Tanzania: Freeman Mbowe is not a terrorist…

The saga involving the Chadema national chairman, Mr Freeman Mbowe, took a new turn yesterday when the police said it was holding the opposition leader for questioning over allegations of terrorism and a plot to kill government leaders. The police said in its statement yesterday that Mr Mbowe was being held in connection with the allegations that were also made against six other people who have already been arraigned in court in court” (Evarist – ‘Chairman Freeman Mbowe Held On Terrorism, Assassination Consipracies’ 23.07.2021, Kimataifa.com).

The authorities and the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) leadership is clearly out of bound and not checked in with reality. As they have through the politicised courts charged CHADEMA Chairman Freeman Mbowe for terrorism. That happened after his arrest on the 21st July 2021.

He was charged with terrorism. His lawyers haven’t been able to see and neither has anyone in his family. They wanted to see him at the Police Station and deliver food to him. However, that has been reported as impossible by the Serengeti Post yesterday.

Today, there is reports that his abducted to an unknown location and nobody knows where he is. The Police and the Authorities has dispatched to an unknown cell or dungeon. Just like they have done to government critics, journalists and civic activists in the past.

Mbowe only wanted a revision and question the current day Constitution. That is not a danger to society and neither the supposed mission to change the laws. The laws that is now used against him. The same laws the CCM has countless of times changed to help their stranglehold on the state and utter total control of opposition. Which is why these actions are legal to do, but that doesn’t justify it…

This is a clear indication of the a tyranny under CCM. That they can use these sort of allegations without any evidence. Just like the money-laundering charges on dissidents and journalists in the past. They are using same means now at Mbowe. It is tragic… but the CCM isn’t stopping itself.

This is a game of intimidation and silencing the opposition. Taking a leader of the opposition and making an example of him. There is nothing else to it. The CCM cannot handle the opposition and its easier to make them criminal, than actually having someone questioning their reign. Peace.

Tanzania: The crackdown on the opposition continues(!)

The new President Samia Suluhu and the ruling regime under Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is continuing using the authorities against the opposition parties and their leaders. This is just days after the report of 300 Bavisha (CHADEMA Youth Council) members was arrested with their interim leader at a hotel. They were planning to hold a political symposium and that was clearly a crime in the United Republic.

Today, the authorities are going for the main party leadership of CHADEMA. Again is Freeman Mbowe and 10 other leaders arrested for having a Political Forum on Constitutional Changes . This is also clearly a crime and punishable by the state.

So, now the BAVISHA and CHADEMA has been directed targeted…. This is not shocking, but a continued spiral of the one-party state and its moves to crackdown on the opposition. The laws under former President Magufuli made it even worse for anyone to organize, run a party or have the ability to politically operate as an opposition. That space and those laws has been helpful for the current President.

She is using the same means and there is no end. The CCM wants to be known for arresting and silencing its detractors. The dissidents and the ones who dares to question the regime is quickly in trouble. If it is free and fair reporting, trolling online or just political activism. All of that can easily send you too the slammer.

Now, the CHADEMA and BAVISHA been directly targeted and gotten huge arrests. Which just shows that the CCM is the CCM, no matter who is the Head of State. Peace.

Tanzania: Chadema’s Youth Council (Bavisha) leaders arrested today

The oppression of the opposition continues in the United Republic of Tanzania. The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) continues its use of authority and the state to stop the opposition from holding meetings or symposiums.

Today the Bavisha or the CHADEMA’s Youth Council was supposed to hold a Symposium at Boma’s Hotel. The police arrested Acting Secretary General of Bavicha Yohana Kaunya, Twaha Mwaipany and Father Bishop Emmaus Mwamakula.

The police is disrupt the assembly and that’s what they can do. As the restrictive rules and regulations of opposition parties. This is not thing new and making most of the acts of the opposition easily illegal. Therefore, this isn’t shocking, but a part of pattern of the state.

Nobody should be shocked. The CCM at this stage is just holding alive the same rules and restrictive regulations to totally control the opposition parties. That’s how the police can disrupt a Youth Council of CHADEMA and arrest their leaders.

