Botswana: Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation – His Honour Mr. Slumber Tsogwane, Acting President to Participate at the Extraordinary SADC Summit (09.01.2021)

Botswana: Urgent Communication filled with United Nations Expert Concerning Threats against Ian Khama, Former President of Botswana (06.01.2022)

Botswana: Office of the President – Press Statement (03.01.2022)

Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF): Constitution is too important to play Russian roulette with (18.12.2021)

Botswana: Alliance for Progressives – “We reject the so-called Constitution review Commission” (18.12.2021)

Botswana Patriotic Front: DIS Continues harassment of BPF members (17.12.2021)

Botswana: COVID 19 Task Force – New COVID 19 Variant detected in Botswana (25.11.2021)

Botswana: Ski Khama Foundation – Politically Motivated Persecution Against Khama Continues (25.11.2021)

Botswana: Directorate of Intelligence and Security – The Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) has never sought a Warrant of Arrest against former President Khama (23.11.2021)

Botswana: Ministry of Health & Wellness – Of the Sunday Standard Newspaper and its agenda against MoHW (27.09.2021)

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