South Sudan: CSOs and their leaders are targeted with blocking/freezing their accounts

Today, the government of South Sudan with through one of their authorities has decided to freeze the accounts of 4 CSOs and 5 citizens. This is clear target of dissidents and people who questioning the governance and the transitional government in the Republic. The order was given by the Director General Moses Makur Deng of the Banking Supervision, Research and Statistic (BSRS).

The 4 CSOs are Sudd Institute, Organization for Responsive Governance (ORG), Okay Africa Foundation and Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG). These organizations are blocked from opening accounts and freeze their current ones.

The citizens targeted is the Managing Director of Sudd Institute Abraham Awolich, the Executive Director for ORG Rajab Mohandis, the Executive Director of Okay Africa Foundation Michael Wani, the Executive Director of FODAG James David Kolok and the former caretaker governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal State Kuel Aguer Kuel.

We are clearly seeing that these CSOs are directly targeted and it’s no doubt why. These are daring to the ones in power and they are vocal about what is missing. For the government they are just noise and a nuisance.

The BSRS have not only targeted the CSOs, but the ones running them. This is silencing them and making it impossible to run them. Because, these organizations cannot run and neither can the individuals who are in-charge have access to bank-accounts. That says it all.

This is a crackdown and in-directly ceasing their operations. Peace.

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