Kenya: Politicians should leave IEBC to do its work (03.02.2017)


Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu Press Statement on the Ongoing Mass Voter Registration Process (31.01.2017)


Press Statement by Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga: On NIS Interference in Voter Registration Activities (24.01.2017)


We have credible information that the National Intelligence Service (NIS) is once again heavily involved in the on-going voter registration with the aim of influencing results in August in the same way it did in 2007 and 2013.

NIS interference in the current voter registration involves taking BVR kits across our borders into Uganda and Ethiopia and assisting citizens of the two countries to register in a Kenyan election process. The agency is also assisting citizens of these neighbouring countries to acquire Kenyan identification documents then helping them cross into Kenya and register as voters.

The NIS is also interfering with the voter registration process by having youths whose data were collected through the dubious National Youth Service exercise over the last few years and registering them as voters, without their knowledge. This NIS-driven process is responsible for the multiple registrations, shared identity cards and many cases of people who are captured as registered when indeed they had never done so.

In the 2013 elections, NIS had its officers absorbed into the ranks of the IEBC as polling clerks and other strategic positions with the sole aim of helping Jubilee attain a dubious victory. In 2007, NIS was deeply involved in ballot stuffing among other irregularities to help the PNU win.

NIS must let the IEBC do its work as an independent institution. The intelligence agency must equally operate as a politically non-partisan and independent institution whose duty it is to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process and not interfere with it. It is a disgrace and a betrayal of public trust when an institution that is supposed to safeguard the interests of the nation take the lead in undermining those very interests. Interfering with the process through which our country determines its leadership is one of the most serious crimes a public institution and more so an intelligence agency can be involved in.

We wish to make it clear to the Director-General of the NIS Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru and the entire leadership of the agency that this country will never accept another NIS-led electoral theft. NIS will break down this nation and send it to the dogs, if it continues on this path of seeking to influence election results by way of fraud.

We challenge the NIS to come clean on this matter and assure the country that it is abandoning its disgraceful involvement in the voter registration. It must do this with the full awareness that there will be no country if it does not abandon course it is currently pursuing. Kenyans are not prepared to have the NIS choose for them their next leader again.

JANUARY 24, 2017

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KANU Statement that they are positive to a Opposition Alliance (11.01.2017)


Kenya African National Union, KANU supports the idea in its formative stage of opposition unity in that this and the resolve by opposition leaders to field one presidential candidate is a milestone for Kenya’s growing democracy.

However, the remarks made by Hon. Nick Salat, the Secretary General of KANU today at the Bomas of Kenya are his personal sentiments and do not reflect in any way the position of the party on the matter of an election coalition at this juncture.

KANU policies and decisions are guided by the party’s constitution which stipulates that such a decision must first be discussed by the supreme decision making organ of the party, the National Delegates Conference (NDC) upon a resolution.

Since the party has not convened the NDC as per the constitution to deliberate on this particular matter, the remarks by the Secretary General are therefore not official as they have not been subjected to the internal constitutional processes for ratification.

Kanu Chairman, Gideon Moi

The Kenya Human Rights Commission to Commence contempt Proceedings against Fazul Mohammed and the NGO Board (07.01.2017)


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CORD Statement: A Great Betrayal has been committed against Kenyans (06.01.2017)

Kenya Parliament

Our Parliament has witnessed some bizarre scenes and moments between 2013 and now. It has witnessed several attempts by the Jubilee regime to raid the constitution and overturn the will of the people for individual gain. It has witnessed blatant efforts to reintroduce dictatorship in the country in the name of giving the President power to fight insecurity. The list is long.

But the spectacle that began in the National Assembly during a special sitting late last month and ended in the Senate last night, count among the most bizarre. It stands out as a blatant willingness by the Jubilee regime to sell out the entire country for no reason other than the survival of the increasingly unpopular corruption-ridden government.

One by one, Jubilee senators, disregarding irregularities and illegalities in the process, cast their ballot for the Bill whose sole aim is to make it easy for the regime to allow underage and dead voters to cast their votes in addition to stuffing the ballot boxes in the elections slated for August 2017.

Jubilee committed a great betrayal on the people of Kenya last night in the same way it did last month in the National Assembly. Jubilee has disowned what was initially a bipartisan agreement that pulled us from the brink and turned it into a full-blown national and government crisis.

In its desperate bid to create opportunities to rig the election, Jubilee senators went as far as fraudulently casting votes using their nominated senators who had no authority from the elected senators to represent their respective delegations. During all the discussions in both the National Assembly and the Senate, Parliament was put under siege by the overwhelming presence of the Police and other security agencies whose purpose was to intimidate legislators into passing the laws under duress.

This is now a crisis because the people of Kenya are determined today more than ever to hold free, fair, transparent and credible elections the results of which will have to be verifiable.

We will respond to this betrayal of the people comprehensively, decisively and firmly. We therefore wish to announce that we have invited all our elected leaders; members of county assemblies, members of the National Assembly, senators, governors and women representatives both elected and aspirants on opposition tickets to a meeting next Wednesday, 11th January 2017 at the Bomas of Kenya to deliberate on the developments. At this meeting a critical decision will be taken and communicated to all Kenyans on our plans to deal with this betrayal of the people by Jubilee and ensure free, fair, transparent and credible elections in August 2017.






JANUARY 6, 2017