Uganda Human Rights Commission – Re: Detention of Hon. Betty Bakireke Nambooze, MP. Mukono Muncipality (21.06.2018)

Opinion: Is Hon. Nambooze a terrorist? Since she is investigated as her condition is worsening!

Its been a week where the Democratic Party MP for Mukono Betty Nambooze has been charged and arrested for offensive communications in the case of deceased politician Abiriga. So since 13th June 2018, the troubles has been heavy for the Member of Parliament, she was even taken from her home and dispatched between police stations before she was supposed to be allowed on bond. However, she has been buried in cases.

Where she with her heart condition has not gotten the needed treatment, even seen enough doctors and be to the hospital. So her condition is deteriorating. Not that it matters to the law and the authorities. They don’t care if her body and mind is failing, if the sickness are creating more weakness for the MP. Because they are building a case and showing force.

So finally, yesterday, because what she wrote after Abiriga was assassinated. She has deserved treatment and if she had violated any law. It could be postponed until her health was better. That she would be normal and not bed-ridden in uncertainty like now. This is really showing the lack of understanding and needs of the citizen.

That on top of this, they are now ceasing her phones, tablets and computers to be used in investigation as per Court Order on the 20th June, as well as prolonging the investigation by 14 more days. That means the state will use in the first part of the discovery and to investigate the matter, a total of 22 days or a little over 3 weeks. This while her heart condition is making her life worse. That is punishment in itself and harming her.

The Police have even used Court Order to storm the Kirudu Hospital where she is bedridden to get the collect the evidence, as she was for over 48 hours in Police Stations. Before she was taken to the Hospital by the lawyers and also with help from the Uganda Human Rights Commission. Clearly, this shouldn’t be this hard and the state should be ashamed of how they are charging and investigating a fellow citizen.

It is like Nambooze is the biggest terrorist and the one that is the biggest threat to the state. With the acts of the Police, you would think that she was cousin of Kony and if she was the offspring of the ADF. Because that would make sense. However, common sense is that she is pinned and a picked victim of the failing insecurity in Uganda. They are pinning her and using her statements to show the people what is justice. Instead of actually considering her words, they are detaining and ready to suffer for her comments.

The state is ready to violate human beings and misuse their powers, that is the signal of the activity and oppression that the MP is going through. This will not bring Abiriga back and she is not the killer. There is someone out there laughing at this and thinking how foolish the Police are, as they are pinning offensive communications on someone as they please. Even Museveni has said much worse about random state subject since 14th June 2018. Therefore, the law is justified. Peace.

A Message to the UPF: You won’t solve Abiriga’s murder by arresting MPs!

I don’t know if this is the remedy, the Uganda Police Force has or the National Resistance Movement (NRM) have to secure their existence, because at some point of time. They just have to arrest some Members of Parliament on some fraudulent charges. This time it hon. Hassan Fungaroo Kaps, the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) the Obangi County MP and also Betty Nambooze Bakireke, the Democratic Party (DP), the Mukono Municipality MP.

Today, the Police Force first took Nambooze from her home in Mukono, than she was put in Jinja Road Police Station before taken to Naggalama Police Station. Where she after a whole day was released. This after producing a statement and let out on bond until Friday, as the probe on Abiriga continues. That is because the Police says the MP has delivered “Offensive Communications”. Meaning, she said something profound online or in a broadcast. Which was insulting the intelligence of the NRM.

Certainly, the same must have been done by Fungaroo too. Both of them have to show up on Friday as the Police are investigating them. This is all a charade, where they are used as pawns to create chaos. Certainly, the UPF and UPDF don’t want people to look into the cover-ups and the sudden arrests surrounding Gen. Kale Kayihura, also the strange events around his airlift. Nothing seems like the statement the UPDF said. Neither, the changing narrative. They are doing that, as people are worked-up of the assassination of Abiriga.

Therefore, because these MP’s was speaking out, writing their heart out and actually taking a stand. The Police are shielding the state arresting them and trying to stop them from questioning the death of Abiriga. That is why the Uganda Communication Commission are also explaining how people should communicate about the investigation into Abiriga, because the state doesn’t like thinkers. The NRM Regime need loyal followers, everything else is sectarianism.

That is why this arrests and this threats against to MPs is just sad. They are used as tool from the state. Their arrests and their investigations into the words they said, won’t bear fruit and create any changes of the cause. This sort of investigation is more a public mirage, than actually making a difference. The investigation should be into the motorcycle killers and the leads from the murder-scene. Not if an MP wrote something on Facebook or talked on NTV. That is just nonsense and the world knows that.

What is saddest is that the state use these tools, instead of solving the murder. They are misusing the state resources on mirages on forgery and not on the initial investigation into who actually killed Abiriga. Because they are more preoccupied playing with these MPs and their lives. Using their time and spirit. This is not making the Republic better. Just hurting it instead and also the integrity of the Parliament. As again MPs are suddenly made criminals for speaking their mind. Peace.

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Locals sings ‘Ale leleko’ on Abiriga’s return to Arua: The Army in return answered with bullets!

Ale leleko” – translated to “We don’t Want Yellow!”.

Today, the casket of Hon. Ibrahim Abiriga arrived to Arua Airfield and was ready for the citizens to have the public burial of their Member of Parliament. This is just mere days after the assassination of him. Therefore, the public was tense before his casket came there. The public is mourning and worried as their MP came home.

What was sad that the army sent 10 trucks of soldiers from Bondo Army Barracks, who where there to takeover Arua town before the ceremony. There is no redemption from this, as the burial became bloody. Not only destruction of plastic chairs. But the soldiers shot bullet into the air. That in a burial of an MP ended up in more dead. That is really just sad, that in Arua two more people is reported dead. Two more people died because of the burial of Abiriga.

The people of Arua chased away possibly Funeral Workers from Kampala who spoke Luganda. Also beat on Journalists. These was tense youth, who struggles with the death of their MP. They didn’t even want to see the Yellow Color and anything associated with it. There is reports that Abiriga’s relatives have seek refuge at the Arua Police Station.

As reported from Arua:

We the Arua people don’t move the bodies of our loved ones in cars,we carry them and walk wherever we have to go,it took them too long to realise,that van would reach the venue at midnight” (…) “He has always been a hero to Arua people, HATE is an understatement for what they feel for NRM, but Abiriga has always won the votes despite being NRM because he loved his people more than the money”.

This is sentiment from Arua itself. Not just some random person saying it. The mourners did take the casket out of the car. Because they wanted a walking procession, not a slow-downed drive to the funeral. The locals wanted to celebrate their hero and pay their respects properly. They are also tense, because the NRM would destroy the affair. There is also reports that the A-Persons Funeral Services got the other bodies taken away from them too. That is why the army and the violence appeared.

Yellow cars got burned, everything yellow burned in Arua. Motorcycles everything. The youth have really showed their anger and reacted to the affair.

They don’t want yellow now and is tired of it, as they didn’t take care of their representative.

So what we know after today’s violence. We can wonder if the Security and Army will act as swiftly tomorrow. As they went on rampage and the locals chased the police and journalists away. The affair went from celebrating their slain hero, into sad tragic event, no one worthy. The saddest part is that the public have even more people to mourn. As people got shot and killed by soldiers today.

This is a sad way of ending a life and the day before the burial. As the people wanted to celebrate the end of their MP’s life. Abiriga really got the people’s heart, more than we the outsider could understand.

Therefore – Ale leleko. Peace.