Opinion: Apparently, Mugabe will even decide the People’s fate at the Pearly Gates!

“In heaven there is God, but here on earth there is an angel by the name of Robert Mugabe” (…) “Is he not an angel? Is he not Gabriel? Many of you will be shocked on judgement day when they see President Mugabe holding a notebook adjudicating who is suppose to get in or go to hell” – Kudzai Chipanga

As the President since 1980 in the Republic of Zimbabwe, where the longest serving President Robert Mugabe are supposed to engage the Youth. This is happening in Marondera, where the ruling regime and ruling party ZANU-PF was taking the school-buses and closing the schools, so the youth had to attend the rally today. Also the vendors in Marondera had to close, because the state has subscribed that all citizens and especially the youth had to attend the rally of the President. This is all ahead of next years election, as the 93 years old needs to get the masses behind him. In this rally the Youth League Secretary Chipanga had a powerful speech. Take a look!

Youth League Secretary Kudzanai Chipanga said: “Mash East is a special province. Everything is done the Zanu PF way here. Even when people cough, they clench their fist which is a Zanu PF symbol” (…) “We want to thank you President Mugabe for taking time off your busy schedule to meet the young people. The reason why we opted for this model was the overwhelming attendance during last year’s Million Man March. Some did not even attend” (…) “We want to assure you President Mugabe, you are our life President. Even if you die, we will hold the Politburo at National Heroes Acre. We will support you always” (Chipanga outtakes at Rudhaka Stadium in Mashonaland East, 02.06.2017).

Certainly, it was special that the President who is 93 years old that are supposed to get the Youth vote in the next election. But again, like former Zanu-PF elites has said he is written in the bible and also will run after his death.

Now he is even more powerful that proverbs, he will decide the fate of the humanity at the pearly gates. Decide if 50 Cent or Fat Joe gets to heaven. So you support MDC or parts of #ThisFlag you will not enter. Chipanga shouldn’t be ZANU-PF cadre, he should be pastor at some baptist preacher. That Mugabe is supposed to rule for life and it is justified, since he will even decide after his life ended as well.

ZANU-PF needs help, especially the Youth and also the ZANU-PF leadership that praises the old-man and puts him into weird biblical fiction. Where he rules after death and puts him into the psalms. There are no clear evidence of this. The dictatorship is taking the phenomenon of Mugabe a bit far. As the support shows how little value of the state there is, when everything circles in and around Mugabe. The total control of the Zanu-PF elite is overwhelming and cannot be right.

President Mugabe, will not have a notebook at the pearly gates, neither is he in the bible or deserving the support after death. He doesn’t even deserve it now, as he has had control over to many decades. Mugabe is clearly reaching too far when he pushes the agenda of the youth as he is 93 years old. But Mugabe is not in the psalms or at the gates. He will just be buried like the rest of us and God will determined his fate. Peace.

Opinion: A 93 year old, apparently doesn’t need succession!


The President of Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe, the man who is in the psalms, who was written to stay as a leader and even be voted on after death, that is if Grace Mugabe, the first lady gets her wish. The Zanu-PF which was created by him as he mended to parties together when he got rid of a rival; so many forgets the past history of how ZANU became Zanu-PF. The Patriotic Front was sucked into the merger for the political ambition of President Mugabe, as he swallowed and got rid of Joshua Nkomo. Nkomo also lost his party as it became one party Zanu-PF.

Therefore listening to the President and leader of decades upon decades Mugabe had to say this on his 93rd birthday:

“PRESIDENT Mugabe has warned ambitious lieutenants in his party who are angling to succeed him to stop fanning divisions, saying he will not be pressured into appointing his successor” (…) “He slammed succession-driven factional divisions in Zanu-PF, called for unity in the ruling party, and reaffirmed his position that whoever would succeed him was going to be chosen by the people through an election” (Gono, Mukarati & Tshuma, 2017).

The man who will run and continue to be the kingpin, the grand master of Zimbabwe, President Mugabe will not leave the republic and the reign before his last breath. The lasting regime and the will to stay is not only for his benefit, but for his closest allies and elite. The ones who drives flash cars in Harare, who owns the banks and export resources to abroad, also the ones who sells special-made cakes, lays chips and all sort of imported goods. That is who keeps breathing air into the Zanu-PF regime and Mugabe’s continues reign.

The ones who thinks this isn’t eating he system, isn’t costing the republics coffers, the possibility for good governance and accountability are not there with a man who rules and give the rules, without following any common-sense himself. A man has used any trick possible in the book and use all sort force to gain his will.

