Oyam North By-Election: The sons are here to inherit the earth…

“Now the Lango cultural leaders under the leadership of the Paramount Chief Yosam Odur want the vacant Oyam North constituency seat to be reserved for the family of the late Engola” (…) ”Robert Ajal, the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation came up with the motion of fronting a family member for the Oyam North parliamentary seat during a cabinet meeting. “We should consider a possibility of being replaced by his son in parliament. We implore government to do proper investigation and get us information before the burial,” Ajal said. Dr. Christopher Oleke, the Deputy Awitong of Otikokin clan, also emphasizes that picking one of the late Engola’s children to help complete his term in parliament will be such a great gift to the family in his memory” (Charity Akullo – ‘Lango wants late minister Engola replaced by son in Parliament’, 08.05.2023, KFM.Co.Ug).

In the 11th Parliament there is clearly a sentiment that is set. This happened in Omoro County By-Election and in Serere County By-Election. Both the sons of the late Members of Parliament was elected.

In Omoro County the President designated and ordered everyone else to back down for the son of the late speaker and MP. While in Serere County the National Resistance Movement (NRM) went with another candidate, but the constituents elected the son on a independent ticket.

Now in Lango Sub-Region and in Oyam North By-Election the cultural chiefs and leaders are now wanting the same fate. They want to ringfence the MP position to the family of Charles Engola. These leaders want another son to takeover from the late father. It is keeping the MP in the family.

Though after two recent elections, I would think the NRM should go for the former UPC and Independent Charles Krispus Ayena. While the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) should or could have Eunice Apio. However, that is up for the UPC Primaries.

This will be battle between the NRM and UPC. These are the two parties that have held offices and gotten elected in Oyam North before. Therefore, the other parties have little to no favours here. Alas, they can field candidates, but I doubt they will get any traction. Unless, they have a magnificent character out of leftfield.

The NRM will now feel the pressure, as they cannot go after the second-best option. They got to either stick with nepotism and heirloom. If not they are risking it by doing the same as they did in the Serere County By-Election. Where the was calls for the same, but they instead went for a NRM Primaried candidate. Which after Party Laws are legit but wasn’t beloved or the one the constituents wanted.

This race is already panning out and the Electoral Commission haven’t even announced the roadmap to the elections. We knew this was bound to happen, but it certainly becomes interesting when family matters are put into the mix. Peace.

Oyam North By-Election: Who will takeover after the late Charles Okello Engola?

The unfortunate death of the State Minister and MP of Oyam North, Charles Okello Engola has some consequences. First it is opening up a seat in Parliament and a Ministerial post. What will happen in the first few day, there will be plans for burial and proceedings concerning the later Minister. That is just the way these things goes, and as early as the burial is over. The plans for the seats and the offices are getting prepared. Meaning a By-Election and an appointment of a new State Minister in his stead.

Just like he goes from being a minister, he is becoming a former minister and ex-MP in the afterlife. That’s why someone will takeover his office in the cabinet and another person will takeover the seat in Parliament. This is why because of the unfortunate there will be a new By-Election.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) would do whatever it takes to retain the seat and command dominance of the North. They want to have a grand majority and want to win By-Elections. The NRM will use the state machinery and all of their tools. This means the army, police and all the intimidation will be in order. Also, in addition voter tourism, bribes and other means to prepare a victory for themselves. They would also “pre-tick” ballots and toy around Returning Forms just to “win”. So, don’t expect fair game.

What I do expect now is that the Independent Charles Krispus Ayena might vie for the NRM seat. As he was the biggest independent candidate in 2021 elections. He also came in second in the 2016 elections as a UPC candidate. Maybe even Dilla Benson would like to try and get ahead. Since he has tried to get elected as LC5 in the 2021 elections.

The Uganda People’s Congress should field a candidate in this race and should have a fair chance here. They are already elected in other parts Oyam District and UPC has a stronghold in the North. That is not only historically, but also by default in the recent elections. We can wonder if Eunice Apio wants to be the UPC candidate again.

In the last two general elections the other parties didn’t field candidates. There was only other independents. These didn’t fare well in the races. They only got scraps or bare minimum. Therefore, the ideas that an Independent candidate will get the cake is ridiculous. Especially, knowing how heavy artillery and machinery the NRM puts forward in a By-Election.

The UPC is the only party here who has a shot. The others are only fools hope. The NRM wants to retain it, but will they go for the likes of former UPC like Ayena or go for a leader like Benson.

The UPC will have it hard, but this one would be possible to crack. Especially, if they field someone within reason and maybe even the same as in 2021. Apio might have a shot, but we never know. She got 17,000 and Engola got 22,000. Time will tell, but this is now mere speculations.

