DRC: Alert – M23 have crossed from Uganda into Ishasha!

M23 Goma

“We have just learned carefully the M23 are en-route to the DRC with weapons, ammunition with the objective to attack.” (Congo Mon Pays, 15.01.2017)

The Governor of Nord-Kivu Julien Paluku have confirmed that there has been movement from the M23 rebels, some even complies that Mouvement du 23-Mars (M23) have crossed from Uganda and gone into the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s been reported that 200 armed rebels have moved across the border. If they have done as in the past, than they have crossed from Kisoro, where they even got guns and ammunition from the Ugandan Government; this isn’t confirmed, but has happen in past. This time they have been verified that they crossed into the DRC through the Ishasha, that means they crossed from Kihihi in Uganda.

“(Alert Suite 1): 7 AKA47 weapons and 1 PKM arrested in a toyota Corolla car, plate 798B in KISORO in front of BUNAGANA” (Julien Paluku, 15.01.2017).

M23 we’re after the peace-agreement in peace staying in Uganda, some we’re supposed to carry out trials from their treason and cession of land from the government in Beni, Goma and in general the provinces of Kivu, as well as they we’re threatening to continue and even make way to take the capital Kinshasa. So they we’re supposed to become civilians in Uganda, as there been reports that they we’re guards in Kampala around May 2016 and the Swearing-In, as their we’re French speaking soldiers in Mukono and Kampala guarding the streets as the President we’re entailing on his officiating for his 7th term.

So, that the movement of M23 and even CNDP (National Congress for the Defence of the People) has crossed from Uganda into the DRC are a frightening and worrying. As Laurent Nkunda has been house-arrest and silent in the Rwandese capital Kigali. This after another agreement of discharging his rebels across the Rwandan borders. There we’re similar agreements between the DRC government and M23. So the news today that they after years in the republic of Uganda has returned is worrying.

M23 will be another group and rebels who will create more havoc in an area who already have their groups who kills and burns villages. While the FARDC and MUNISCO cannot contain or stop their violent behaviour that kills and loot society. So with the recharged and well trained guerrilla of M23 returning to Kivu and North Kivu’s isn’t good news, it is terrible news and the escalation of violence and killings will be turned up; now the ADF-NALU, Mayi-Mayi and others will not be alone doing damage and destroying the region. They will have well-trained and supplied guerrilla that has had time for a few years to reload and prepare to battle in the Kivu-Provinces.

Late last year in November 2016, General Sultani Mukenga we’re missing and gun-fire erupted at border town of Kivu, close to Uganda. This as he has a household in the Republic after the peace-agreement that we’re mediated with the Ugandan Counterparts as well, where they got to stay in peace; so now they have decided to actually attack the Kivu again!

We can just follow and know that there will be reactions and also rising violence when the M23 goes into the country, to what extend and how they will plan to attack is only known by the M23 leadership. What they want out of it this time, isn’t known. The last thing we known is the documents sent to M23 in the 3rd January of 2017. So they will I drop, so you can see them. But this is isn’t great news, it’s terrible and there will be innocent who will die in the cross-fire as the rebels will create massive horrors to gain control, yet again! Peace.


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