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Gabon: Jo Leinen MEP – Communique de Presse – La tentative de coup d’Etat un signe de despoir des Gabonais (07.01.2019)

Gabon: A failed military coup d’etat happen today!

Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang today tried in Libreville, Gabon to oust Second Generation President Ali Bongo. If it had worked, it would have ended the family regime from 1969. They started by besieging a radio station, proclaiming they were having a coup against the government.

We know it is really powerful statement in just trying, when African Union answers with this:

The African Union strongly condemns the coup attempt this morning in Gabon. I reaffirm the AU’s total rejection of all unconstitutional change of power” (Moussa Faki Mahamat, 07.01.2019).

While, there been reports that the authorities blocked the internet as the coup d’etat was taking place. The authorities arrested the mutineers at the State Broadcaster, as there was assault there. RFI reports: “Minister of communication says mutineers have been arrested by GIGN units (elite tactical units), situation is under contol and order will be restablished in two or three hours” (…) “Government spokesperson says four mutineers have been arrested and one has fled, said they were a group of “jokers”” (…) “Situation “under control”, government spokesperson Guy-Bertrand Mapangou tells RFI’s Bineta Diagne, soldiers from guard of honour were responsible, not republican guard, coup plotter Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang is on the run” (RFI, 07.01.2019).

So, for the ones celebrating an early victory and a downfall of a second generation dictator in Gabon. That battle is not over. Since, the President is still ailing in Morocco after falling ill in 25th October 2018. Therefore, there been already political movement since this, as the Constitutional Court has given Vice-President and Prime Minister gotten more power. While the President was in treatment in Saudi Arabia before he was moved to further treatment in Morocco.

Another important part of the plot today, is that earlier this month, just mere days ago, the United States stationed 80 soldiers as a passifying force, as the US government are afraid of escalation of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is because the awaiting results of the Elections on the 30th December 2018. Which is still not announced and awaiting a verdict.

The Mutineers, which doesn’t seem to many, as the government has arrested fourth and the fifth on the run. That being the leader Lieutenant Obiang who is running from the law. Which was earlier in the day, they proclaimed on radio that they was establishing a National Restoration Council. However, that seems like a thwarted dream of the mutineers. And everyone who wanted the Second Generation of Dictatorship in Gabon to cease.

It seems like its been stopped, but someone tried, as the ailing President whose is still abroad for treatment. This shows the dire consequences of that, yet again.

As this has happened, there are now orders of curfew in Libreville. The internet and other communications are disconnected by the authorities. The capital and other major cities are now patrolled by military tanks and military vehicles. As the authorities are signalling, that they are still in control.

This is just showing how dire the situation is and how much need for change there is. Just another foiled attempt in getting justice for the people, while the family junta oppression continues in Gabon. Peace.

Gabon: Ali Bongo is sort of back!

After getting a stroke in Saudi Arabia on the 24th October 2018 and later date transferred for more treatment in Morocco. President Ali Bongo of Gabon have had health problems and specialized treatment abroad, as he cannot travel back to Libreville to get it. This shows the weakness of the Health Care facilities in his own Republic. The Second Generation Dictator of Gabon. Could have ensured these was in place in his own Republic. Instead, just like father, the son is also spending his time getting cured abroad.

When he gotten sick abroad and it took time, the vacuum of power, where even the closest leadership had to circumvent the Constitution to have leeway while he was gone. They had to ensure the steady ship of government to continue to roll, even when it was questionable concerning the passed laws. That shows how problematic, that there isn’t proper institutions, but based on ONE MAN.

The family of Bongo has ruled for two generations and haven’t delivered much. That is why the President is having treatment in Rabat and not in Libreville. If the President had served his Republic or cared about service delivery. He would have travelled home and gotten treatment there. However, with the steady eating of the government plate. He had to do it elsewhere.

This is the real weakness of Bongo, who has no trouble with dealing with oppressive means against his opposition. Not to talk about, the lack of spending and policies to better the Republic. The President of ages cannot even manage basics. Therefore, he is spending so many months abroad. Even slurring on TV as he had his first appearance in months.

It might show that his not dead, as some was worried about and because of speculations, even closed a Radio Channel in Cameroon. We are now seeing a weak man, a healing man and not a strong man. A big-man who cannot act as nothing touches him. The pictures and the video shows it.