As a By-Election is coming and it will be between the NRM and the UPC. Peace.

Uganda: Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development – Statement on the Tragic Incident Involving the Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations Col. Charles Okello Engola Macodwogo (02.05.2023)

A Minister died for a lack of paying his bills…

“A military bodyguard has run ‘amok’ and shot dead a boss, a State Minister at that, in Kyanja, Nakawa Division, Kampala this morning. The guard later fired several rounds of ammunition in the air and later shot himself (dead). All this happened this morning” (Red Pepper Uganda, 02.05.2023)

“Initial reports indicate that Charles Okello Engola was stepping out of his home, heading to work when one of his bodyguards shot him dead. The bodyguard then started roaming the neighbourhood while continuing to shoot in the air. He eventually retreated to a nearby salon, ordered the people cowering inside to leave before he turned the gun on himself. Witnesses claim that the soldier was yelling that he had not been paid for a long time despite working for a minister” (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Bodyguard shoots Minister Engola dead, turns gun on self’ 02.05.2023, Nile Post).

Today was the final day of State Minister Charles Engola. A man who has been a Member of Parliament since 2016 and been a Junior or State Minister ever since. The man who Represented Oyam North has been a loyal National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP and served the government over the years.

In his last term he was appointed as the State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial relations. Before that he was the State Minister of Defence in the 10th Parliament. Therefore, he was a well-versed person and had connections to the high above.

That’s why it’s tragic that a man who was an elected official for all these years. He has been elected to local government, all the way back to 2006 and only aimed for Parliament in 2016. This man had achieved a lot and gotten ahead over the years.

When you know all of this and see what is happening. You just know it’s tragic. A man who had the world and who ate from the finer things. A man who had connections and held a high office. He just got greedy and stopped paying the ones surrounding him.

The State Minister could most likely not phantom this or consider this to happen to him. He thought it would have no consequences, as a high ranking official and respected individual could get away with it. It was a decision he made and ensured the troubles of his body-guard. A man who had weapons and knew about his whereabouts. That was the man that he decided not to pay.

It is like the State Minister didn’t learn from history. The hired guns turn on you… when you don’t pay them. That what happened to Rome and now happened to Charles Engola.

Just read this statement from Uganda Police Force:

“The territorial police in Kampala Metropolitan, is actively investigating the tragic murder by shooting of the Hon. Minister of State for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Hon. Rtd. Col. Charles Okello Engola, by his home bodyguard, identified as Pte. Wilson Sabiiti, which occurred at the Minister’s home in Kyanja, on the 2.05.2023 at around 9am. The bodyguard fired multiple shots at close range and killed the Hon. Minister as he was entering in his official vehicle. He died at the scene. The suspect also shot and wounded the ADC, Lt. Ronald Otim, before fleeing to Kyanja trading center on foot, where he entered into a salon and shot himself dead” (UPF, 02.05.2023).

Just imagine, as the State Minister was about to go about his day and do his duties. His guard came to him and shot him. That’s how brutal and how hopeless the situation is. As a man only see it fit to kill someone, because your in a dire situation. The guard has gone for a long time without pay and certainly needs to pay to live. While he see the lavishness and the riches of the State Minister. The man he guards who is living large cannot pay the shillings it costs to take care of his security. Than you know there is misgivings and trouble ahead. The man who carried arms and secured your whereabouts. That man you decided not to pay.

It is just tragic. An unfortunate incident and manslaughter. A death that could have been avoided. An unnecessary one, that could have been stopped and the State Minister could have ensured payments on time. However, that wasn’t a priority and it cost his life. Peace.

Opinion: Brig. Deus Sande follows a long line partisan army commanders

“They will not hand over power to ideologically bankrupt Politicians” – Brig. Deus Sande

There been so many National Resistance Army (NRA) Generals who has dismissed the opposition. That Sande is going after the National Unity Platform (NUP) and Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

The Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) is supposed to be non-partisan. However, they tend to usually sway in favour of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The army is working for the ruling regime and the President. That the will never hand over to anyone who they doesn’t deem fit. Usually they dismiss the opposition in a heart beat.

The Army Commanders and Officers also intimidate and say they will ensure the continuation of the Republic. The UPDF will never leave the Presidency to a doctor or a colonel. This they used to say about Dr. Kizza Besigye. He was never enough or good enough. He was an upstart and not even a good medic. A person who would never be the commander-in-chief of the army.