Are now imposing him and continuing his ill-will reign with the force of his army and sometimes like in the past mercenaries or paid forces from North Korea even. Because Mugabe doesn’t believe in democracy, but in his power to reign by all means!

Also, so his family can benefit and earns wealth on his reign. The Mugabe clan must surely have become rich from all of these years. If not why would he not step down and give way for somebody else? That is because he knows that all that is created around him and his family de facto disappears the day he leaves. However, the Mugabe name will tarnish history of a liberator turned Orwellian master. Nobody foresaw the transformation, but over time he has showed more and more traits of a scrupulous leader who use any means to stay and to forge the power around him. Therefore, the ones near him and the first lady are loyal fellows with no spine. If they had spine they would be beaten by the Police in protest, getting produced in courts or starving, even lacking civil service salaries. That is the means of lacking of governance and institutions as it all is and has been all Mugabe.

So there is no surprise, that the future casket President and the one ruling into death. So why be subtle about it. That is not the need of the Mugabe regime now. They are beating civilians, detaining civilian activists and silencing the opposition. Therefore, they feel invisible to anyone who thinks they can bring down President Mugabe. Peace.


Gono, Vincent, Mukarati, Levi & Tshuma Nduduzo – ‘NO PRESSURE ON SUCCESSOR: President speaks on party divisions, bond notes’ (26.02.2017) link: http://www.sundaynews.co.zw/no-pressure-on-successor-president-speaks-on-party-divisions-bond-notes/

Super-President Mugabe will reign in the votes even after his death!

Robert Mugabe

“Even when Mugabe dies, we will vote for his corpse and it will win an election”Grace Mugabe, 17.02.17, 2:06pm” (Patson Dzmara, 17.02.2017).

Well, for me this isn’t surprising, as the Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko and others has claimed that President Robert Mugabe is biblical and has to rule for eternity. That eternity is damn long, its decades upon decade, which makes the Lancaster House agreement of 1980s seems like small fry and the Ian Smith regime like a token of misjudgement. Since President Mugabe will now extend his rule beyond the grave.

The citizens of Zimbabwe will pay their respects with giving him the votes when he has even caught his last breath and eaten his last meal. When his body is so deep into dirt and vanishing inch by inch six feet under, the public will still drop ballots in his honour. The power of Mugabe is so strong that his earthly remains will not stop the Zimbabweans from showing their political will and to stand behind his Zanu-PF banner.

President Mugabe, the former freedom fighter will control his people beyond his grave and with the codes of elections through the same electorate. This is wishes of his beloved wife Grace Mugabe, which the power beholden to Mugabe is now so strong and powerful that it will sway people to vote for him even when the heartbeat of the brother has stopped.

So even if the President Mugabe pump isn’t working, he has no pulse, no breath or even walking; he will still have the ability to get the Zimbabweans to show loyalty and his party. The Zanu-PF must be rudderless and be without a proper head if the man they have as leader will be dead and gone. Mugabe should be a memory and legacy of the Zimbabwean nation. Not a figure, not a man who would extend his reign beyond his life.

Zimbabwe must have one brother or sister who is able to sway voters after the demise and last breath of President Mugabe. There are certainly somebody else who has the ability to gain the popularity and the righteous reign after the Zanu-PF head-honcho of decades upon decades should leave a new leader behind. That is certainly something the First Lady of Zimbabwe doesn’t believe in.

That Zanu-PF leadership, the Zanu-PF Youth League and all the other political leaders must feel left behind, when the corpse and the legacy of the long-serving president Mugabe can win and run elections from his place in graveyard. So politically Grace Mugabe must see the Zanu-PF as a total dead party. With that meaning that nobody else should run than a dead man. That means the internal or primary elections are pointless, as no matter who would run for being flag-bearer is not necessary since the man is already handpicked.

So who need democracy and elections when the dead is still ruling, Grace must fear for herself and her riches, when she depends on the Presidents executive position; that must be most important reason for her will to belief that the citizens still will elect her husband after his demise. Certainly, there should be others who could pick his mantle and continue where he left off?

I feel sorry for the other who are in the party of President Mugabe; they can’t even compete with the biblical and have the ability to roam the nation. The future leaders and the ones coming after must feel passed over. The youth and the ones in Zanu-PF must feel like they are walked over. Certainly, it must hurt that they are double-crossed by a deceased, not a loyalist to Mugabe even. They will not match up to the dead man. Mugabe, even in death surpasses the living in skill, expertise and the vision to give anyone else the possibility to run. So with this in mind, the President and Mugabe will by all means not rest in peace. He will reign in turbulence and let his soul roam the nation, even after his passing. Peace.