Even he tried to reassure the people, the Gabonese, he is surely weaker. He is not pitch perfect health, the stroke has hit him hard. That is why the silence lasted for so long. It was months and unknown about his condition or his circumstances, as the authorities or people around him wouldn’t tell.

Now, we have seen why. Ali Bongo is weak, he is tired and not fit. He will return and anticipate the throne, but we are now seeing another Bongo. We can wonder who that might be and what might move him.

Certainly with this weakness and this change, it would be time for leadership. For honest leadership and for someone who is loved by the people. That would counter everything, the Family of Bongo stands for. But that would enrich the Republic of Gabon. If the ruling regime dared to do so. Since, the ruling regime already showed finesse, while Bongo was in sick-bed abroad. Peace.

President Bongo medical transfer from Riyadh to Rabat: 36 days abroad and Counting!

In Libreville they are awaiting and wondering when President Ali Bongo will return from his sickness and hospital visits in Saudi Arabia and now in Morocco. As President Bongo has been gone for 36 days, as the unverified reports are saying he got a stroke while visiting a conference in Riyadh early October. Now, it is the end of November and nothing is certain yet. Except there is no good hospital for treatment in Gabon to save his ass.

That is what we really can learn from this, where a President first has to take major treatment in the Saudi Arabia and that will now get the last relief of treatment in Morocco. Clearly, Bongo, the Second Generation of failing President in Gabon. You are clearly failing, when you cannot get healed where you reside and rule. You know your doing a terrible job as an Executive, when you cannot use the services, that your government is providing the citizens. Because, the President doesn’t feel safe enough or healthy enough to return to Libreville.

The Communique from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication — Département de la Communication in Morocco said this today: “This transfer “comes in accordance with the wishes of His Excellency President Bongo, in agreement with the Constitutional Institutions of the Gabonese Republic and in accordance with the opinion of the doctors,” according to a statement issued by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday. The wife of Gabonese President Sylvia announced Tuesday on her Facebook page that her husband would leave the Saudi capital on Wednesday for Rabat, saying that the transfer was “made possible by the very significant improvement” in the state of health of her husband” (…) “President Bongo must be joined in Rabat by several Gabonese officials, including the chief of staff, the secretary general, the chief of protocol or the spokesman of the presidency, as told to AFP an official source to the Gabonese Presidency” (Maroc.ma – ‘Communiqué: Le président gabonais à Rabat pour un séjour de convalescence’ 29.11.2018).

What is rich about this, is that Omar Bongo died officially in Morocco too. Therefore, that he is moved there is a worrying sign of the medical treatment and also the medical condition of Bongo. It is nothing official about his death. This is just an official movement of a patient, who happens to a President. A Second Generation, who is ruling a country. Where he isn’t a suitable patient.

That is the staggering tale, that the same that happen to the father is now happening to the son. Of the same Republic and the same ruling regime. The same sins are repeating. Now like father like son, they are transferred. They are both being moved as patients abroad, but the length of the stint is creating a power vacuum and the VP/PM has already altered the Constitution to take action. Which has created a Constitutional Crisis in a way, where they have taken while Bongo is gone. Therefore, this shows how fragile the system is, when one family rules supreme and there isn’t building of institutions.

This is a mockery of a great nation, of a people who deserves better. The Gabonese doesn’t deserve this, they deserve someone who represent them and make sure the leaders can heal back home. That is the truth and it should be stated. Bongo 1st Generation should have had capacity in all the years of his reign to build proper Health Care and Hospitals in Gabon. Instead, they have enriched themselves and built fortunes for themselves. They have not been there for the public and been public servants. As they should have been.

That is why the Second Generation of President, also have to seek medical treatment abroad. Because none of them cared about the hospitals back-home. Which is showing the tragic state of affairs, that they left behind. Peace.

Gabon: A Constitutional Coup to divert Power because of the illness of the President

There now been three weeks of illness, sickness and  hospitalization of the President of Gabon, Ali Bongo. Who is the second Generation President of the Republic. Clearly, the severe situation is more dire, as the power-vacuum is visible.