When they do that Besiye. How do you expect they react to a musician like Bobi Wine? Expect them to just give way and not speak out. These people are used to it and has done so for over a generation.

That is why there been countless of high ranking officials within the UPDF who has dismissed the opposition and their leaders over the years. The same with former Generals who are serving in the Cabinet and who are “elected” Members of Parliament (MP), which are there too. They are all doing the same as Sande.

It is not like his alone in this and speaking out like he did. No, his one out of plenty. There been so many saying these things. That it’s not shocking anymore, but more ordinary fashion from the NRA Historicals, UPDF Commanders and retired army commanders appointed to high ranking roles within the NRM. They are always throwing shade and saying they would never accept a civilian or somebody who is not anointed by them.

Now they are going after Bobi Wine and NUP. In the past it would be the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Besigye. However, we are in 2020 and Bobi Wine is the main target. Peace.

Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF): Operation to pursue escapees from Singila Government Prison in Moroto (17.09.2020)

Opinion: The UPDF is untouchable in the eyes of the President (!)

f you are not working for the enemy, you cannot go on the social-media and demand that we publish the names of the personnel of UPDF, their ranks and their jobs. The only thing we can say and what you know is that recruitment into the Police and UPDF is by quota. Beyond that, leave our Army alone and I mean, leave our Army alone”Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (03.09.2020).

In the response the President wrote today. He addressed a lot of matters. That is why I am making a second post on it. This time about the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) or the Army. We are seeing how the President is defending it. As there been inquiries and questions about how the army is a “western” Ugandan enterprise filled with high ranking officials from there. This is something Museveni doesn’t want to properly address.

I’m not shocked he is dismissing it. That his calling people enemies for doing so. Because, if the UPDF isn’t filled with loyal cadres. He would be frightened, as his popularity in the public is frail over the years. The President needs the army and armed forces, because the public isn’t behind him anymore. That is why the President doesn’t accept accountability or transparency in concern with the UPDF.

Coming to the Armed Forces, especially the Army, my advice to all of you, is that leave your Army out of that nonsense. The NRA, the UPDF are Armies of sacrifice, all the time for no pay or low pay. They (we) put their lives on the line. Therefore, leave UPDF out of the circus of sectarianism. Fighters, real fighters, never have interests in tribes or religious sectarianism; but in comrade-in-arms” – Museveni (03.09.2020).

Because, we know the UPDF have a history of selective recruitment and promotions. If the President wanted to be against sectarianism and be open to all tribes of the Republic. There wouldn’t be an issue, if it wasn’t something there.

This has been known for a long while… the UPDF and the army is filled high ranking officials from Western Uganda. That is not just mere speculation, but facts at this point. If it wasn’t so, the President would say so. However, he doesn’t want people to question the reasons for it.

He wants the people to accept it and leave it alone. It is wrong to look into the armed forces and its structure. That shows that the President fears scrutiny and transparency about this. He wants to stop questions and silence it.

The president knows his only way to keep power is having the loyalty and the control of the army. If he looses that at this point…. he will loose power and it will end his reign. The President needs the soldiers, generals and armed forces all behind him. He needs to have their backs and not loose them.

That is why the President doesn’t want anyone to look into the army and what it does. The UPDF is therefore untouchable… at least in the eyes of the President. However, that is not good. As the UPDF should defend the territory and its citizens. Not be a weapon of intimidation or tactics to scare the public. It is there to defend them.

If the President is that defensive and scared of looking into the army. You know his in trouble and worried about the truth. He should be open, transparent and accountable about it. Alas, his not, because he knows… as we know that its not run like it should. Peace.

Opinion: Why does the NRM have the need to create a war-zone over a by-election?

You can wonder, what sort of lack of talent, integrity and trust in your own population, when you have enforce the crowds, when you have to hire and order the army, military police and the police to a district where a by-election is appearing. You just know that the ruling regime suck at electioneering and also coming with solutions, as their final nail in coffin is to send guns, ammunition and a doze of fear. Because that is the way to sway the public a day ahead of the polls.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) have no legitimacy and not transparent activity, they only have the methods of fear and bribes, and there is no policy or no person who’s trustworthy enough to not use the military to intimidate. Because this party has to use guns and ammunition to prove a point. Not try to come with reason or common sense, now you come like an invader and ready for warfare.

You could wonder if there was an election or if the place was under siege, if the NRM and the government was awaiting unknown militias or ghosts of the LRA at Rukungiri. They have done similar things in other by-elections. So they are at it again.