This is not the first time or the last time this will happen. As long as the CCM has supreme power they will do this and its their modus operandi. Peace.

Opinion: Deo Sanga MP mentally prepares the public for a third term for Magufuli

According to Sanga, the house needed to remove the term limits and ‘force’ Magufuli to rule beyond the two term limit put in place by the Tanzanian constitution. “Mtu huyu amefanya kazi kubwa kwa miaka mitano iliyoisha na mipango ya mitano inayokuja,” Sanga said. “Ombi langu hapa ndani, atake asitake, tumuongezee muda.” (This man has done a lot of work in the past five years and has a lot of plans for the next five, my request is, whether he likes it or not, let’s add him more time.)” (ZuriMedia – ‘Another Museveni? Tanzanian MPs Reveal Plan To ‘Force’ Magufuli To Rule Indefinitely’ 06.02.2021).

It is not long ago since the sham and rigged elections of October 2020 in favour of President Joseph Magufuli. He is now on his second term as the President of the United Republic of Tanzania. In a republic where his party rules supreme. The Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) have all control and can easily change laws in his favour. So, don’t be shocked if during this tenure that the CCM will amend the Constitution and ensure Magufuli more terms.

President Magufuli is the character to make this happen. A man who doesn’t want any critics or real opposition. A man who wants to control all speech, articles, radio-programs and statistics. A man who wants to control the internet, all broadcasts and all content online. That is the sort of man Magufuli is. Not even statistics is out of bound and got to get vouched for before it is published.

So, in this regard… don’t be shocked if there will be Constitutional Amendments made in a fashion. Where loyal MPs are bound together, because they want the best for the Republic. These MPs want to serve and secure Tanzania. The MPs are privately supporting and ensuring a prolonged reign of Magufuli.

This will be the will of Magufuli, but he will use the MPs as pawns. They are just doing it on their own and not directly by him. Even if its beneficial for him and his cause. That Magufuli can get a third or a fourth term. Maybe even a fifth or a sixth term. Magufuli can even become the personification of the state. That is just the next step ahead.

The likes of Deo Sanga is just useful idiots who serves a purpose. Another crony and “yes-men” to serve his master. Sanga might think of himself as a leader, but in reality in this manner… his just a sheep following his shepherd.

I wouldn’t be amazed if this happen in the coming years and well in reach of the next election. Everything is centring around Magufuli already. That is why his hometown Chapto is such a development bonanza too. All things pins to Magufuli and it will not be less of that. He is the next President for Life. The signs are all there.

The way he has tormented the opposition, civil society and the press. Its all signs of what to come. This man will hold a stranglehold of the state and will cling to power until his last breath. This man enjoys power and the perks he get with it. There will be nothing stopping him. Especially, when most of the opposition is in trouble or can’t keep him accountable. This President will not stop.

It helps his ego that the types of Sanga vouches for him and praises him. That just gives him more reasons to do it. When more and more MPs will say it and even write the amendments. Expect it too happen. At this point, it is just a matter of time. Peace.

Opinion: Magufuli is spreading fear, because he don’t want to be accountable…

You should stand firm. Vaccinations are dangerous. If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, he should have found a vaccination for Aids by now; he would have found a vaccination of tuberculosis by now; he would have found a vaccination for malaria by now; he would have found a vaccination for cancer by now” – President Joseph Magufuli (26.01.2021)

This week… again. President Joseph Magufuli came out against Western powers and attacked the vaccines. It is a miracle how this man became a doctor at one point. I would think a man who became an engineer had some marbles. However, Magufuli is a lost cause.

We know that Magufuli cannot stomach criticism and publications questioning him. Everyone is supposed to praise him and give him complements. People are supposed to be “Yes Men” and soothsayers. President Magufuli rather wants to massage his own ego, than actually do something good.

A man who said God is the defence against Coronavirus or COVID-19. A man who stopped the counting and the accountability of the COVID-19 response. The President have instead stopped all of that and only the Catholic Church has called out in fear. As the Tanzanian President he should know better, but his ego is too big for his office.

