Go-Forward Team meets wokoloso Police Force in Dokolo

Dokolo Go-Forward 28.12.15

Yet another day into the line of fire for the Team Go-Forward and their presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi when they we’re getting ready for their campaign rally in Dokolo. As it seems to be in recent days, there are issues between his people and the police. Not peaceful events, but hard-core policing. Something that happen also today!

Dokolo Go-Forward 28.12.15 P2

District Police Commander Kayondo Lukanga firstly sent out troops trying to block the event from occurring. This with live bullets towards Amama Mbabazi car; when this wasn’t enough the DPC ordered his police to use further force against the Go-Forward supporters and citizens who was making themselves ready for the campaign rally.

At the blocked space the police decided to do even more! They we’re not done with that. They wanted to show more force unto the people who was screaming Go-Forward slogans. Therefore they must been ordered to be disperse the crowds with tear-gas! Another day in Uganda where the Police fired tear-gas into the crowds and public rallies of opposition leaders! O how proud IGP Kale Kayihura and Mzee must be! Peace.

Amama Mbabazi message after the events today:

“Amolator and Dokolo: Due to the bad road network that exists between Amolator and Dokolo, we were not able to make the final rally. Especially since the police found it prudent to teargas our supporters. We have however passed throughDokolo town greeting the people”

Police blocks Baryamureeba from campaigning in Busia (Youtube-Clip)

“Police in Busia town blocked the campaign rally of Independent Presidential Candidate Professor Venansius Baryamureeba. Baryamureeba had staged his rally at Busia Bus park was ordered to leave the venue by anti riot police commander David Lubanjwa on grounds that he was not supposed to be campaigning in Busia. Baryamureba was expected at the Eastern border district the previous day, Monday” (NTV Uganda, 2015).

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