Uganda – UPF is detaining close family of Norman Thumuhimbise in Kampala today!


The reports and messages I got is sadly not a cute fairytale. This is becoming a farce from the UPF and the Police in General! This is acutally going on as we speak! After Norman Thumuhimbise disappearence… it’s still movement on the ground, but he has not come back to society yet! And no official statement from anybody! But there are reports on the persons connected to him, which isn’t a good look on anybody involved in the disapperence of Norman. Where is he? UPF what is going on? IGP Kale Kayihura where are you hiding the brother?

The reports I have gotten today is: “Normans Wife,the Kid Of 2yrs, Mayanja, Normans Sister Perfect Myself(Ojobile Augustine) Mubiru And 3 Others. Are Arrested At Kampala CPS As we reported To Make Inquiries About Normans File Of Disappearance Since Wednesday 19th!”

An hour later reports came from Augsustine Ojobile: “we Are Still In Statement Rooms”.

Reports from Uganda Youth Platform:

“Norman’s wife & daughter Clarisa & 5 other members of JOBLESS BROTHERHOOD are under arrest & torture at CPS room 48 being interrogated by kayihura police. Others are Mayaja Robert (Deputy Coordinator – Jobless Brotherhood), Augustin Ojobile, Mubiru Bashir”.

This clip is terrifing:

What do you think?


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