Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s Message after the successful Kyarenga Concert Yesterday (11.11.2018)

What a day, What a Night, What a Show! THANK YOU to the thousands of friends, supporters and fans who came down to One Love Beach Busabala last night for the #KyarengaConcert. Abaana ba Uganda mwena, I cannot thank you enough for the massive show of support and solidarity. What a night!!! Not only did you show up in record numbers, the vibe was so good. You lit the fire and kept it burning. Thank you for dancing to the songs of freedom. I enjoyed every bit of the night, and it was evident you guys had fun too. I was captivated by your sense of purpose, resilience and determination for a better Uganda. Your faces were all beaming with hope and aspiration even as we danced and sang. I want to send a special thank you to my fellow artistes who made the show even more colourful. Mwe musinga baana ba Taata. Lazima if we all do our part, and God being on our side, olutalo nga luwedde tuliyambala engule mu Uganda empya!

Kenyan MP Babu Owino banned from Uganda: Planning to attend Bobi Wine’s Concert is the reason!

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni are getting more and more touchy with age. He has less and less flex too. That is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a Memo has said that the Kenyan MP Babu Owino is Person Non Grata in the Republic of Uganda.

In the Law Dictionary that means: “Latin for a person not welcome; an undesirable, unwelcome or unwanted person”.

So we clearly see the intent of the Republic, as they want to ensure the concert of Bobi Wine tomorrow doesn’t have a high-profiled foreign guests. Expect more nonsense. As tomorrows concert will not go down without any drama. There has been plenty already and expect more, because Museveni is a whiny little cadre, who has to use force and bullets. He cannot establish a pattern of trust nor of betterment of the Republic.

That is why Owino isn’t allowed into Uganda for the purpose of attending the Concert and Album Launch. Because that would enforce and also show strength to the cause of Bobi Wine. That is something Museveni cannot see, Museveni can have over Deputy President William Ruto. But not let the minions grow stronger. That is not acceptable. They are supposed to shielded and follow his command. Not create their own stage and their livelihoods. That is not how the Republic works under Museveni. No, no and no.

Owino is a lost cause here, he could have been a beneficiary and a foreign supporter. Instead he will not be able to attend and surely will be left at the airport or at the border-crossing. Where he will be told and direct back to Kenya. Because, the patrols and the Security Forces will follow the command from above high.

So, if someone is afraid of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is clearly the state, as they are making all the ones in association with person non grata. Just like they didn’t allow his foreign attorney to represent him after the torturing and arrests post Arua By-Election. It all fits a pattern and it is not beautiful, but a masterpiece of oppression. Peace.

#SecurityUG: My take as nearly all Security Organizations are doing Police Work!

In this present state, we can start to question the safety of the public, not only that the Gen. David Muhoozi, the CDF of Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) thinks it is all cool; that the UPDF or the Army are investigating and arresting people. This is happening as the Internal Security Organization are doing the same. While the Flying Squad of the Police Force have sacked their Operatives and the Crime Preventers have become Reserve Army. While Boda Boda 2010 have been disbanded and Kiatta’s fate is all in limbo still.

We can certainly see the fluid situation, as the Flying Squad, the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI), ISO, UPDF and Police Force are all directly trying to address the same problems in society. Even when needed, the President comes to scatter crime scenes and orders the Special Force Command (SFC) to tdo their thing.

Clearly, this is all should send the memo. That there are many cooks, many orders and units, but few who cooks perfectly. Because there are so many chefs, but so little output. Maybe that is the point to, as this is not the whole spectrum, but a big part of the Security Organizations involved.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President have built this system. We know it is messed up and that is because he has arranged it like this. Made a dozens outfits, possible to combat various intrusions and whatnot’s, but goblins doesn’t just appear from the thin-air. So, they got to do something.

That is why suddenly the UPDF are implicated in Police work, the Crime Preventers was too, but now are in the shadows, the Flying Squad was around flexing muscle, the CMI attacking and detaining people without warrants, but the Police Force was preoccupied following and monitoring opposition politicians. That is just the way things are and is, apparently, not to forget SFC was both doing political ambushes, also following President direct order to assault and detain politicians without any other reason. That they are in the near facility of his highness.

It is sad that all questions revolves around the President, even with the personal changes of new IGP or new CDF. The situation isn’t strengthening or becoming better, it is more of the same. Political prisoners kept long without trial like Dr. Stella Nyanzi. There are other too, but she is the biggest catch of the month. There are nothing happening with Sam Mugumya in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Therefore, the security with murders, assassinations and arrests, without the violence stopping. The salvos of attacks on the streets from CMI, shows the brilliance of the police brutality to whole world. It was broadcast from the street of Kampala.

Therefore, as the Flying Squad is demoted, the Boda Boda 2010 is too, the CMI acting out, the SFC wilding out and the list goes on. We can wonder what will be up, but there is nothing that is promising for a better security situation, as it has deteriorating a bit. Also, the lack of action and promise that is profound. The NRM and the President knows this, but just patching the hurt. They are not healing wounds or even closing the unanswered cases. As with time there are opening new cases and they move on. Even as the victims and their families are left astray, by all the organizations that is supposed to protect them and defend them. Peace.