Because this week, this was reported by Le Gabon:

By ruling only on a vacancy of power, the Gabonese Constitution and Article 13 revealed a flaw that the country would have done well. With the vacancy of the power which is well taken into account by the Constitution, the judge François de Paul Adiwa-Antony added a paragraph very useful in the circumstance. “In the event of temporary unavailability of the President of the Republic, certain functions devolved to the latter may be exercised either by the Vice-President of the Republic or by the Prime Minister on special authorization of the Constitutional Court seized by the Prime Minister or a tenth of the deputies, members of the government whenever necessary “. Thus, the Vice-President of the Republic, Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou, was able to preside over the Ministerial Council of this Wednesday, November 14, 2018. The Constitutional Court “as a regulating organ of the functioning of the institutions, authorizes the vice-president of the Republic to convene and preside over a council of ministers which will focus exclusively on the agenda attached to the request of the Prime Minister “in the words of its president. The Gabonese policy is not blocked by the temporary absence of the head of state, but this will not stop the rumors. Only images or a declaration of Ali Bongo can calm the most fertile and the most sorrowful spirits” (Le Gabon – ‘Pas de vacance du pouvoir à Libreville’ 15.11.2018).

So, because of the illness of Ali Bongo and the lack of protocol in the Constitution, the Constitutional Court has ordered an Amendment, which fits the current regime. Where the Vice President or the Prime Minister, can preside over the governing functions, as an interim effort. This leading the Council of Ministers and other functions to secure the running day-to-day government. That has been done without elections or even a democratic gesture.

The President fate is still uncertain, there are outlets proclaiming his death, even today. There was the same two weeks ago in Cameroon. Where the media-house was practically closed by the Cameroonian Authorities after it did so. Therefore, the lingering doubt is in the air.

It does not help that the African Union (AU) comes out with this statement yesterday:

Chairperson Faki is deeply concerned by unfolding developments in Gabon linked to the state of health of President Bongo. Chairperson Faki further calls on all political stakeholders and institutions in Gabon to show the necessary collective leadership during this time in order to preserve unity, peace and stability in the country. Chairperson Faki further reaffirms the African Union’s strong commitment to the full respect of constitutional order in the country. The Chairperson will deploy a fact-finding mission to Libreville in the shortest delay” (African Union – ‘Communiqué on the situation in Gabon’ 17.11.2018).

We can expect Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou to be in-charge and set-up shop without any elections. As he takes control while Bongo’s uncertain fate in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the amendment and the change this week. Shows that the ones inside the Cabinet and the closest to power was ready to take control. This they by technicalities and not by a popular vote, not even ensuring a clean process. The Gabonaise people have been used as pawns again. Just like they did when the father of the President died and his son took over.

Now the Courts decided and changed the structure without any consideration of the implications and even checking who was most eligible. Again, the regime has taken the power and left the opposition out. They are locking Jean Ping out by any means. Even changing the constitution by Court Orders. Just to ensure the continued rule of the One-Party.

With Moussavou there will be continuation of the dictatorship and no imminent change. Just another French supported puppet to secure the French Businesses and Corporations, while the Gabonese are struggling. This is the deep reality, that Paris and Libreville are seeing. This done by a mere Court Order and not ushered change by the public. If they stand up against the regime. They are usually thrown behind bars. Therefore, the regime are pushing through and not giving way.

This is a constitutional coup by Moussavou and the ones in inner-circle. Who have awaited their turn. They are barring others from power, as they are feasting on the opportunity. Since Bongo is in the hospital in Saudi Arabia. Where his fate is still uncertain. Peace.

Ali Bongo: The son that didn’t learn from the sins of his father!

What is clear these days, that certain leaders who succeed their fathers at the throne. Haven’t learned a single thing from the past and neither interested in challenging the acts of their father. This can be said for the Second Generation of Dictator in Gabon. A place where Ali Bongo has resided and been the President since September 2009 and lastly re-elected in a scrupulous election in 2016. He took over for his father Omar Bongo who reigned the Republic for 41 years until his death in 2009. Meaning that the family who has been ruling since 1967 and has now had power for 51 years are still not able to do the basics at home.

These two gentle men, both Omar and Ali has both been able to arrest, detain and stop the opposition. They have both been able to control all the state reserves and run the Republic like their fiefdom. However, they are still not able to the basics of the statehood. When, these gentlemen get severely sick. They have to transfer abroad.

Earlier this week, Ali Bongo, the President of 9 years and Second Generation fled to Saudi Arabia over “fatigue” and illness. We don’t know to what extent. Later on Sunday, the same President have been transferred to London, United Kingdom for more treatment. Clearly, the indication of the serious of the sickness is revealing with the change of location. But we don’t know to what extent. There been false-flag reports of his death. Which can confirm is untrue.

