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Somalia: Renewal of the Somaliland Special Agreement (09.06.2018)


The release of the ONLF leaders and the others by the New Prime Minister is a positive step in the right direction (17.06.2018)

The Ethiopia’s government lead by the new PM has yesterday released eight some of key ONLF’s political leaders and officers, whose freedom it deprived years ago. These leaders were part of thousands of Ogaden Somalis detained whilst fighting the right of their people to self-determination. These heroes paid an ultimate price for their people as they languish for a period of time in various substandard detention centres under torture and the other appalling conditions. Their selfilsess sacrifices for their people won’t be forgotten for generations to come.

Although releasing them is a positive step in the right direction, still millions of Somali people are in open prison while, thousands are languishing in both official and undisclosed detention centres in Ogaden. Around two thousand who were released recently from the infamous jail Ogaden, were sent to quasi-slave labour camp under the disguise of rehabilitating them and forced to till land taken from the local people along the Shabelle river. The ONLF advises that the new Ethiopain government lead by Dr Abiy Ahmend speeds up the release of all prisoners of conscious whose freedom is denied; and stop any further abuses in Ogaden and Ethiopia.

Furthermore, the ONLF believes that as a new leader, the new prime minister has an opportunity to turn a new chapter by genuinely and seriously addressing the core issues that are the source of conflict and inestimable suffering that befell all corners of Horn of Africa with Ogaden and Eritrea as the Epicentre since the Second World War.

The only means through winch genuine and sustainable peace and security could be achieved is by mathematically recognising the rights of all nations to unfettered self-determination and genuine democracy in the Ethiopian Empire state. Moreover, the Ethiopian state must change the culture of violence in dealing with genuine demands of all peoples under its rule and its neighbours.

The ONLF is always open to genuine dialogue that is based on mutual respect and principled negotiation that adheres to internationally accepted norms and genuine desire to reach a win -win solution which is meant to seriously address the rightful demands of the Somali people in Ogaden, instead of attempting to achieve quick fixes for a problem that existed for almost a century, where many lives were lost on all sides.

Finally, the ONLF strongly believes that the multi-faceted conflict in Ethiopia only can be solved through the genuine participation of all stakeholders and that none shall be left out, including neighbouring countries that are affected. Similarly, if the International community involvement is to bear positive results, it must engage all stakeholders, instead of conveniently being selective and ignoring the multitude who bears the cost of the perennial conflict in Ethiopia

Ogaden shall be free. The Ethiopian people shall Genuine Democracy and peace.

Issued by ONLF

Joint Communique Issued after Bilateral talks betwen H.E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia and H.E. (Dr.) Abiy Ahmed Ali, Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on the Occasion of the Official Visit to Somalia (16.06.2018)


Ethiopia: TPLF retaliates to the EPRDF Executive Council decision on the Algiers Agreement!

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front has retaliated towards the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Front (EPRDF) Executive Council and their wanting to respect the Algiers Agreement with the Eritrean brothers on their borders and the territory squabble. That has lasted and is why the two parties have been fighting over territory. The TPLF are really ruling the show and shown that over time, but isn’t accepting the provisions of the Executive Committee, that means the possible points from there is pointless. The TPLF and the Tigrai clearly want to have total control. They are not accepting that others are making decisions and changing the possible future. That is why these news are coming and in the future.

The TPLF are clearly reacting quickly, as this happen in the beginning of June and now in Mid-June in the first meeting of the TPLF, they are retaliating to the decisions made. The EPRDF will be guided by the TPLF, therefore, these results will be final. As they are not accepting anyone else. The Woyane has usually gotten their will in the coalition, as they have the major positions, while the other has technical and more soft places in the hierarchy.


Addis Ababa, June 14, 2018 (FBC) – The Central Committee of the Tigray People’s Libration Font (TPLF) concluded its emergency meeting yesterday. The three-day meeting held 10-15 June, 2018 mainly deliberated on the recent decision of Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). In its meeting last week, the Executive Committee decided to accept and implement the Algiers Agreement and privatize state-owned enterprises. In a statement issued yesterday, the Front said that it accepts both decisions taken by the Executive Committee. However, it said, precautions should be made in the implementations of the decisions. It further said the move lacks completeness since both decisions were taken without the consultation of the EPRDF Council and affiliate parties. TPLF finally called for urgent meeting of EPRDF’s Executive Committee and Council to look into and evaluate current affairs” (FANA Broadcasting Company- ‘TPLF concludes emergency meeting’, 14.06.2018).

