether the appointment of Lt Gen. Tumukunde as the minister is a violation of Articles 80 (2) of the constitution and lastly whether the petitioner (Mr Kanti) is entitled to the declarations sought” (Anthony Wesaka – ‘Government defends Gen Tumukunde’s ministerial appointment’ 01.03.2017, Daily Monitor).

In 2019:

Watchdog Uganda understands that Kulubya failed the “PR” test four times and therefore has been served four publicity invoices amounting to Sh36 million. He published stories about Gen Henry Tumukunde planning to stand as Lord Mayor of Kampala which his bosses say were published to promote the general” (Lawerance Kazooba – ‘Kabushenga deducts Shs45 million from Vision Group editors for publishing Tumukunde, NWSC ‘PR’ stories’ 25.07.2019).

If you want a ghost-soldiering, spat-spewing and power-hungry man to be the Presidential Candidate, be my guest. Let the high ranking and former loyal subject Lt. Gen. Tumukunde be your guy. We can just wonder whose next to praise this man and follow the man.Who will blindy say his fitting leader and has the astounding record. If he had that, why has he had so many scandals behind him and been sacked for his actions? Why? That doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe to his clients and fans.

That is the track-record of this Lt. Gen. and it speaks for itself. Peace.

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