What we can confirm is that the father on his last travels for medical treatment went to Spain for help. Omar Bongo couldn’t trust his own Republic’s own hospitals, because he knew the state didn’t have the ability or the treatment facilities needed for the purpose of his trip there. The same as the son, who has to flee from the oil-rich republic to Saudi Arabia before traveling further to London, United Kingdom.

This shows the failure and utter neglect of the state. When the Executive, the Commanders in Chief and the elites. Forgets their purpose and the state services, the needs for a working Ministry of Health and the Hospitals. Not, only afford to import snow for a party or pay enough security guards to cause trouble for Jean Ping.

The Bongo family have forgotten why they were ruling. Not to own dozens of properties in France, luxurious cars and spend lavishly in Europe. But to actually serve the Republic. That part of the equation is forgotten in the spoils of eating of the state reserves and the kickbacks from the foreign companies licensing business in Gabon.

Just like with the father, before traveling to Saudi Arabia. The government ordered to close the borders of the Republic. That is a sign of the seriousness. As the cronies around the president have been saying it is fatigue, like they did with Omar, when they said it was he was “alive and well” hours before his passing in Barcelona, Spain. Who knows how it goes with Ali now, but the similar patterns are there.

Though Ali is much younger than Omar, who was 73 years old and Ali is 59 years old at this date. If these men cared about their republics. They are the Second and Third President of the Republic since Independence. They would have ensured the Republic had working facilities for the days the citizens and themselves come in need of health care. However, they have been preoccupied eating and therefore. Asking and paying foreigners to find the cure.

This shows how the current son, never learned from his father. The sins of the father are staining the son. Who are doing just the same and never thought it would have consequences. However, it does. He is a health care nomad. Because his own Republic doesn’t have the basics in order.

Shiish. It shouldn’t be like this in 2018, but it is, because these gentlemen set the rules and didn’t care. Peace.

Cameroun: Ministere des Relations Exterieures lettre du A Monsieur le Directeur General de Gabon 24 – “Objet: Mise au Point” (28.10.2018)

Gabon: Minister de l’Eau et de l’Energie – Communique de Presse (16.02.2018)

VII Session Extraordinaire du CEEAC – Communique Finale du Conseil des Ministres (29.04.2017)

Opinion: Polarization will be the key protocol to follow in 2017!

History Immigration

No matter if it is local politics, if it international or trade, the most important backbone to policies in the next year will be polarization. That is not Polar Bears dancing on the dwindling ice, if so the U.S. TV station would have better ratings. No, this is the importance of local and national industries, while stressing ignorance towards immigration and imports to add more GDP value and also stop inflation. A balance that is hard to carry as the trust in local currency and local production doesn’t change overnight. That has to happen with steady policies and ability to trade products and create market for the ones that we’re in the past produced far away.

Definition of polarization

1:  the action of polarizing or state of being or becoming polarized: as

a (1) :  the action or process of affecting radiation and especially light so that the vibrations of the wave assume a definite form (2) :  the state of radiation affected by this process

b :  an increase in the resistance of an electrolytic cell often caused by the deposition of gas on one or both electrodes” (…) “2 a :  division into two opposites b :  concentration about opposing extremes of groups or interests formerly ranged on a continuum” (Merriam-Webster – Polarization, link: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/polarization).

We are dividing ourselves while the world is into more conflicts that need assistance and securities to secure peace. There internal conflicts in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria. Where the conflict is bloody, where people are detained for the political affiliation, where innocent dies in the streets and where guns are imported to silence the ones who is not succumbing to the regimes who hold power.

We are living in a time where opposition victors doesn’t get into power, because the leaders of old are not allowing and keeping power by the gun, are using the police force and army to monitor the opposition and even rigs the election to secure the “validation” of their rule. This has happen in many Republics and Nations this year and proves that progress of governance and accountability is dying, like innocence and justice is impartial and only for the elites. The rest of us just have to be lucky to see just systems and laws for the common folk.

Like Adama Barrow is the President-Elect in Gambia, Jean Ping should have become the President in Gabon, Dr. Kizza Besigye in Uganda and Moise Katumbi should have risen to power in DRC if there we’re any justice and transition of Power in the Republic. But the big-man and long ruling Presidents of these nations doesn’t give-in or leave office. They continue to stay without any fear or without any mercy as the monarchs they acts of. Instead keep polarising the political elites and societies with paying the elites and silencing the ones who stand in their path. Also, by forging alliances with nations to make sure justice doesn’t prevail in their path.