Magufuli should know that the people are already taking vaccines tuberculosis vaccines. The World Health Organization/UNICEF is already given 90% of all newborn children in Tanzania with the BCG vaccine, which works against the tuberculosis. Therefore, the President is lying for his own ego.

Just to prove the President a point, government policies in concern to vaccines is already given to the general public towards the diseases like tetanus, diphtheria, polio, measles & rotavirus. So, it is not like the Tanzanian government isn’t doing this already.

The state have already the blocked the release of COVID-19 disease outbreak. The idea of how big, how many or the contagious spread in the United Republic. The novel coronavirus could be at any extent. As we only know about the ones crossing the borders to other countries. Like the ones travelling to Europe after being on vacation in Tanzania. Therefore, the President is lying about the existence. The Republic is doing the citizens a disfavour to continue this practice. Instead of looking into its eyes and challenging it heads-on. They are instead more focused on the number one individual.

President Magufuli matters more than his citizens. He rather lie and risk lives, than being a responsible representative and a head of state. As a Head of State he rather lie and tell frightening stories. The President incites fear for vaccines. When ironically, all newborn is already taking vaccines.

The new vaccines isn’t perfect, neither is the old ones either. There will be side-effects and fault-lines, but they are still tested. There is a reason for all the technicalities in the production and the roll-out of it.

It is tragic that one man rather be high on his own supply…. Than taking a life-line and help to save people’s lives. He rather stand by his words and be the big-man, instead of actually doing his job. Peace.

Tanzania: Lissu back in exile is a sign of Magufuli’s vengeance …

That CHADEMA leader Tundu Lissu returned to exile after the election this year is a sign of the brutal reality. It is a sign that everything isn’t good in the United Republic of Tanzania. The ones following it knows the election was heist of the ruling regime and the incumbent President Joseph Magufuli. Who rigged the polls before with de-registering opposition candidates, ticked-off ballots and direct intimidation. The results doesn’t reflect the will of the people, but the will of Magufuli.

The use of criminal proceedings and use of the law against the opposition is an open shop for police brutality and political prisoners. These people are taken in and arrested for their affiliation and that that they dare to challenge the system. This is why they are arrested, detained and charged on phony counts of crimes. Usually the types where there is no bail and the state can keep them indefinitely.

President Magufuli must be proud of himself. Arresting activists and leaders of the opposition. Ensuring the ones who has the ability will seek refuge elsewhere. Because they know the President and his folks comes with a vengeance. They are not looking for mercy or redemption. No, they are aiming at the heart and will punish you.

President Magufuli will talk of order, rule of law and democracy. Even though he knows his lying and misusing his office. The President knows perfectly well what he has done and ordered. Gotten the fixers, the mechanics and everyone who needs to get things in the right order. Because, that is what he has done.

It is a reason why former Opposition MP flees to Kenya and why Lissu flees back to Europe. They went into campaigns hoping to challenge and go against the mighty CCM. However, the CCM isn’t playing and they are not doing anything with sense. No, it is battle of control and showing fierce force. Not showing tolerance or openness. If so, the elections, campaigns and laws ahead of the campaigns would be like they are. The civil society and opposition parties space has already been shrink and they have less mobility without the acceptance of some sort of authority. The same is with the media, social media users and whatnot. Everyone needs to follow the President and whatever inklings he has. And never ever ever think to insult his character or his achievements. Because, Magufuli is the greatest man since Christ.

That is the sadness of it all. That the biggest competitor and supposed challenger needed to flee to exile to be safe and sound. That Tundu Lissu is in a flat in Belgium. Says more about Tanzania, than it says about him.

Tundu Lissu had deserved a better fate. The United Republic had deserved something else then this heist. The CCM has tricked itself and Magufuli has outplayed himself this time. The gig is up and the rules maybe be in his favour. However, the bleak reality is that he has rule in fear, intimidation and the power of the law. Not rule on a legitimate ground or be respected by the electorate. Because, the President trusts more in the algorithm and the fake love. That is his ball-park and home.

