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Law Society of Kenya Statement on Dr. Miguna Miguna (27.03.2018)

The handling of Miguna Miguna at JKIA the last 48 hours: Shows direct impunity in action against their own citizen!


This sort of manhandling yesterday at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is showing how failed the state is, that the Kenyan Authorities does this to punish their own citizens. This isn’t funny, this isn’t something noble, this is utterly disrespectful. Even if you disagree with every word, Miguna Miguna has ever said. You wouldn’t wish this happening upon yourself. However, at this state of affairs. It might happen. Nobody is untouchable, and even with Orengo and Odinga at the JKIA, it didn’t solve anything. The Security Officials could toss Miguna around as if he was a bad bag of rotten rice.

This is the sorry state, the abolishment of Court Orders, the injustice and revoking of citizenship, which Miguna was born into. He is the victim of the swearing-in, while Odinga himself has had a golden handshake. Which has given legitimacy to Kenyatta and Ruto, but has not solved the political vacuum created by the Presidential Elections in 2017. They are just lingering and hurting, that is why they acted so swiftly at JKIA yesterday.

This isn’t beautiful, this is a farce, and a fracas, where the state has forgotten its principals. They are sending police officers to attack journalists who covers the return of their citizen; they are using the red berets to escort Miguna around. Really, nothing left to chance and proof that there double standards walking around.

With everything circling around, with the harassment, the deportation of Miguna in February, the hustle yesterday and the saga lingers on. The details is important, but the main fact of matter is, this is a Kenyan citizen, whose main thing was standing up against oppression and brutal regime, that has made him an outlaw for his political stance. That is what is insane; they are more active on his person, than on the actual terrorists and the ones skirmishing across the border. They are more left astray and in the blinds.

That the Department of Immigration says that Miguna today is not a Kenyan is rare moment of utter brilliance. Because if it was so, how come Miguna could be cleared to run as candidate for governor for Nairobi in the 2017 elections, if he wasn’t a citizen?

That is the juggernaut and the vindictive play of affairs, that the Department of Immigration, the Department of Justice or the Ministry of Interior cannot run away from. Since, they all accepted his candidacy and let him, while it was fun and games last year. But now they are playing defence and want him to submit files.

We are seeing a state that can muffle, silence and oppress its own, this time its Miguna, next time might be your brother or your sister. Not because I wish pain, but because, its either or. We cannot just await and think the judgment never happens to us. Because that is not true. Sooner or later, it hit us.

Right now, the one toyed around with and mocked is Miguna. He is insulted and violently addressed at JKIA. Like a foreign criminal entering Kenyan soil. Instead of being a citizen returning home. This shows how the Jubilee will intervene and attack its own. They are not spearing the efforts to undermine him. If they think this is smart, their game is undressed.

The Captain of the ship is steering into safe harbour, but creating a storm in a glass of water. Like that is something to be proud off! Congratulation, but thank you for the fish.

This saga is just sad, because is just show the state of viciousness and contempt for the rule of law. The lack of respect for citizenship and the state own treatment of its own. This isn’t a random foreigner caught with drugs or unlicensed guns at JKIA. It is just a returning citizen to his homeland. Nothing else, which is what, is so striking about it all. Peace.

Law Society of Kenya – Press Release (09.02.2018)

Maj. Gen. Dr. Gordon Kihalangwa the Director of Immigration Affidavit in ‘Miguna Miguna VS DPP/DCI/IGP Misc. Crim. App. No. 57 of 2018’ (09.02.2018)

IGP Joseph Boinnet Affidavit in the ‘Miguna Miguna VS DCI/IGP/DPP Misc. Crim. App. No. 57 of 2018’ (09.02.2018)

International Commision of Jurists – Kenyan Section: “Disregard of Court Orders by Public Officials” (07.02.2018)

Chief Justice David Maraga – The Judiciary: “Statement on failure to Comply with Court Orders” (07.02.2018)

NASA Statement: Which way Kenya? People’s Roadmap to Electoral Justice and Just Government (07.02.2017)

CS Fred Matiangi – “Declaration under Section 43 of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act 2011, Laws of Kenya” (06.02.2018)

Aye Aye Captain Kenyatta: So Miguna Miguna is now overboard?

