Ugandan opposistion leaders arrested in Kampala


Uganda former presidential candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye is arrested and taken to Njinja Road Police Torture Chambers whilst, Kamapala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago taken to Katwe Brutal Military Police Station. Many other opposition leaders who also been arrested their fate is unknown. Many opposition leaders are facing arrest and others went into hiding. Teargas and Live Gunfire has covered Nsambya Sharing Hall and surrounding areas in Kampala(My main source says this).

The other held at the Nsambya police near Sharing are Salongo Kalule Sam the Administrator of FDC Kampala office, Modu a UYD activist, Buwembo Habib, and other 3 that I couldn’t identify(My second source).


Press Release: NAU activists remanded in Luzira prison (21.1.2015)

Another exhibition of misuse of the law to persecute unemployed Ugandans who are peacefully trying to alert the govt about the level of unemployment situation.
Back ground to this story is yesterday NAU members peacefully set off to deliver a letter to the police HQ in accordance to to the legal regime, however they were brutally intercepted and bundled in to police pick up trucks.
Today to our dismay the state charged them with a case of unlawful assembly, the six are namely:

Prince Kahemba Babi
Busigye Phionah
Awangi Bethwell
Buhembo Habib
Serungogi Rashid
We consider this as a flagrant abuse of the law by the Nakawa magistrate to remand the activist for delivering a letter.
Wabulembo Robin also a NAU activist who appeared in Mwanga court was granted a cash bail of 200,000sh. We condemn the habit of granting cash bail to the unemployed youth.

(From the NAU Sources)

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