A Breakdown: A Pattern of condescending retorts going Bobi Wine’s way!

Well, when you get to certain levels of fame, fortune and political leverage. The other players and politicians take notice and therefore, you either become someone you aspire to be or someone you tries to downplay. In this regard, this piece is about the ones who tries to downplay Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. This is all to be expected at this point. As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the President wants to discredit any voice or dissidents that are there. That is natural. So the first one commenting, is coming as clockwork, the second one too. Which also striking in the regard, that its perspective is militarized and belittling Bobi Wine. Take a look, before resume!

If you surrender government to small boys like Bobi Wine, you would declare the entire country a national emergency in a period of 6 months. These small wanainchi think running a nation is like managing a small music band” – Gen. Kahinda Otafiire.

“The Military formation of Uganda i know currently would not allow the civilian likes of Bobi Wine as their Commander In Chief. Museveni positioned their mind in away they can only accommodate a president with a strong military background or a known political veteran” Gen David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza aka Tinye.

Now, that these statements are out of the way. Let me begin. Otafiire is the clockwork man, the ever loyal cadre to Museveni. No one would ever have the statute or the ability to reign, except his friend Yosri. We all know this, they have been thick as thieves since the Bush-War. There is no denying in that, Otafiire isn’t in government because he was elected, no he got promoted as civilian. Otafiire, has as little traction, as he tried to bribe his competition to win the MP spot. Therefore, he cannot even himself stand on his ground. He has to pay-off people to gain their respects. Therefore, Otafiire, should be reminded, that he has nothing to compete or say himself in this manner. Other than another token of respect to his master and President. So, if Bobi Wine is small boy, what you are Otafiire? You lost to guy in prison, twice before the 10th Parliament? So, your a loser than? Let’s say that is noted.

Now, let me take on a man, I have respected and understandably so, because of his defiance against the state. The way he has leaked information to the Daily Monitor and also worked with Besigye. Sejusa are smart, but falls short. The narrative of constant military presence in the State House and Presidency. Will never lead to the peaceful transition needed in the Republic. If the military are involved in internal manners like that. There will never be hope for a democratic elected leadership, as the guns and the guards will matter more.

Both, also addressed the age of Bobi Wine. While forgetting the average of the National Resistance Army guys entering into power, they where in the mid-thirties and early 40s in 1986. The same age bracket as Bobi Wine. To say that the friend Yoser or Yoweri was to young then. Would be wrong now. The only difference is that Museveni has all the sculls of Luweero on his conscience, while Bobi Wine has none.

Therefore, this belittling has to stop. Get another narrative. Get another preposition. Ask Bobi Wine about his policies and political framework. See if that holds water, not his age and if he has been around people carrying guns. That isn’t government and good governance. We all know that, these Generals knows that too. But acts like the reality is different.

When it really isn’t, yes the NRM is militarism incarnated, but that doesn’t mean the state should be likewise. Peace.

Uganda Police Force letter to Kampala Metropolitan Police – “Re: Request for Security for Kyarenga Concert on 10th November, 2018 at One Love Beach Busabala (30.10.2018)

Uganda Police Force – Ref: Cancellation of Kyarenga Concert (30.10.2018)

Third Time the Charm: Kyarenga Album Launch at Busabaala beach, but what tricks will they use now?

That Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the Kyadondo East MP who has tried twice to launch the Kyarenga Album at the Namboole Stadium. He has twice signed an agreement with the Stadium Management, before they at a later date has to reschedule the event or even scrap it. Because of pressure from the Uganda Police Force or pressure on the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) so they would not open the gates for a concert for the crafty opposition politician. The one that has shown popularity and that his message has garned attention, that the President cannot contain.

So now that it has been postponed twice. For various of reasons, but most likely because Bosco and his henchmen think they are clever. He had to switch location, however there turns and tricks for the state to dissolve this one too. They have suction everywhere and they can be used in times of need. Especially, when the possible public would show up for the event on the 10th of November 2018. By that time, there might a curfew on the Kampala – Entebbe Expressway. There will be roadblocks and the Police will re-issue the Public Order Management Act (POMA). Also, use strict regulations and has to have an agreement like the MTN Nyege Nyege Festival in Jinja earlier in the year.

We know, that the National Resistance Movement, the Police Force and all the circles around the President are like vultures around the men who oppose. They all want to show loyalty and show their tokens of appreciation of the masters in power.

That is why expect that something happens in Kibiri, the Catholic’s will shun the event and ask for favors. If not the Kaazi Scout National Ground as the neighbor of the Beach. If not some sort of Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) upgrade of the Busabaala Road to Munyonyo from the Expressway to the Munyonyo Martyrs’ Shrine. That would just be a-typical of this regime. That is just what they do.

If not Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga are ordered by the King to ask for more money for the lease from the MP, if not they will close the deal and arrangement of the beach.

Know that non of this is active yet, but this state use all methods to silence opposition and the voices who gain popularity outside of the cronies and elites of the President. They are shunned and stopped, this has been seen with Bobi Wine already more than once. He is now getting the issues Besigye has to do things. Without meeting the Police Force or even the army. The Special Force Command and other units might barricade the whole beach and areas, because of intelligence of possible terrorist striking the beach. Who knows, but these people have no nerve, silencing the people who are not on their team.

