Press Relese: Worrying Trends of Journalists Targeted for Covering Political Campaigns in Uganda (26.02.2016)

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The Calvary attacks in Moroto: On the field-Journalists on the FDC campaign trail

Kitura - Moroto Road - 10.01.2016

Journalists who were travelling to cover FDC campaign in Moroto today we’re stopped by the Police in on the road along from Kitora to Moroto. The District Police Commander of Moroto George Obia is the one who commissioned the stop of them. Then this unfollowed! 

The Police stopped the journalist from the NTV Ronald Galiwango, the New Vision photographer Kenedy Oriyem and Kyaaze Anyast of Bukkede TV. Their cameras we’re either destroyed or confiscated by the police at the road.

The Journalist has later been in discussion with the Regional District Commander Aruk Maruk. Since they should get an explanation for the matter and settle it. This here is a violation of freedom of the press and their movement to cover the national matter. In this sense the campaign coverage of FDC, the same Police Commanders would not do the same if there was a NRM campaign convoy in the area. Then they would have stand on guard and grinned because the Mzee would be around! Peace.

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