The State of current day Hip Hop and my take on it!

Let’s be clear at one point, I had all the information and new the releases. I listen to all hot mixtapes coming out. I was on point. I knew what was happening with Big K.R.I.T. and Yo Gotti. I knew about the possible releases from Cash Money. I could get the needed information of the artists signed to T.I. and the ones who was on Aftermath. Even the ones that was prospects on Bad Boy. Now, I know squat and living well. My Hip Hop blog ‘As Silent as the Pope’ (ASAP08) is history and ended suddenly in 2008. Now, my pages had since than had a different focus and scope. More worldly as you may, but still some rare post about music. Because music moves all of us, but just as my blogs changes, I have changed with time. I have evolved and so has my scopes and what I narrate, when I write. Therefore, the musical drama, the contracts, the newbies and the Hip Hop Industry doesn’t fetch the same dynamic within me. I still listen to the tunes, but is not as connected as back in the day. When I used lots of times, listen to interviews and was on.

Therefore, this post is to prove my view from the outside. After being a keen follower 10 years ago. Still listening to albums, but not as connected as before. Because I am more political after years of studies, a bachelor degree and becoming mature. That is just life catching up and Alfamega never got over the snitching paradigm and loss of Grand Hustle contract, I suppose.

When we are at this stage and the changes. As many are irrelevant and the approach to the art-form I love has changed. That is natural, just as I have evolved, the art-form does too. The Hip Hop landscape wouldn’t be same as I left it. There has always been artist living on hot beats and trashy talk with no common sense. Don’t tell me ‘A Tribe Called Quest’ was lyrical masterminds, even if Q-Tip has enough skills to kill me in one-bar. Still. On the same manner ‘Fat Boys’ wasn’t brilliant either, but they we’re entertaining. Therefore, when I say certain types of music isn’t good now. That might be true, they are entertaining today, but will you pick a LP by Lil Pump in 10 years time? I doubt it. It is cool now to be listening to ‘Gucci Gang’, but in a decades time, I doubt it will get better like fine wine.

The proof that a project is good is that you have a feeling you can listen to the LP years after it was released and still be relevant. The production might be dated, but the elements, the lyrical mastering and the topics is as relevant today as when it was released. That is for me an important matter. That I can pick up an older LP and it will still be banging. It will still move me and question my own thinking on the matter. Even see something new in it. Why I say this is the modern-day bashing of Tupac Shakur. The legend, the hero and the man who brought THUG LIFE to the forefront.

Because of everyone saying they are like Tupac. I started listening to his albums again, and especially ‘The Don Killuminati: The 3 Day Theory’ and its has the firepower that some of the current music today is missing. That Phryme has it place, its the old-school vibe and quality bars from Royce Da 5’9″ but not the political motivation. That is more Lupe Fiasco and he is trying. I am still listening to Lasers, the Cool and the Food and Liquor Part 2. However, the miles behind good and relevant albums are hard. Not that the Jadakiss & Fabolous project isn’t good, it is brilliant, but it hasn’t enough edge.

There are enough artists, but their tracks doesn’t shine through and some of the big men who has been big. Don’t need the center stage, they can rest on their past victories. If that is the Wu Tang Clan that dropped a project. Certain songs there was banging, but not the whole thing. The most consistent projects in while from Young Jeezy dropped, the Pressure LP, but without a ‘I Luv It’, the public is not picking up on it. That is how today is, you need the swagger jacking singles to matter. Even if the projects are good and are on point.

I don’t know if I will listen to Phryme 2 in 5 years, but I am listening still now and then to the first release of Phryme. I am still listening to previous LPs of Jadakiss and mixtapes from Fabolous. They are not far in my music-player. I am not even on Spotify or Tidal or whatever streaming-service. Because I like listening to whole projects. I am old-school like that.

Because I am old-school, I am not a fan of biting, imitation and taking inspiration is cool, paying homage to the ones before is cultural appreciation. Like I was amazed when Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis had features of Grandmaster Caz, Melle Mel and Kool Moe Dee on their single ‘Downtown’. I had goosebumps before putting it on the first time. They didn’t have to this, but they decided to do it. That is what we need to see, because the new generation of music listeners doesn’t care.

This will be the same ignorant story of the time when Nelly had beef with KRS One. Where they both was claiming their place in the game and that Nelly was relevant and KRS was trying to eat of his plate. However, the point wasn’t there, but that Nelly should respect what KRS did to the game. Now, I am sure that Nelly feels like funny feature for many, as he is on Georgia Flordia Line ‘Cruise’ and isn’t the Head Honcho anymore. Other people has taken his place and Drake singing hook has taken over. That is just the way it is.