From Tigrai Online:

If the current EPRDF government is contemplating to surrender the disputed Ethiopian territories which are part of the Tigrai State, it will lose more than a few patches of lands, it will be digging its own grave as a political party in Ethiopia. First the people will not allow such treasonous action to take place. Second any uncalculated hasty decision will create a huge rift among member parties. EPRDF might even split in two or more groups permanently and that would be a disaster for the party and the country” (Tigrai Online – ‘EPRDF Executive Committee decision regarding the Algiers agreement rejected by majority Ethiopians’ 14.06.2018).

This here shows the problem in the Ethiopian politics at the moment. The power of the TPLF and how they are seemingly controlling the EPRDF and the ethnic politics in Ethiopia. This here is taking it to a tee. The battle of supremacy shouldn’t need to be there, as the TPLF should be a part of the whole nation to work for progress and development. They should co-operate with all the other political groups and make good solutions for Ethiopia. Instead, they are preoccupied with controlling the political scene and the nation itself.

That is why the TPLF decision to scrap the Executive Committee agreements and the plans ahead. Proves that the Prime Minister is being stopped from progression. The TPLF don’t want to move forward. But continue to have the total control. Peace.

Opinion: Could Meles Zenawi’s 5 Point Plan be the solution for the border dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea?

The most fundamental problem is not that we don’t have a system to run but those with knowledge are cynically manipulating the system for petty personal desires.”Nilantha Ilangamuwa

The late Meles Zenawi, wrote a small 5 Point Plan in 2004, which he delivered to in a letter to the United Nations. This back dates to 25th November 2004. Since yesterday, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF) was talking again about respecting the Algiers Agreement of 2000. Which states that certain colonial boarders should be respected and meaning that Ethiopia should pull back their forces from the contested territories.

But if the Council of Ministers, the Executive Committee of the EPRDF are serious about the news of respecting and following the Algiers Agreement. That means movement of troops and stop the time of certain annex land, which Eritrea claims as theirs.

However, to that smooth after all the transgressions, prolonged skirmishes and distrust between the brother-lands, the Eritrean and Ethiopian counterparts could maybe use some of the wise words of Zenawi. Who made a formula, that could be useful today. It is 14 years since he wrote it and sent his preposition to the UN. Still, the words can still carry its weight.

Has hereby adopted the following five-point peace proposal.

1. Resolve the dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea only and only through peaceful means.

2. Resolve the root causes of the conflict through dialogue with the view to normalizing relations between the two countries.

3. Ethiopia accepts, in principle, the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission decision.

4. Ethiopia agrees to pay its dues to the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission and to appoint field liaison officers.

5. Start dialogue immediately with the view to implementing the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission’s decision in a manner consistent with the promotion of sustainable peace and brotherly ties between the two peoples” (Meles Zenawi, 24.11.2004).

This here would put them all at the table and be sincere, as a closure of the pro-longed conflict. The long standing issues between the nations. That would be healthy, as the state would resolve the matter in a peaceful manner and conduct it with some finesse. No one loses with sort arrangement. It will would be helpful, as the distrust between them are there. Both parties has reasons for it, as ever since the agreement and agreed boundaries. Both parties has taken to arms now and then. That is why the ideas of Zenawi might make sense. So that the nations can settle it and actually respect each.

That is needed, especially if this isn’t another PR Stunt from the EPRDF. Then they need to take the positive steps and show signs of improvement. Also, actually talk with the Eritrean counterparts. If not, this is all just a mess. To try to gain sympathy for a positive cause. That would be really disgraceful. Peace.

EPRDF leak that the TPLF is shaken by Dr. Abiy Ahmed as PM: It doesn’t make sense!

Today I read something that boggled my mind. It didn’t make, sense because this counter everything we known about the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF), a political coalition made by the Tigray People’s Liberation Party and their allies. To forge ethnic parties in Ethiopia, but at the same time keep the power at the center. Meaning the TPLF is the ones that is the strongest and in control. Therefore, it is hard to believe reading this, that the other parties are suddenly crossing their feathers. That just puzzles me, but then again. I didn’t drop the dossier on social media. Someone else did.