Opinion: VP Mphoko has lost the ‘plot’ and Mugabe is in the biblical Psalms!


As the Zimbabwean economy is in shambles, the ATMs are pushing out South African Rand’s instead of US Dollars, the Zimbabwean state are letting this flag demonstrators go to jail, letting students protesting at a Cricket match go to jail. The Government are busy shedding and putting cyber-crime to the forefront of the agenda, together with escalation of the computer prices. As the Mugabe government are hostile to War Veterans, Lawyers, Pastors and everybody else than the Zanu-PF elite.

It was already earlier in the last month, claimed that Mugabe was biblical. I wrote my piece on it, but the leadership and honourable Vice President of Zimbabwe we’re more direct yesterday, actually saying the bible was directly quoting the proof of the unjust and authoritarian regime under President Mugabe. First take the words of VP Mphoko. Before we look into the bible-verse Mugabe apparently is written into!

VP Mphoko wise words yesterday:

“I hear that there are people who are fasting for 40 days, praying to God for the President to die. What these people don’t know is that President Mugabe was chosen by God before he was appointed by the people” (…) “I’m wondering what kind of churches and what kind of people would kneel down and pray for someone’s death. The President was created by God in your absence but you have the nerve to ask God to destroy that person yet God has a purpose for him. What has gotten into us?” (…) “President Mugabe was born on the 2tst and if you read the psalms 21 it says I’ll give you a crown of leadership and long life. That’s President Mugabe’s prophecy from God. Those who are against the prophecy are wasting their time by fasting and praying for his death” (Vambe, 2016).


Psalms 21:

“1The king rejoices in your strength, Lord.

How great is his joy in the victories you give!

2You have granted him his heart’s desire

and have not withheld the request of his lips.

3You came to greet him with rich blessings

and placed a crown of pure gold on his head.

4He asked you for life, and you gave it to him—

length of days, for ever and ever.

5Through the victories you gave, his glory is great;

you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty.

6Surely you have granted him unending blessings

and made him glad with the joy of your presence.

7For the king trusts in the Lord;

through the unfailing love of the Most High

he will not be shaken.

8Your hand will lay hold on all your enemies;

your right hand will seize your foes.

9When you appear for battle,

you will burn them up as in a blazing furnace.

The Lord will swallow them up in his wrath,

and his fire will consume them.

10You will destroy their descendants from the earth,

their posterity from mankind.

11Though they plot evil against you

and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed.

12You will make them turn their backs

when you aim at them with drawn bow.

13Be exalted in your strength, Lord;

we will sing and praise your might” (New International Version, 2011 – https://www.bible.com/no/bible/111/psa.21).

If you can find Mugabe in the Holy Scripture and the prophecy in it, then you are deluded or trying to mend the biblical times with ours. So the celebration for a victory done in King David time, all of a sudden has meaning for the current President Mugabe. Proves that the VP Mphoko have to study his bible and his words. The usage of bible and the Holy Scriptures to defend a tyrant and a dictator isn’t actually that noble or honest. He is part of the Zanu-PF cronies and proves how far he will go defend the master and breadwinner who have a luxurious lifestyle. This is something Mphoko also done with his long stay at luxurious hotel on the billings of Zimbabwean tax-payers.

Pope Jean Paul II Quote

I will quote the late Pope Jean Paul II that wrote this about the same Psalm:

“At the heart of Psalm 21[20], the Liturgy of Vespers has left out the part we have just heard and omitted another section with an imprecatory tone (cf. vv. 9-13). The remaining preserved part speaks in the past and in the present of the favours God has granted the king, while the omitted part speaks of his future victory over his enemies” (…) “The text that is the subject of our meditation (cf. vv. 2-8, 14) belongs to the category of the royal Psalms. It is therefore centred on God’s work for the Hebrew sovereign, perhaps portrayed on the solemn day of his enthronement. At the beginning (cf. v. 2) and at the end (cf. v. 14), the acclamation of the entire gathering almost seems to ring out, whereas the heart of the canticle has the tone of a thanksgiving hymn which the Psalmist addresses to God for the favours he has granted the king: “goodly blessings” (v. 4), “length of days” (v. 5), “glory” (v. 6) and “joy” (v. 7)” (…) “It is easy to perceive that this hymn, as occurred with other royal Psalms in the Psaltery, was given a new interpretation when the monarchy in Israel disappeared. In Judaism it had already become a hymn in honour to the Messiah-king, thus paving the way to the Christological interpretation which is precisely used in the liturgy” (…) “Along these lines, St Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons, commenting on this Psalm, was to apply the theme of life (cf. Ps 21[20]: 5) to Christ’s Resurrection: “Why does the Psalmist say: “Life you have asked for’, since Christ was about to die? In this way, the Psalmist proclaims his Resurrection from the dead and his immortality after rising from th dead. In fact, he entered life in order to rise again, and through the space of time in eternity, so as to be incorruptible” (Esposizione della Predicazione Apostolica, 72, Milan, 1979, p. 519)” (Jean Paul II, 2004).

