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Opinion: The Repealing of the ECA of 1972 is a sign of a ‘No-Deal’

The British doesn’t like their government to care of their interest. The British are preoccupied with a government not shield the public, but saving their own careers. The Tories and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is busy-bodies, trying to sell a “No-Deal” as the offer and the gateway out of the European Union Membership. Without considering the implications or the costs of doing so.

PM Johnson is going for a train-crash and saying “jolly ho”. There is like a oblivious approach to the end-game of Brexit. It is like they think they can damage the partnership, the border-trade, the lack of protocol and the significance of becoming a third-country state towards the EU. There is no well planned aftermath, just damage-control. The damage-control in a sense of trying to spin the news and not tell the true hurt of the possible No-Deal.

The Operation Yellowhammer wasn’t a pipe-dream. It is the real affect of the No-Deal. The lack of procedure, preparedness or even delivery for the imports and exports of goods. Will ensure that the transfer of funds, the costs of living and the lack of checks, will in the make things harder. Because, the state and businesses are not ready for the 31st October 2019. Even if the state has had all the years plus the bonus given previous PM May. The Tories have squandered the time without offering any solace.


Speaking after signing the legislation that will crystallise in law the upcoming repeal of the ECA, the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU Steve Barclay said: “This is a clear signal to the people of this country that there is no turning back – we are leaving the EU as promised on October 31, whatever the circumstances – delivering on the instructions given to us in 2016“ (…) “That is what we are doing by setting in motion that repeal. This is a landmark moment in taking back control of our laws from Brussels” (Department for Exiting the European Union – ‘Brexit Secretary signs order to scrap 1972 Brussels Act – ending all EU law in the UK’ 18.08.2019).

With that in mind, lets show one vital provision from the repealed law in question.

European Communities Act of 1972 Section 2:

(2) Subject to Schedule 2 to this Act, at any time after its passing Her Majesty may by Order in Council, and any designated Minister or department may [F2by order, rules, regulations or scheme] , make provision—

(a) for the purpose of implementing any [F3EU obligation] of the United Kingdom, or enabling any such obligation to be implemented, or of enabling any rights enjoyed or to be enjoyed by the United Kingdom under or by virtue of the Treaties to be exercised; or

(b) for the purpose of dealing with matters arising out of or related to any such obligation or rights or the coming into force, or the operation from time to time, of subsection (1) above”.

It is okay and within all common sense, that the Tories, the HM Government or the United Kingdom doesn’t want to directly comply or follow the legislation of Brussels past the membership of the EU. However, what they are doing is more significant in the ways. That instead of following the EU and their standards. The UK are planning to make it all on their own. Meaning, the EU standards and UK standards will differ; An in the end, the parties will have to find a way to find a middle-ground. Nevertheless, that will not be overnight, neither will the UK be able to overpower or get the 26 Member-states to follow a single outside unit. That is what will happen.

Instead of being another state who follows and who does as the legislators does in Brussels, which is made in tandem with all member-states. The UK will be an outside sovereign, who has to by no means to follow the EU. However, if they want to trade with the EU, like everyone else. They have to comply to their standards and the ideals of the free-trading paradigm it has set forth.

The repeal of this law is a clear sign, not a hogwash statement. But a proof of the intent and the sudden sign of a “no-deal” as the only remedy out. That means the lack of legislation and follow-up on the codes from Brussels. Will later make it harder for the trading partners, the exporters and also the ones doing financial transactions to comply with current legislation in the EU.

This means, they will be outsiders, who will not part-take in the statutes, legislation and codes made in the EU. Which is all natural, but by doing so, they will not get the perks as in the past. Even if the Tories sometimes sounds like they can both have cake and eat it. Peace.

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Second batch of appointments: Boris certainly knows how to pick them…

Well, I had a post on the first ten appointments to the Cabinet of Boris Johnson. I just have to continue and the grim looks are there. Some are re-appointed, but not many. The ones that are appointed and fresh is more interesting, as the Cabinet has really changed and the characters are most Pro-Brexiteers and Borisites or loyalist of Johnson. Therefore, the Tories are now going more far-right and far away from centrist MPs, which means that the end game of Brexit will really be a dark stage of the negotiations and discussions with Brussels.

There will be no glory, will be no fanfare and be no greatness. As the inept and insincere are the ones appointed by Johnson. This administration has already given way to people who has leaked security secrets to Huawei and solo-missions as foreign policy with Israel. Therefore, don’t expect a steady ship, but a rocky road to the 31st October 2019. Nothing else, would be a lie.

Just to top it off. He appointed his brother Jo Johnson MP, whose previously been the Transport Minister in the May government, but resigned over the failed negotiations with Brussels in November 2018. Are now back with his new role as the Minister at State at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Department for Education. He will also attend at the Cabinet meetings. Clearly, giving the brother a sweet portfolio.

Another one is Geoffrey Cox MP, who’s re-appointed as the Attorney General. A position he has kept since July 2018.  He is a guy with possible tax-evasion and is the highest earning MP of the UK. Surely, his elitist’s views will be fitting well with Boris.

“The Thief”, Julian Smith MP appointed the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. His known for having a menacing side and swearing. In addition, that he was tired of stories of the Northern Ireland backstop concerning the “no-deal” Brexit. Surely, as the appointed, a man for NI he should take care of that and secure the borders there.