But the biting is taking to far for me. That is why I have a hard time listening to Cardi B and her kind. That is why anyone T-Paining and Future sort-of-rappers are to much for me. I had a hard enough time listening to Method Man and Jadakiss with a minute or two on Autotune. There has to make sense, Desiigner and the likes. Will be daft in the dustbin, there is enough talented MCs awaiting their spot and to drop something significant and meaningful. Then I don’t mean Logic or G-Easy, no they doesn’t entertain me even.

I just wonder when Biting was acceptable, when the copying and pasting, the ghostwriting levels was okay. There has always been that, but more for producers becoming rappers like Dr. Dre and the likes. Not the supposed to be hottest hot like Cardi. They we’re supposed to drop the bars and be the rawest MC. Now, I am sure anyone can lyrically defeat Cardi, because her team handle her bars and she just market her songs. If that is enough for this generation. I am sorry, I am not jumping on the bandwagon. I am not, even if liked the ghostwriting for Dr. Dre, there is fine line between them.

Not that I am big Nicki Minaj or Remy Ma. Both of them can spit and write their own bars. Even if the previous Terror Squad LP only had like three or four good songs. While Nicki has long time between hard-core bars and been radio friendly, not for the hip-hop crowd. That is understandable as the label and herself want a bigger crowd for herself. But they are both better at the craft than Cardi. Even if Cardi is the thing now. I am still not following. Maybe, because I am old-school in my mid-30s.

That is why I am not on Datpiff or even on HipHopDX, buying XXL every month or even looking a the Source. That is why I loose out, and suddenly guys like 21 Savage and others suddenly pops-up on the scene without any notice. Not that I buy into it the stick, but if a song is good. I check out more. But many falls through, because they are feature artists in my eyes like French Montana. Tell me one whole project you have loved, through and through, where he a stand-out artist? No, I thought so, he is no Pusha T or Cyhi Da Prince.

Let’s be clear, this is my rambling, as someone a bit of bounds. That used to be into it and listening closely. When people was waving to get Pimp C out of jail, when Houston was taking over. When Miami had prospects, more than just Trick Daddy. That was the time I was in, when Dip Set was still relevant and Cam’ron wasn’t just trolling 50 Cent. And when 50 Cent was gangster and not a TV Producer. Well, that was the days. Those days are numbered. However. I am not, I still follow, but from a narrow scope and randomly picking up LPs that sounds good and might have hope.

There will come new talent that will catch my ear and take my breathe away, but that is harder than before. Because I don’t need no to buy no LP like Cassidy’s ‘Split Personality’, that was a whack CD from a promising talent. Another one, that had deserved more credit is Saigon, whose delivered good LP’s, but very few has cared. There will always be like this, why I haven’t mentioned Nas or Jay-Z, well, they both should retire, maybe even Scarface, even if I respect all three. But this is game for yungin’s, but they should pay respect to the ones that opened the door in for them. That is lacking in our time.

J.Cole who dropped a project I will listen more to in coming days, paid respect to Nas and Jay-Z on his projects in the past. Waka Flacka Flame even dropped respect to the ones before him. It would be nice to the newbies doing the same, but there is less of it. Not biting their lines, but saying, I am dropping trap music because of T.I. and Three 6 Mafia. Juicy J is the reason why I make songs for Stip-Clubs. Let’s be honest, that is the little token of credit that the other artists deserves, the ones that built a career, surely Nelly would like some credit today for his Mid-West Rap-Game. But I haven’t heard any give him anything. It is just like KRS-One felt back in the day.

Well, this was my musical rant of the month and year 2018. I am out of the loop and its cool. But I still know this thing. I don’t care of the newbies doesn’t, but they should check the records, should listen to old-school and understand the craft. Not just think they can do everything because it is easy to upload and get social media crowds. Because, the people like doesn’t eat out of their hands and doesn’t pay for their LPs, unless it hopefully gets better like wine. If it doesn’t I have no reason to pick it up and bump it. I will just download, have one listen and let it go. Like I did to many Gorilla Zoe Mixtapes back in the day. You got to drop quality and show your value. I don’t care what Lil B or whatever whats his face, even ‘Tyler the Creator’ has lost his shock value, just like Lana Del Rey did.

Unless, your as foolish and dumb like Taylor Swift to cover ‘September’ of Earth, Wind and Fire. Than, I won’t care, because usually people aren’t that insensitive. But there is some who will take it further and not think of the consequences and the reactions to their raps. That Cardi copied Kodak Black, wasn’t cool, even if he gave credit and she got hit. But for me, that isn’t my thing. She should have her own style, but she is mixing it up and is proud of it. That is a disgrace for the art-form. But that is just me…. Peace.

Kan man kjøpe lykke?