This isn’t breaking news, it is not shocking, it is the only way these fellows and this party can handle affairs. They can only order and hire guns, not talk or do business in other ways. It is special that a by-elections for one MPs to a Parliament is that important, that you have to use all parts of the Security Organizations and beat the message of insecurity to these levels. That the By-Elections looks like Mogadishu, because that is favourite scenery of the President.

There is no common sense in this by-election, only that the NRM are trying to grab a whole of something by any means without any proper justification and reason. It is like they have to grab the people with fear, because they know by this point, they have no solid reason for their existence. There isn’t any progress, anything visible or viable approach for them. It is only empty suits and presidential handshakes.

That is not a good look, when your been running the republic for over three decades. That you have to send the military to install fear to sway voters. That is just sinister, but also show the lack of respect from the rulers, that they are instead of being tolerable and understanding, they are coming with the big-guns and expect submission.

By doing so, the NRM are showing they have already lost. The plot doesn’t’ thickens, it is just weak mediocre soup with very little or no meat, just boiled water on stones added some spices to funk the soup up. When everyone knows it is paper-thin and not really tasty. That is the reality in this mess. Every party knows this. However, they try to act differently.

It is not working, how weak is your message and faith in your programs, that your sending the army to get people into submission? How little policies and little benefits have you given the public over the years, which you have to send guns to get them over to your side.

It is insulting, but that is the M.O. of the NRM. They are insulting people’s intelligence and their goodwill, they are insulting the barriers of trust and accountability, they are just eating and hoping no-one cares, but apparently they do. If not, they wouldn’t need to invade the Rukungiri district ahead of the polls tomorrow. Peace.

Museveni: If your are against tribalism in the UPDF; Why do you appoint mostly from Western then?

It is weird, but when it comes to President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his words today. Has he checked his appointments and the people around him. He has a hankering for getting people from the Western Uganda, especially the ones in and around Rukungiri, where your are doling monies these days, as your trying to capture a By-Election for Woman’s MP slot. Museveni, is really trying to show his integrity. However, his actions are talking louder, than his words. First his wanted message from the rallies today, then his real aspirations.

M7 in Rukungiri:

I have heard some people using sectarian sentiments to campaign in Rukungiri. These should be rejected. The NRM decided long ago that tribalism does not build institutions. For example, you cannot recruit an army based on tribalism. It is on the basis of building a national army devoid of tribalism that we have the peace we enjoy today. This peace has resultantly led to sustainable development in terms of roads, electricity, schools and hospitals” (Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, 28.05.2018).

Nilepost reported in December 2017:

Armed Forces. Four-star generals: On analyzing of the 9 highest-ranking UPDF personnel it was established that Western region has 6 (67%) trailed by Central, Eastern and Northern with 1 each, constituting 11%. Lieutenant Generals: Of the 6 examined, 2 were from Eastern Uganda with the other regions sharing one apiece. Major Generals: In examination of the 16 major generals, it was revealed that Western region had 11 (69%), Eastern and northern stood at 2 (13%) and Central with 1 (6%). Brigadiers: In terms of regional distribution, Western region stands higher with 27 (53%), followed by Central 10 (20%), Northern 8 (16%) and Eastern which has 6 (12%)” (Nilepost – ‘Report: Western region dominates jobs in army, police, foreign missions’ 14.12.2017).

Let me just say, again Museveni is all talk, but not acting. Its his twisted tongue and his words that doesn’t make sense. If he was against tribalism, he wouldn’t favor the Western in the armed forces. That is insane to say, as the same stats are in the rest of the government, the appointed and hired are from the region. In dozens compared to the rest of Uganda. It happens to be from the area and the districts around Rukungiri.

So Museveni, maybe you should come with a better sentiment, something that would mirror reality. Like the actual truth for ones. That would be fine. Because this sort of article or blog, is to damn easy to write these days.

Museveni, Mr. President if your campaigning and not thinking the bribing, the sudden need to give to Rukungiri, because of the popularity of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate in the area. Then, you should actually come with speeches where the facts and reality are fitting as a glove. Right now your sending out doves and instead of feeding them, your taking out your shot-gun and blowing them to smithereens, it is like he doesn’t understand the reality.

The reality is that his government is directly a tribal affair, which he has sanctioned and done all this decades. There is only the paid-off and the loyally bribed cronies from the other parts, but the key allies are all Western Ugandan based people. Therefore, him saying NRM decided long ago to counter that, he hasn’t really done so. Its still clear that the key figures and the ones highest up the food-chain are from Western Uganda.

You might lie to the blind sheep, but not to my kind.

Tribalism is rampant in the UPDF and the NRM hasn’t really fought this. Except with a twisted tongue and an excuse of a mind, which happens to be the President.


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