Than, you have Andrea Leadsom MP, whose one out of 40 Brexit troublemakers. Whose been a high ranking official in the Vote Leave Campaign before the Brexit. Therefore, we know why she’s here. She is now appointed as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Before this she has had several roles in the Cabinet until she resigned in May 2019. Therefore, it wasn’t long between her resignation and her new role. As a Pro-Brexiteer she is fitting like a glove.

You have also, Allister Jack MP, who gotten appointed to be Secretary of State for Scotland. The MP who owns shares in the supposed “world worst firm” Jardine Matheson Holdings (JMH). He comes from an remain area of Scotland, but has deliberately voted for Pro-Brexit amendments. Surely, this is a reason for why he was elevate to this job.

The biggest Brexiteer and the hardliner out there, except for Farage, is Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, who gotten appointed Lord President of the Council, and Leader of the House of Commons. A honourable position for a man like this, whose wealth, ownership in investment firms and even one that has already flagged out to Ireland. Surely, this man is desperate to deliver Brexit, even as his businesses are moving because it off it too. His the ERG hardliner, who will do everything to get a no-deal Brexit and leave the Union at any cost. Surely, he fits well with Johnson.

Last MP I will include in this piece of appointments, is the pro-Boris backer, Jack Berry MP. Who got appointed to be the Minister of State at the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government. His such a man, whose stated that the Northern British is more brave, than the Representatives at Whitehall. Surely, his a Pro-Brexiteer as it comes.

These fellow appointments combined with the ten I discussed yesterday. Proves where Boris is standing and what sort of people he want around him. These negotiations and the talks with Brussels will resemble the people involved and the arrogance of Boris. We cannot expect anything else. This is just what it is. Peace.

The Ten First Appointments of Boris: Is a disaster and an inept government in the waiting!

Surely at this very moment the fresh Prime Minister Boris Johnson is enjoying the power, as he has cleared the shop. Sorry, his cleared his cabinet and starting to appoint it. As well, as there are also several of ministers whose resigned. Therefore, Johnson really has to get new people in. Even if the first few mentions and appointed individuals, seems to be the latest misfits and previously tried cabinet secretaries, that either failed or wasn’t up for it. They are the ones his picking.

First pick was Sajid Javid as the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the HM Treasury. Whose had some posts, but not shown flair. Maybe, Johnson see something we others don’t?

Second pick was Priti Patal, whose had scandals and had to resign from her previous post. Where she was held a secret meeting with Israeli counterparts without telling the HM government. Now, she is back in the fold and gotten the trust of Johnson, she is becoming the Secretary of State at the Home Department.

Third pick was Dominic Raab as the Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The man who don’t understand the value of Calais and other vital information for someone whose involved directly with trade with foreign nations as Foreign Secretary. This can only get more interesting and worrying, as his just a loyal head and not a big brain into the cabinet. Him as a Foreign Secretary will even make Johnson himself look brilliant in this post and that says something!

Fourth pick is the not noteworthy Stephen Barclay, the Secretary of State for the Department of Existing the European Union (DEXEU). He continues in this role, a role he has had since November 2018 after he took over for Raab who resigned, but now is in good graces again. Look over. Not like Barclay have done anything noteworthy or exceptional as the secretary, neither of the ones before him did anything either. So, he keeps his desk-job and with Johnson at the helm, surely don’t expect much flair from Barclay.

Fifth pick as the Chancellor of the Duchy at Lancaster is the friend and loyal mate Michael Gove, who has previously had a fallout with Johnson. He is re-appointed to this role, which is practically an estate manager and ensuring the administration it. This is really a safe role for Gove, as his appointed to a Duchy, but not in the vital portfolios of the state.

Sixth pick as the Secretary of State of Defence is Ben Wallace, who is moved from the State for Security and Economic Crime, which he has held since 2016. His a close ally of Johnson and therefore, been given a big role now. His place has been upgraded overnight since May resigned.

Seventh pick as the Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trust is Elizabeth Truss. Who was until this the Chief Secretary at the Treasury. She is a backer of Brexit and would vote for it again if a Referendum would pass. Surely, that shows her allegiance with Johnson, just right there. Also during 2018, she could not reach questioning time by the parliament as she was stuck in a train for 4 hours. Wonder if that is a sign of what to come from her?

Eighy Pick is Matt Hancock who has become the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. He is reappointed, as he got this position first in 2018. Therefore, Johnson kept him in the same position.

Ninth pick is Theresa Villiers, whose appointed as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. She was the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland between 2012 to 2016. She’s a Brexiteer and a controversial figure. Surely fitting well with several other comrades in this cabinet.

Tenth pick is Gavin Williamson as the Secretary of State for Education. He was the Secretary of State for Defence between November 2017 to 1st May 2019, as he was sacked from the job for a national security leak over Huawei. Also, he questioned PM May’s fitness for the role in government. So, surely, this appointment is a shocker, but in line Patel and others, who has broken the code, but allowed to get back now.

Enough for now. This is not getting better. Just getting worse. Feel bad for the British. This is the people whose trusted and to lead. This is the ones that is supposed to finalize the Brexit for HM Government and Westminster, this will end up in chaos and utter disgraceful activity. Not a good look, if it was wobbly under May, Johnson will be even incredible levels of incompetence and lack of due diligence. Peace.