Vi lever i ett rike i disse dager, der folkesykdommen er ikke å NAVE. Ei heller å bli direkte rik, selv om det blir spilt enorme summer på Norsk Tipping og andre plasser. Avisoverskriftene er dystre samtidig som de ofte predikerer enkle faktum. Ikke drikk brus og et fet mat, da blir du feit. Spar penger og drikk den beste vinen. Tren best mulig og kjøp de rette kremene.

Vi lever i ett kongerike hvor fantasien om ren lykke kan hende. At våres hjem skal bli ett shangri-la- et tra-lalalala. Der alt er perfekt. Men før dette må vi alle stikke innom Kiwi å kjøpe alt billig, stikke innnom ARK/Libris å skaffe den nyeste magiske boken som skal leses. Veien videre er på et desverre fult senter. Kjøpe merkeklær, smykker, klokker og blomster. Når du har fullført disse så må man innom IKEA, Tilbords og Brun og Blid. For å bli perfekt.

Lykke og det perfekte, det  finner du og trenger på ditt lokale senter. Kvadrat, Sørlandssenter, Moa, Liertoppen, AMFI etc.

Lykken og drømmen. Drømmen om lykke. At den kan kjøpes. Fås. Skaffes. Komme til deg. At du kan bli perfekt eller ha en premium opplevelse. Å som jeg hater det ordet: Premium – la meg sable det ned som en pirat. Stjele ordet og voldta det. En opplevelse utenom det vanlige, får du sjelden når du kjøper kopi-papir eller eplejuice.

Sorry, å stikke innom senteret gir deg ikke lykke. Du ser enormt mange produkter, salgspersoner, resturanter, kaffeer nesten fylt og kaffekoppen koster en liten formue. Merkeklærbutikkene fylt til randen, Dressmann med eldre herrer sjekker om McGordon jeansen er i slaget, orkideer på salg i blomsterbutikken, supermarkedet med fantastisk utvalg av mat, leketøysbutikk med variert utvalg, DVD og Musikk forhandler som har mer en Justin Beiber og Sylverster Stallone boks. Slikt er et senter. Senter fult av butikker med utvalg, Bestemt utvalg av store kjeder. Kjeder eid av kjøpmenn og aksjonær som ser profitt som den hellig Gud. Samtidig som de selger deg og meg historien: kjøper du av oss. Vil du være lykkelig og leve perfekt. Perfektsjon kommer med disse produktene. Du kan ikke leve uten disse. Du trenger de, de vil løse alt. Alt vil bli bedre om du har eksepsjonelle produktene. Bare husk å komme innom senteret.

Senteret, handlegatens død. Lokalbutikkens død. Sentraliseringen, konsernenes seier. Store kapitalismen siste slagferd. Ikke bare logistikkens markedes motiver. Selskapers jakt etter flere kroner i kassen. Lokale og nøysomheten er død. Begravd. De estetiske og ekte er vekke. Kortkjørt og skakkkjørt er henger i sammen. Lettere å få tak øl fra Thailand enn det som er produsert på sørlandet. Ironisk? Nei, fakta. Perfeksjonisme.

Lykken skal være det. Tror jeg det. Jeg tviler. Tviler veldig. Jeg tror ikke man kan kjøpe.. lykke eller perfeksjon. Dette er ting du kan oppnå. Lykke er i øyeblikken du tilbringer med mennesker du digger å være med, som du er glad i og ser hvordan vi forandrer oss. Perfeksjon oppleves. Når man klarer å gjøre ting man ikke trodde du skulle få til. Slik som første gang man klarer å mekke pizza uten å kjøpe bunnen, men lage den fra bånn. Det er perfekson. Derfor er jeg lei meg på veiene av vårt kongerike, hvor det virker som man kan faktisk kjøpe – LYKKE! Kjøpe LYKKE! Tror ikke det, ei heller er det ikke mulig å kjøpe lojalitet. Lojalitet får du etter å bygge opp tillit over tid til de du skal ha lojalitet av. Derfor, kommer det og går kjeder, fordi du kan ikke reklamere lojalitet. Det kan du bare bygge opp ved nøysomhet. En grunn til hvorfor Rimi sliter. Ikke fordi de selger en historie om lykke, men fordi de klarer ikke å få folk til å bli lojale eller komme tilbake.

Jeg blir ikke kjøpt,å unngår senter hvis jeg kan, ikke fordi vil være sær- bare fordi jeg kjøper ikke historien om at lykken er til salgs, akkurat som lojalitet, perfeksjon er ikke produkt som kommer ved å kjøpe merkeklær og den nyeste Cden fra Interscope. Peace.

PS: Dette blogginnlegget har ingen lykkelig ende, denne er ikke en lykkelig og glamourøs Hollywood klisjee, denne er den virkelig verden som ikke kan kjøpes, men oppleves.

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