Leaked: Trump tax issues from 2007!

Trump April 19 2007 P1Trump April 19 2007 P2

Another reason for why he doesn’t release his Tax-Returns they are to toxic to show the reality of his avoidance of Tax for such a supposed wealthy man? It is proof of that he does what he can to not pay money to the IRS, So there must be more in the back of the office and in the desk of lying whiny thin-skinned politican Donald J. Trump. This document shows a deal of depriving the U.S. Tresury of millions of Dollars while trading between companies; something Trump knew where happening, by getting this copied document from his lawyers. This is taken to court and will be questioned by law. Even if his laywers are defending the action, as expected. If you want to read the orginial article read it here: Telegraph Article on the matter!