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Zimbabwe: Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all!

Cash rules everything around me

CREAM, get the money

Dollar dollar bill, y’all” – Method Man on Wu Tang Clan’s – ‘C.R.E.A.M’ (1994)

I don’t know and I cannot count how many currency and monetary reforms that been since the launch of the New Dispensation from the Mnangagwa Government. What I do know? There’s been plenty and countless of initiatives in concern with the currency. Which was made to stabilize and supposed to ensure a steady rate in the inflation. However, that ship has sailed, as the rates are over double-digit and its not getting better.

The Zimbabwe government has stopped and reopened opportunities to have foreign currencies in trading. Today is not different. Just like a year ago in June they ceased to trade with United States Dollars. Today they are returning through bank action and able to show prices in Zimbabwe Dollars and US Dollars in the shops.

The return of this imminent. As the value of the Zimbabwe Dollars are depleting, the inflation is out whack. The money is getting devalued and destroyed. The state knows, the Reserve Bank knows this and the people know it too. This is not new, but the normal mockery of financial stimulus and fiscal responsibility, which causes this damage on a regular.

There is no trust in either the Ministry of Finance nor the Reserve Bank. All institutions are running a shit-show and hoping to trade insults to save their lives. They are all just pinning on duck and hoping it doesn’t quack. It is like an endless circle of Bond-Notes, RTGS-Dollar, Zimbabwe Dollar Notes and unattainable monetary polices in concern with the US Dollars.

In June 2019, the President proclaimed this: Except that if you want to transact in any shop, if you want to buy your tea and milk in dollar or euro, then you must go to bureau du change” (Mnangagwa, 25.06.2020).

Now a year later the opportunity to use US Dollars is back and the promise of “normalcy” is a far-cry from reality. As the state, the institutions and the men behind the monetary policies cannot figure out the trick of the trade. They don’t have the ability nor the slightest idea on how to stable the economy nor ensure any trust in the currency they are printing. It is like a gift of misgivings and lack of integrity.

The whole state could fix this, the men behind this could really try to do something. They should first quit their day-jobs, because they are not up for it. These people have tried and tried. Done so much work for nothing. They have been jibber-jabbing for so long without any luck.

So since nothing is working. We can all just put on the old classic Wu Tang Clan joint ‘C.R.E.A.M’ and sing: “Cash Rules Everything Around Me/Cream, get the money/Dollar Dollar Bill, Y’all”. Peace.

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Zimbabwe: Command Fasting [the ZANU-PF Cult is here]

Fasting is mentioned in the Bible and the Koran, and although its practices differ across these religions, they each use food restriction and/or abstinence as a means of growing closer to God through repentance, increased gratitude, mourning and study” (Maayan Jaffa-Hoffman – ‘Faith and Fasting’ 18.09.2018, Jerusalem Post).

I know I could picked a various amount of sources and whatnot, but when I stumbled on the humble on this one. I ended there and it was fitting. As the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) government commanded all of their civil servants, all of the public officials and everyone to pray and fast. Like a commando exercise(!) for everyone.

They didn’t even get to choose. The order was a memorandum from above. The ZANU-PF maybe think this is cute. To use religious and spiritual activity to boost moral. If they want to be a cult, fine by me. However, stop politicking and start a cult with Mnangagwa high priest and the Politiburo as its guiding organ. God knows whose the parishioners, whoever they trick and hustle. Because that they do with empty promises of entering the heavens gate with Mugabe as St. Peter. Awaiting to redeem their salvation or eternal damnation.

I am sure Charamba will defend the scriptures accordingly to Mugabe, as they fast and pray for themselves. They want to be cult so badly. They want to praise themselves and sing to the choir. I am sure they are playing one of the new Kanye West albums to get into the pseudo Christianity they are preaching as they are commanding prayers.

That is apparently what they did today. The ZANU-PF are insane by this move. They are pinning blame on outside forces, if not its a invisible third force, which only Queen Bee can explain and some briefcase company can aspire too. So they can pay their tithes to the party and the state.

The cult is already here. The team and choir is singing. The parishioners are dancing to the tunes and the message is spread. The missionaries are soon crossing borders to convert the ungodly among men. Peace.

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