The EPRDF establishment is no doubt shaken by the sudden turn of events and faces a changing party. TPLF chairman has already expressed his displeasure with multiple issues, inc. release of certain prisoners and PM Abiy’s speech in Ambo where he thanked the Oromo youth—Qeerroo” (…) “EPRDF’s democratic centralism means the PM and his side (inc. Lemma, Demeke and Gedu Andargachew) will face deep criticism (Gimgema in Amharic). The TPLF chief has said the process that led to Abiy’s election was outside the norm of Revolutionary Democracy. Mistrust is rife” (…) “TPLFites say OPDO is flaunting party culture by not strictly adhering to revolutionary democacy and democratic centralism. The forced retirement of TPLF old guard has become a sore issue. TPLF boss has questioned the wisdom of replacing party elders who did not wish to retire” (…) “Other issues likely to be deliberated upon at the Exec committee meeting: The continued displacement of Amhara civilians from Oromia and Benishangul; Abdi Illey and the Liyu Police onslaught in Eastern Oromia. The EPRDF bosses will also outline plans for party Congress in August” (Mohammed Ademo, 05.06.2018).

That TPLF are saying this seems like drama. Seems like away of playing to the gallery. Have a hard time believing they feel sidelined. If they did, then Dr. Abiy Ahmed should really replace hardliners from TPLF. I don’t think he dares. He wouldn’t do that, he knows the party organizations, he knows the play. This is shadow play.

This is just making a fuzz, the TPLF will continue to control. They just don’t like that Dr. Abiy went outside their parameter and took them off guard. They want a puppet, they want someone who is like Hailemariam Desalegne. Who can be muffled and controlled. A full fledged puppeteer, who will whisk every time they need it and cheer when they need that too. Because the TPLF will not be questioned. The TPLF need their rights and their basic principals. Since everyone else in the “alliance” is there because of them. They are created and elevated because of them.

We know that there is some parts who are struggling with the new PM as this was written recently: “The new Ethiopian prime minister is doing too much and too fast probably he is eager to please everyone in all sides. Prime Minister Abiy’s actions for the first weeks after he took office must have been exiting for many Ethiopians, however as time goes on the euphoria that swept across Ethiopia is fading faster than morning fog” (Tigrai Online – ‘Lift the state of emergency in Ethiopia, and lose the country’ 02.06.2018).

Clearly, he is doing something to piss them off. He speaks in away they are not used. They cannot manage that everyone is not following the program. Everyone is supposed to follow the program. Even the PM. Because that is the way of TPLF. They are just using the EPRDF coalition as a front. That is known. That is why I wonder about this leak and for what purpose. Seems like they are trying to forge issues. When there is most likely not. As they really made other plans or PR stunts later in the day. Peace.

Landlocked Ethiopia plans to build a navy: Are they planning to defend GERD by military vessels?

Sometimes, just sometimes you wonder what is going and why, why is this happening and what is their reasons for doing so. Now the Ethiopian Revolutionary People’s Defence Force (EPRDF) are planning to build a navy. That means warships, submarines and docks, which can have these boats. If this Lake Tana or the Blue Nile or if they planning to be stationed in either Djibouti or Somalia. Who knows, but they are not having that many options. Since, they are landlocked.

This is coming, the day after Council of Ministers accept the start to draft to lift the State of Emergency. This is happening as the Chinese is winding down their investments as the debt is growing and lack of foreign exchange. You can wonder why they want to invest in that now and for what reason?

Because, you don’t extend your reach and your military, either on land, in the air or at sea. Unless, you having a plan or any ideas of usage. If they are doing this to secure the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), if they are planning to have boats on the boarders to Sudan on the Blue Nile. Because that would make sense, but they could just order Long Range Missiles and Anti-Aircraft Guns, if they we’re afraid and station them there. A navy there doesn’t make sense in that regard.

I just wonder what is the use, unless, they want supremacy all over the Horn of Africa. If the Ethiopians want a giant military and navy, to secure power over Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea. That they want to be the kingpins in the area. Because that is the only thing that makes sense. If they does this, will they work together with UNSOM and fight piracy in and around the coast of Somalia? What else are they supposed to do?

