Go-Forward get into trouble in Masindi and Bulisa today

Masindi Go-Forward 27.12.15

Today have been a tough day for the Go-Forward Group and it started with hassle where they had issues in Masindi. But the first start is how Mzee serves his men in Ntungamo.

In Ntungamo after the clashes the Go-Forward and Amama Mbabazi Team has been handled by the UPF and security agents. Now Mzee says he will compensate the NRM-Supporters with 1, 5 Uganda Shillings. This will go to the ones that we’re injured in the skirmishes and they we’re the one that was in charge of violence ironically.

Public Address System Go-Forward Compond 27.12.15

Early in the Morning in Masindi before the rally the Police confiscated his Public Address System. And the Stadium where the Campaign Rally we’re set as a venue we’re shut down by the Police as well.

Go-Forward Truck Driver Jailed 27.12.15

Also the Go-Forward Truck driver meets with DPC Bakashaba and was jailed while driving campaign material towards the Campaign rally. Amama Mbabazi had to pick up the Public Address System and the Truck Driver in the prison in Masindi. And we’re released both the truck and the driver after inquiry to the matter at the Masindi Police Station.

Amama Mbabazi Masindi Police Station 27.12.15

In Bullisa there became more issues for the Go-Forward because the boda-boda drivers we’re promised monies from the local coordinator to drive people before the campaign rallies. They we’re promised fuel money and weren’t delivered. Because of this they first went house to house to find the local coordinator who promised monies. Couldn’t find him; therefore they ended up blocking the roads towards the campaign venue. The Police to disperse the boda-boda drivers they threw tear-gas into the crowd.

Road-Block from Boda Boda Go-Forward 27.12.15

Later in Semuto near the Hospital there, the Hospital have been shut down by the police and sealed it off from any politician. That is because Amama Mbabazi is not to “disturb the sick”.

The rallies of Amama Mbabazi ended late because of the boda-boda troubles of the day and also the Police actions in Masindi. The Campaign trail will continue. It was later proved that the man promising the monies to the Boda-Boda drivers we’re not a part of the Go-Forward Campaign Team so the Boda-Boda people we’re tricked! Peace.

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