Lissu might seem like the loser in this, as he had to flee and go into exile. However, in concern Magufuli might feel like a victor. As he has the throne, the title and everything around him saluting him. Nevertheless, his a fool for thinking so. It is all on a false premise and forged. The vain and vanity will cost him. Might not do it now, but his legacy and what people see in him is forever torn apart.

When you have broken the glass… it is hard to mend it back together. Peace.

Tanzania: Tanzania Elections Watch- Statement on Post-Election Violence and Abuse of the Criminal Justice System (16.11.2020)

Tanzania: UN rights chief disturbed by harassment of opposition following Tanzania elections (10.11.2020)

GENEVA (10 November 2020) – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Tuesday said she was disturbed by reports of continued intimidation and harassment against opposition leaders and members in Tanzania in the aftermath of the general elections. She called on the authorities to ensure people are able to express their grievances without fear of reprisals.

Reports indicate that at least 150 opposition leaders and members have been arrested since 27 October in mainland Tanzania and in Zanzibar. While most have been subsequently released, at least 18 reportedly remain in custody.

Police officials have stated that the individuals arrested were planning violent protests. Police officials warned publicly on 31 October 2020 that they would not allow protests to go ahead, citing alleged plans to cause chaos, and they threatened to use force and detain anyone taking part in demonstrations.

“The tense situation in the country will not be defused by silencing those who challenge the outcome of the elections, but rather through a participatory dialogue,” Bachelet said. “I urge the Tanzanian authorities to respect and facilitate exercise of the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly.”

The High Commissioner called for the immediate release of those detained for exercising their human rights. She called on the Government of Tanzania to ensure that security forces and law enforcement officials act according to the rule of law and human rights norms and standards.

Under international law, there is a presumption in favour of considering assemblies to be peaceful, the High Commissioner stressed.*

These developments follow reported pre-election intimidation and harassment of civil society organisations and journalists, as well as allegations of police brutality against opposition members and supporters on the day of the election. Bachelet called for prompt, thorough, independent and impartial investigations into all allegations of human rights violations before, during and after the polls – particularly into the killing of at least 10 people and the injuries sustained by over 50 others in Zanzibar on 26 October.

The High Commissioner also expressed concern at Internet restrictions, including the blocking of many social media and messaging platforms, and the censoring of election-related content.

“Free flow of information is critical to any democratic society, and especially so in an electoral context,” the High Commissioner said, adding that any restrictions on information and communication technology must be in line with international human rights laws and standards.


Tanzania: Tanzania Election Watch Panel of Emminent Persons Calls for Release of Arrested Opposition Leaders (02.11.2020)

Tanzania: Tundu Lissu arrested

The Presidential Candidate and Joint Opposition Candidate Tundu Lissu of the CHADEMA party have been arrested as he tried to seek refuge at the German Embassy. He was outside the German Embassy for an hour or so. Tundu waited for help at the Umoja House and refuge in the hour in need. As he surely gotten the wind of news about what has happened to allies around him.

The opposition candidate who together with ACT Wazalendo have claimed this being an rigged election and called for demonstrations. Have now also been arrested. As several of his colleges and associates has been over the recent 48 hours. The CCM and the Authorities are picking up and arresting anyone in the leadership of the opposition parties. The only one able to run is Zitto Kabwe, but for how long?

Now, Lissu is taken to the Central Police Station and is in the hands of the state. He will now be charged and linger in jail. Surely like Mbowe and others who has been charged with terrorism. This man will share their fate. There will be no difference. Only that he dared to challenge Magufuli.

There will be no true peace in the United Republic. Where all opposition are targeted like criminals and terrorists. These are men fighting to be representatives and get into office. They did their duty as civilians wanting political office. They were not trying to cause public disorder or destroy the peace.

It is only a dictatorship who does this to its opponents. Arrest them, charge them and ensure they are within the bounds of the law. The CCM and the President knows this. They have yet another man in custody. This is the manner they want to reign in. Not in peace or legitimacy, but by the use of force.

This is the CCM of 2020. This is Magufuli in 2020. It is not democracy nor a representative government. Because, if it was… they wouldn’t need to make the opposition into criminals at the very moment after the results was verified and announced. Peace.