Monies, Guns and Tear-Gas enters the race for Western Youth MP Elections in Fort Portal

Fort Portal Youth 29.02.2016 P2

There is always interesting during the General Election in 2016. The Electoral Commission and the Government of Uganda or the NRM-Regime can’t make a genuine exercise. The reports are staggering. Here are some of them and even an footage.


“Over 800 youth delegates from western region are expected to take part in the youth elections slated for Monday 29. In this part of the country, polls will be held at Kagote SDA hall in Fort Portal municipality” (New Vision, 27.02.2016).

Eye-witness on the direct campaign:

“Supporters of Mwine Mpaka son to Minister Bright Rwamirama are pelting stones at supporters of Amanya Tumukunde son to Rt Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde. They are aspiring for western Mp seat here in Fort Portal. Voting is tomorrow. Only Chairperson, Secretary for Female and Finance secretary youth councils at sub county level are only legible to vote” (“28.02.2016).

Here is what has happen today:

“Western Region youth MP race turn chaotic after a man only identified as Buryo has been arrested in Fort Portal at Kagote SDA hall with a pistol. Has has been arrested. It is said he was under the instruction of a one Michael Katungi who went in to harass supporters of Independent candidate, Amanya Tumukunde” (Eagle Online, 29.02.2016).

Fort Portal Youth 29.02.2017

Updates from Fort portal: According to the one in charge of Youth elections, the regional Registrar “Candidates are to be nominated today at 10am, massive rally Campaigns are to be staged at 11am, voting at 01:30 The battle is between the son to Gen.Tumukunde, Amanya and the son to the minister of Agriculture Mwine Mpaka. All camps are 50%” (Fatwes Solutions, 29.02.2016).

There been reports from certain sources that two people have been hurt during the election as the Police and Army has taken control of the venue in Fort Portal!

Footage of the Yout Election in Fort Portal:

As the campaign and voting continues in the hall eyewitness report says this:

“Tear gas rocking at Kagote SDA hall, as the western youth MP elections is still going on”. The tear-gas happens while they are counting. There are rumors that Tumukunde is detained and arrested by now. But that is not confirmed.

A Side-note – on the MP as Alex Ruhunda:

“Our credible source revealed that Alex Ruhunda supplied, 1m to each polling station 64stations in the municipal, him and his agents bought a vote at 10k.which means at every polling station he bought 100votes” (Tooro News, 28.02.2016).

I think that is enough for today. Peace.

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