While these tragedies are appearing in front of our eyes in our times, the borders and the helping hands are not appearing, the funds and allocations of necessary funds to the refugee camps, the direct food aid and agents of humanitarian actions are not sufficient. The reality of these missing steps should boggle our mind and should freeze our hearts out, as the news of burning convoys into Aleppo, lack of food into refugee camps in Adjumani in Uganda and the lacking rations of food in refugee camps in Tanzania. These should all be a reminder of the fate we have put our world in. The steps of lost grace and mercy on the weakest of humanity, where hospitals and humanitarians are put in the lines of bullets and grenades in between the battlefield as the soldiers fight for keeping merciless tyrants to stay in power.

While the superpowers are claiming the fight for justice, the innocent dies, the towns are battlefields and turns into dust, the graves are not cleared and the lives are lost in vain. This while UN cannot impose arms-embargoes or create a possible cease-fire to get civilians into safety, this while Italian and Greece authorities are working and trying to find ways to impose fleeing civilians on Turkey, because the rich European states fears that fleeing civilians could be terrorists. The humanity and just behaviour is dying while the states are flogging their responsibility to the ones in need.

We can question ourselves if this is right, if we can sleep knowing the indebtedness we have in riches. In the time of peace in our states, where we have possible houses and shelter for the ones fleeing possible genocides and acts against humanity; Europe impose stricter rules on immigration and Brexit proves the fear of Polish and other ethnic groups as they want to secure their borders as key argument to stop being an EU Member State.

We can wonder why the world has come to this that polarization of between ourselves the ones who see the innocent die and the ones who want to keep their own by any means. That the own nationals are going against each other and seeing it as only fit, instead of thinking for instance for a hot minute, what if the war came to our shores and to our homes, wouldn’t we flee? Wouldn’t we do what we could to leave our wealth, our riches to save our own?

Why shouldn’t the Syrians and all other who are in conflicts leave grenades, tanks and bombs, would we live on the streets with daily shooting and killing if we had an option to flee? Would we stay and risk everyday our lives to get a loaf of bread? I doubt that. We would travel to safety and to places where we could resettle and rehash the future of ourselves and our kids. If not we would be risking ourselves and the future of our kin. That is because it’s natural.

Still, the Europeans and citizens of fellow states don’t see it this way with fear-mongering politics and internal polarization of demagoguery, which is out of proportion. This will continue as these conflicts leads to more hurt and damage of lives, where more shelter and more merciless killings to stay in power, where more rigging of elections and more police-states are controlling the civil society. Where the states are more totalitarian and the power controlled by a little elite, while the average citizens are struggling, they will seek fortunes other places instead of in their birth-nations. Just as we would do if our destiny we’re in the limbo, if our homes were shacks and our sockets could electrocute us.

So the world of 2017, will be inflicted with the unfinished business of past, like all years has been, with as much uncertainty as the start of 2016, but with new issues and new struggles, with new people behind bars because of political affiliation, more families lost loved ones because of demonstrations, more people fleeing as the machetes and burning villages for land-grabbing, foreign investors taking land while locals cannot get deeds, as the central government are getting needed funds to supply the army with equipment and salaries, civil servants are left behind with reunification and it is happening so many places. Nobody confess nobody impose on it or even sanction this. We should question the economic challenges and the way they allocate funds, especially when many of these states get based government loans from the IMF and World Bank to basically could function; together with the reasonable taxation they can be able get from their citizens.

We shouldn’t silent on the merciless acts of men, we shouldn’t be ignorant of the world of oppression and fear, as the grand masters of our times are destroying and depleting lands for fortunes, as the multi-national companies see only profits and not see the populations they are forcing into unjust working conditions to trade resources into high profits abroad. These acts shouldn’t be forgotten, as industries and the trade are made for the international companies to gain and not all locals, therefore the polarization are created in these, create more havoc and even more injustice, as the unfair world we live in doesn’t give hands to ones in need. The rich can get it all, while the poor is lucky if they have enough for a jerry-can to buy water. That isn’t justice, that isn’t right when others are only drinking imported expensive French Water.         

We should questions the systems and revise them for more balanced between the rich and poor, for more functioning United Nations, for more diplomatic efforts and for stronger laws that cannot make Presidents into Emperors! The reality is that 2017 will start where 2016 and that is not in positive looks into the future, because the powers we have, the armies and police are targeting fellow citizens who deserves better. We all deserve better and we all should know better. Peace.

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