It is not like they got a coastline, they don’t have fisheries and foreign troops landing on their coast to get into Ethiopia and invade it. You have either an army and navy for defense or attack. They could be a standby force, a standby navy, but why spend fortunes on warships, on submarines and other naval boats that are there for one reason. You don’t get military boats to go fishing, neither to do research or even something needed at sea.

Warships is to stop enemy from getting to shore, to secure the harbors and the coasts from enemy forces. You don’t have a navy to have funky ships at port and YMCA discos. If so, then the Ethiopian government can take an expedition to San Francisco and see the sights.

I look forward to hear the reasoning for a landlocked country investing in a navy, unless their securing the GERD. That is the defensive military thing, that would make sense, unless they are annexing other coastal lines close by their borders.

What else will these vessels do?

I do not have the answers, but asking questions, that should be within reason, as it is foolish not ask this. I would do the same thing with any landlocked country. When you don’t have a coastline, when you don’t have a border to the ocean. What need do you have of a navy?

Unless, you plan to annex coastal border land with both soldiers, tanks and warships. Peace.

Ethiopia: Council of Ministers approved to draft law to lift the SOE, but will it make big difference?

When one with honeyed words but evil mind

Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.” Euripides

As things are standing in Ethiopia there are minor changes in the ways it is perceived, this mostly because of how the new Prime Minister is carrying himself. This being Dr. Abiy Ahmed whose been all around and visiting all parts of the Republic. However, there been continued oppression, detaining and killings during his tenure in the regions where the State of Emergency has hit the hardest. This being in Oromia, Somalia Region and Amhara. All of these areas has been hit hard by the State of Emergency, where the police and military, the Aghazi Squad has attacked civilians and killed too.

Addis Ababa, June 2, 2018 (FBC) – The Council of Ministers in its today’s regular meeting approved a draft law that lifts the State of Emergency. The draft will be sent to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) for consideration. The Council noted that law and order has been restored. Ethiopia declared a six-month State of Emergency on February 16, 2018” (Fana Broadcasting Company – ‘Council of Ministers approves draft bill to lift State of Emergency’ 02.06.2018).

Therefore I am reluctant about this move, as long as the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defence Force (EPRDF) is in power and using their methods. I wonder what is their safeguard and their next move, as they have done everything they can to silence dissidents. This being silencing phone-lines, blocking internet, stopping people from having sit-down strikes and generally banning all possible protests. While making activists, writers and everyone involved in these matters into criminals. Even as they fight for liberty and justice over their own. The EPRDF comes with the military as a hostile takeover and takes control. Instead of being in dialogue. That is what the State of Emergency and the provisions of the Commando Post is all about.

There is no reflection or anything saying that they will really change, the SOE now was really to stall for time. The demonstrations and the protest spirit is not gone, there are still lingering thousands upon thousands in jail. Even as high-profiled individuals has been released. The majority is still behind bars and the lack of freedom is still there. The New PM hasn’t changed that or the laws, not tried to repeal the Anti-Terror laws, which has used to oppress civilians who protest against the EPRDF.

We can hope for change, but its still lots of the same. The powers are within the same structures, a small change in the cabinet, but the reality is that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is still controlling the EPRDF. The government and its institution isn’t significantly changed, even as the Prime Minister has been in talks with Oromo Opposition leaders. That is positive step, just as the possible repeal of the SOE. However, as long as no one takes responsibility of the violence, the killings and the arbitrary arrests, there will not be real changes. It will just be patches on the hurt, but when the wounds are evident. The flair and the flames will start again, because no one acted upon the hurt. That should be the vision of the EPRDF, to take responsibility and charge itself. If they are real about the damage and hurt it has given over the years. Not just walk away because your in power.

Who knows if they within a months time repeal the SOE, will they do it again if the Queerro are starting to block the roads and stop businesses from moving goods from Djibouti to Addis. Will the army and the police accept that? As the TPLF and EPRDF will lose foreign exchange on it and also possible profits from doing so. Will they accept that the Amhara are also closing the roads into the capital. Would they accept it, as they are not listened to or even considered. As long as the government are caring about themselves. That is the reality.

This is a positive step, but if it is not followed up by more heartfelt measures, the reality will hit the fan and the possible violence will appear, because the government haven’t shown another side or character. Peace.

Somalia: Puntland – Oppression in Las Anod (30.05.2018)

Communique on the meeting between the Chairperson of the African Union Commission and the Prime Minister of Somalia (27.05.2018)

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