That isn’t saying a prophecy of the reign of Mugabe as VP Mphoko said recently. When it comes to theological questions I prefer a scholar in this and not a political experienced Zanu-PF man who claims the Mugabe place inside the Holy Scripture.

The only justified words of VP Mphoko are the praying and fasting for the death of Mugabe. Mugabe is a human and at one point stop to reign Zimbabwe. At one point the man will stop breathing like all of the rest of ordinary people. The Christians of Zimbabwe should pray for their leadership and that God should send them honorable men. Also for men of faith to run the country as the bible teaches them to do. As the proverbs and other scriptures says about honesty, truth and managing resources. Though the bible is more about mercy and salvation, but has other scriptures as well. Still, haven’t seen anywhere Mugabe been parts of the prophecy and the future knowledge of any of the prophets. That is just me though. Peace.


Vambe, Lex – ‘Mugabe’s Death : VÅ Mphoko shocked and angered by prayer requests’ (08.08.2016) link: http://www.thezimbabwenewslive.com/politics-24052-mugabes-death-vp-mphoko-shocked-angered-prayer-requests.html

Jean Paul II – ‘General Audience’ (17.03.2004) link: http://w2.vatican.va/content/john-paul-ii/en/audiences/2004/documents/hf_jp-ii_aud_20040317.html

President Mugabe is biblical, who knew?

Mugabe Bible

I don’t know if the Zimbabwean churches have their own version or limited editions of Biblical Scriptures as their Executive or President are apparently written into it. For some reason as a Christian, I have lost the plot and lost the place of H.E. Mugabe there. So here is some of the words said about the man lingering in power.

The original version of New International Version (NIV) of the Bible in Jeremiah 29:11 says this: “11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”. While in the Zimbabwean it might says this: “11 For I know Mugabe’s plans have for you, “ declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, Mugabe plans to give you hope and a future”.

I might be wrong, but the Zimbabwean version of the bible like this too, as the President Mugabe could also be in this scripture which is NIV Philippians 4:13 says: “13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength”, but the Zimbabwean might say’s this: “13 I can do all this through Mugabe who gives me strength”.

Enough of the mockery and destruction of the holy Bible, as the President have been in position of the holiness and grandeur place. First of is his wife who have great faith in her man. With this in mind, Grace Mugabe the first lady said this: “You’re irreplaceable” (…) “continue with his leadership even from the National Heroes Acre in event of death.” (News24, 2015).

As he is supposed to still have the power and ability to run Zimbabwe from the dead, he is also greater then Moses, apparently. This been said by Bishop and Church leader Nehemiah Mutendi said this: “You (president) have managed to do what Moses could not achieve because Moses did not go with the people of Israel to Canaan but you were with us at independence and you are still with us” (Mawawa, 2016).

The Zanu-PF leader Kudzai Chipang is a little more on planet earth, though also have faith that he is written in the bible and said this: “Mr Mugabe will die in office. It was written in the Bible that he won’t just rule the country, but would die in office.” (AfricanSpotlight, 2016).

So if you have learned anything by this today and I feel sorry for youth and Christians in Zimbabwe, if this is the common-grounds, as the President is attacking #ThisFlag activist and Pastor Evan Mawarire who certainly not written into the bible, but is still a man of integrity and fight for justice. Something President Mugabe was a few decades ago, but now is recited in the holy scriptures and has the ability to be walking dead; still hunting white colonialists while stealing monies from the state-coffers to his cronies. Maybe that is written in the Zimbabwean edition in the books of Revelations? I think that is enough for now. Peace.


AfricanSpotlight – ‘The Bible says Mugabe will rule ‘until he dies’ – Party leader’ (20.07.2016) link: http://africanspotlight.com/2016/07/20/the-bible-says-mugabe-will-rule-until-he-dies-party-leader/

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