Opinion: A man for his cows…

It is now revealed that the President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni appointed Dr. Nassan Tandekwiire to Senior Presidential Advisor on Indigenous Cattle on the 31st July 2022. Since then the individual has been banking 15 million shillings a month.

What is striking is that the Ministry of Agricultural, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) has technically 4 ministers. With one Minister in Frank Tumwebaze and 3 other Minister of State, which one happens to be designated to Animal Industry, this being Bright Rwamirama. So, partly there is two high ranking officials on the matter, which would easily deem the need for Presidential Advisor on the matter.

No one can be shocked by this, because Museveni has been busy appointing cronies and associates for decades. His created so many positions, parastatals and whatnot to get people on the payroll. Therefore creating a new role or an office, which happens to be designated for indigenous cattle was bound to happen eventually.

Surely, Dr. Tandekwiire is the most well-versed individual on cattle. He must have a PHD. and have documents to prove his knowledge. Since you should be unique and brilliant about it. The good doctor should be able talk about it and enlighten the public at large on a NBS/NTV/UBC program in the near future. That man should explain the vast differences between the cattle in the Republic. And be more hard-hitting information that you can find on Wikipedia or any other platform like that. It should be levels of a scholar and not a random bloke from Entebbe.

I’m looking forward to Tumwebaze defending this, just like he defended Muhoozi lately. The President must be “pulling a leg” here. This cannot be serious. Isn’t there enough professionals and people who are technocrats knowing their field in the Ministry itself? Do they need a unique and special dude to be focused on one animal? Seriously?

The good doctor must have something about Ankole cattle. Why him and not Gen. David Sejusa? What is so special or significant by the Dr. Tandekwiire?

He must really be a living encyclopedia and have the knowledge we all never would ever know about the cattle. President Museveni has always been proud of his cows and his farm. This is just an extension of it. However, is it worth 15 million shillings a month?

I don’t know about that, because it’s hard to defend it. Especially, when the Republic already has so many ministers and possible technocrats in the Ministry itself to handle it. Therefore, the President really needs to explain himself. If not, I anticipate a funny explanation from Hon. Tumwebaze on the matter in the near future. Peace.

WHO Director-General applauds Uganda’s Ebola preparedness response (03.01.2019)

Kampala 3 January 2019:- The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO DG), Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has lauded Uganda for the Ebola preparedness response mounted, so far, in the high-risk districts of the country.

Dr Tedros said that Uganda’s disease outbreak response system is recognized globally for its effectiveness. He commended the government for the support rendered during the ongoing vaccination exercising, saying, “The vaccination exercise will go a long way in saving the lives of frontline health workers and health care workers and we are really grateful for the government’s commitment and support.”

He made these remarks at a meeting held at the Office of the Prime Minister where he met key government dignitaries including; the Prime Minister- Right Honourable Dr Ruhakana Rugunda; Minister of Foreign Affairs- Hon Sam Kuteesa; Minister of State for Defence and Veteran Affairs- Hon Bright Rwamirama; Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary-Dr Diana Atwiine and other government officials.

He highlighted the appreciation by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) of Uganda for the support in the ongoing outbreak response especially regarding capacity building in Infection Prevention and Control and cross-border screening and surveillance.

Dr Tedros emphasized the need to amplify Primary Health Care (PHC) in Uganda in order to prevent diseases among the population. He added that health promotion and prevention of communicable and Non-communicable disease are key to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The Prime Minister of Uganda, Right Honorable Dr Ruhakana Rugunda appreciated WHO’s endless support to Uganda, saying, “Whatever Uganda has managed to achieve in public health is because of the general leadership of WHO.”

He noted, with concern, the ongoing Ebola outbreak in DRC, and commended WHO and partners in the response for braving the harsh conditions to save lives. “Your hard work and sacrifice do not go unnoticed”, he said.

Dr Ruhakana also highlighted the importance of PHC to Uganda. “We have no choice but to support PHC. It is the key to tackling many of the afflictions we are getting”, he said. He committed the government to achieve UHC in Uganda.

In the wake of the Ebola outbreak that is affecting the Eastern part of DRC close to the Uganda-DRC border, Uganda is implementing a series of activities to ensure that the country is protected from the Ebola outbreak or able to control the outbreak in case of a confirmed case in Uganda. These include vaccination of frontline health workers, screening of travellers at the points of entry, risk communication and community engagement, enhanced surveillance including community-based disease surveillance and cross-border surveillance. Other activities include the collection and testing of blood samples from alert cases, capacity building for case management, psycho-social care and capacity building for safe and dignified burials.

The meeting was attended by government officials, the media and officials from WHO headquarters and WHO Uganda country office.

Monies, Guns and Tear-Gas enters the race for Western Youth MP Elections in Fort Portal

Fort Portal Youth 29.02.2016 P2

There is always interesting during the General Election in 2016. The Electoral Commission and the Government of Uganda or the NRM-Regime can’t make a genuine exercise. The reports are staggering. Here are some of them and even an footage.


“Over 800 youth delegates from western region are expected to take part in the youth elections slated for Monday 29. In this part of the country, polls will be held at Kagote SDA hall in Fort Portal municipality” (New Vision, 27.02.2016).

Eye-witness on the direct campaign:

“Supporters of Mwine Mpaka son to Minister Bright Rwamirama are pelting stones at supporters of Amanya Tumukunde son to Rt Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde. They are aspiring for western Mp seat here in Fort Portal. Voting is tomorrow. Only Chairperson, Secretary for Female and Finance secretary youth councils at sub county level are only legible to vote” (“28.02.2016).

Here is what has happen today:

“Western Region youth MP race turn chaotic after a man only identified as Buryo has been arrested in Fort Portal at Kagote SDA hall with a pistol. Has has been arrested. It is said he was under the instruction of a one Michael Katungi who went in to harass supporters of Independent candidate, Amanya Tumukunde” (Eagle Online, 29.02.2016).

Fort Portal Youth 29.02.2017

Updates from Fort portal: According to the one in charge of Youth elections, the regional Registrar “Candidates are to be nominated today at 10am, massive rally Campaigns are to be staged at 11am, voting at 01:30 The battle is between the son to Gen.Tumukunde, Amanya and the son to the minister of Agriculture Mwine Mpaka. All camps are 50%” (Fatwes Solutions, 29.02.2016).

There been reports from certain sources that two people have been hurt during the election as the Police and Army has taken control of the venue in Fort Portal!

Footage of the Yout Election in Fort Portal:

As the campaign and voting continues in the hall eyewitness report says this:

“Tear gas rocking at Kagote SDA hall, as the western youth MP elections is still going on”. The tear-gas happens while they are counting. There are rumors that Tumukunde is detained and arrested by now. But that is not confirmed.

A Side-note – on the MP as Alex Ruhunda:

“Our credible source revealed that Alex Ruhunda supplied, 1m to each polling station 64stations in the municipal, him and his agents bought a vote at 10k.which means at every polling station he bought 100votes” (Tooro News, 28.02.2016).

I think that is enough for today. Peace.

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