Bobi Wine was smart to move it to his land and his venue. It wasn’t his garden in Wakiso District, but at another venue closer to home and not owned by a public entity. Even if the 6 acres are leased from Mengo. Clearly, this can have implication combined with the roads to the shrine and possible lackluster misuse of power. That the authorities are doing in this situations. Expect nothing else.

I believe something stupid will appear, as these people shun not tactics to harm the ones who are in their way. Peace.

The Police continue to chase after Besigye and it doesn’t seem to stop!

I don’t know how many cases pending on the former Presidential Candidate and former President of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). Neither the amount of time spent in jail, arrested, detained or even charged with various of crimes. If it wasn’t for him being a mere politician. I would be thinking this man was the biggest criminal gracing planet earth. Because this man has been taken into custody, preventative arrested, house-arrested, ambushed and taken from whenever at whatever time. This man has gotten the full brutal meeting with the police. He has had his doze of tear-gas, shattered car-glass, broken bones and air-lifted between Prisons. Sadly, enough all of this is to easily to remember. Just the amount that is impossible. Because the state has been relentless and ruthless against this man.

Dr. Kizza Besigye has gone through for the cause. Today, or Yesterday, one of his car was finally allowed to leave the Compound of Kasangati Police Station. A place where he spent plenty of hours, also in Mukono Police Station and Old Jinja Road Police Station. This man has been put in plenty of jails and cells, over the years. That because of his fight against the dictatorship and the NRM. Which has viciously gone against him.

Now, it is evident that one of his cars are returned after being four years on the compound of the Police Station. In the same town and not far from his farm. It was not like it was left in Lira to rot or in Kabale. No, it was stationed in Kasangati, Wakiso District for four years on a pending case. That got dropped. Just like plenty of other forged and malicious cases pinned on the man.

They have charged him are only missing charging the political operative with jaywalking, trespassing and kissing the wrong bride. Since they have really charged him with everything at every single time. They have taken away his aides, they have brutally assaulted his drivers and they have arrested the activists around him. At some point made the political party “illegal” and also stopped all internal works of the party. Which they are doing to this day, to the new Party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi, who cannot function or meet leaders of others districts without being blocked by the Police.

The same police and DPP who is now giving back former evidence and impounded car after 4 years. After they have nearly destroyed another car and even installed monitoring equipment on to surveillance the man in 2016. They are really showing their true character. They just kept it for so long, just to insult the man and show their power. Not because of rule of law. No, this was a display of confidence and that they can take away things.

That they have done to him all the time. He has even struggled to go to the bank to deposit and check his balance. There isn’t anything the state hasn’t done, which haven’t been petty and vindictive concerning this man.

They have never left the man alone, as example of the costs it is to challenge the tyranny of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. If you don’t follow you end up in Nalufenya or SIU Kireka or anywhere else he can detain you. With the only reason, being your standing up him and his rule.

The Prime example is Besigye. That is the truth. Peace.

The Runaway Bride: Kyarenga Edition!

The Namboole Stadium Management or the Mandela National Stadium have not told the truth. That the PML News on twitter proved, as they told the Emma Promotions and Marketing Agency not the whole truth on the 13th October 2018, as they told there would be a wedding today. However, the whole stadium was empty and no activity. This is no surprise as the Government and National Resistance Movement (NRM) are doing the same with Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, as they have done with blocking Dr. Kizza Besigye in earlier years from venues.

The added proof of the deception was that the same Uganda Police Force didn’t clear the stadium either for this date. Also, been revealed is that the Federation of Uganda Football Association (FUFA) has blocked the second agreement made with the booking company of Bobi Wine for the 9th November 2018. As the FUFA says it impossible because of a National Match that makes it impossible. Another proof, that the venue is totally blocked for the artist and MP.

That means the two scheduled dates at 20th October for a non-existing wedding and 9th November is for the scheduled match on the 17th November 2018. Clearly, the staff and management of the Stadium doesn’t have the capacity for both a concert within a week and a football match. That is to an extent, that not even Bosco run.

At this point the company working for Bobi Wine better chill and himself better find a more suitable venue. A one that doesn’t block him and at a space where the fingers of Bosco cannot touch. And if he does, it will backfire or be so foolish. That the whole world see it for what it is. We already know the deal and seen it before. This is not new tactics from the NRM. No, they have made a living doing this to the rebels and the ones who defy them.

However, if Bobi Wine built a stage in his garden, called up a concert series and asked for people from the whole country to come to his compound in Wakiso District. They have to do what they did to Besigye to stop it. They have to make Kasangati and the district filled with road-blocks and house-arrest him. As they have to make makeshift roadblocks and post post to block people. Just as they did with Besigye in 2016. That is costly and the NRM doesn’t have that kind of money… Unless they borrow for ghost projects and pay security outfits doing this. Peace.

FUFA cancels the second Bobi Wine Kyarenga Concert on 9th November 2018 (17.10.2018)