This is the case of magic, the case of arrest that doesn’t make sense and shows that the government has no initial control. The State House should be shaking and an earth quack. This make the Presidency and government looks like drunk seafarers. Like pirates who has taken their loot and now is throwing the greedy guts overboard. Aye Aye Captain?

He was taken from his house on 1st February with a warrant written by Joseph Gichuki, where the police bombed and raided his house. Thereafter people have wondered about where he was and the case has prolonged since. The problem has been about producing him the courts. While his charges was not even made before days after the arrest.

On the 2nd February the first Court Order was out and even the bail of 50k shillings was in place. As his case was supposed to heard on the 5th February at the High Court. This order was made by Justice James Wakiaga. A Court Order that hasn’t mattered to the state. A bail for Miguna that was paid for nothing and was just a ploy.

People had already been looking for Miguna Miguna. The team of NASA has followed cars and tried to track his whereabouts without any luck.

Also in the same madness we had: “Honourable Edwin Mulochi sitting in Kajiado Law Courts has directed that Miguna Miguna be brought before Justice Luka Kimaru before 3.30pm. The IG and DCI must comply with Orders made by the High Court” (Nelson Havi, 06.02.2018). There was also ordered yesterday on 5th February 2018 for a Court Order that DCI Kinoti and IGP Boinnet together with the lawyers representing Miguna showing up at Milimani Courts, this after an application made on the 2nd February. That he was ordered there to today.

There was a third order from Justice Luka Kimaru, who ordered the DCI Kinoti and IGP Boinnet to produce him before the High Court by 7PM on the 7th February. All Courts against Miguna was suspended by this order until he was produced there. Now as the second Court Order, not that the government cared about the Judiciary. Also in the Court Order from Kimaru today, all other cases in other Courts was suspended until he was produced in the High Court. That was the move that shake the system.

So everyone has sent between the Courts of Kajiado, Milimani and the High Court. This is three courts who worked on the same case and proceedings of Miguna Miguna. The NRM General and the man who happen to be on stage with Odinga on the 30th January 2018.

When you read this, you wonder how the hell can it be like this just in a few days, with all these court orders and the supposed charges and everything. Suddenly, after not able to produce Miguna in Court on the 5th, 6th and tomorrow on the 7th February 2018. All of this has squandered away and has been wasted time.

So today on the 6th February, there are now initial reports that Miguna was deported on a KLM flight to Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. So the Kenyatta presidency is so afraid of this man, that they first keep him arrested illegally for days and suddenly deports him illegally too. Their case for doing so is basis of dual-citizenship. Clearly, they are now endangering all citizens who got that. Because, they have shown that Miguna, that their Kenyan Citizenship doesn’t have any value. But hey, others has lost their passports and such. So if your on the wrong side of Kenyatta, expect to feel full retribution.

If the State House thinks this was a wise move, the President must be drinking something with more alcohol that tea and water. He must have his gin and juice or something else. Because this whole affair makes the Kenyans look foolish and loss of sense of criminal justice. When the state is using the system to oppress and misuse their powers. Policing in politics, instead of actual crimes. Criminals walking free, while the politicians are the target. That is the proud police state Kenyatta is having and wants apparently.

I think Kenyatta has to do a dab, he has to speak to his people and explain the recent events. Instead of living lavish in his 700 million palace in the area nearby the State House. So he can explain the reasons for the deportation. The reasons for the loss of rights and the current attack on media, judiciary and basic freedoms. But the drunk captain won’t or can’t, he is using his minions in the Ministry of Interior. Surely they are just minions who can do whatever.

This sort of acts will be remembered, this sort of acts with all the extra-judicial killings before the General Elections of 2017. Will always be remembered, because their legacy of the fallen will be there. Even if they cannot speak, the ones who remembers them, will take them beyond their graves. They might seem forgotten, but if their great, they will be remembered like Tom Mboya. Therefore, that Jubilee reckless behavior towards Chis Msando, Josesph Nkaissery and Jacob Juma. The likes of those will not be forgotten.

Also the ill treatment of Miguna will be remembered now. It is a stain, a voice that will be heard. They have made him a martyr, a breathing martyr by deporting him. The NRM General still has a place, though not in Kenya or in the Courts. But when he returns that might happen. However, who will stupid enough to make him a martyr twice?

Unless, your a drunk proud captain, who is not considering anything else than your power above all else. Peace.

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