Amani National Congress (ANC): Press Statement (28.02.2022)

Opinion: Ruto is now the official “Opposition” candidate

The Deputy President William Ruto and his Tanga Tanga members within the Jubilee Party have been kicked out today at the National Delegates Conference (NDC). This means Ruto and his allies are out of the governing party and is banished from the internal parts of it.


We… all knew this was eventually coming. This been in the cards for so long. Both the DP and the President has known this had to happen. As, DP Ruto is initially the man behind the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and Kenya Kwanza Alliance (KKA). The wheelbarrow movement and the whole “hustler nation”.

So, Ruto knew this was coming the outcry of foul play is nonsense. Because Ruto has acted and been a direct opposition for months. Ever since the handshake and the Building Bridges Initiative … there been proof of furthering distance between them. That’s why Kenyatta and Ruto has only been cordial, but never seen properly working together. Therefore, the marriage ended in a humiliating divorce, when Kenyatta decided to have a side-dish outside of his alliance. That’s the reality here and now he vouches for the side-chick in the up-coming election.

Ruto can be furious and act irrational now. However, I think he awaited this and that’s why he wasn’t even part of the NDC or seen at the venue. Because, he knew his days was numbered within the Jubilee a long ago. That’s why his been busy with UDA and KKA. He rather building his new party and campaign. Than trying to mend the wounds of a lost relationship.

We will now see Ruto more fearless, as his the opposition and his now going into that mode. He will be even less forgiving and might even go out stronger. Ruto is not a man who is careful with his words, no he keeps no hostages and only directs his anger. This will now happen at a much higher level.

Ruto will come with hate-speech and other narratives to clean his slate. While trying to deflect from all the years he has been a high ranking official. Ruto is an “opposition” candidate in this up coming election. However, he has been in government for over a decade and been a man with power. Nevertheless, the DP haven’t delivered on past promises… so why would he deliver it now?

Well…. I doubt he ever will deliver or be a servant of the state. No, his there for personal gains and interests. He wants to be the kingpin and be acknowledged. As he has been the side-kick and supporting partner. While only catching all the flack…. Like his the only one corrupt or thieving in office. Because, we know the Jubilee and the scandals are as close the President, as they are to the DP. They have both enjoyed the perks and vast wealth of being in office. Therefore, they are both guilty, but they rather demonize Ruto, as his an easy target to point at.

Yes, Ruto should answer for his scandals, graft and land-grabbing. However, so should anyone else in the cabinet and the reign of Kenyatta. Not only him, but everyone else. The law should be equal for Ruto and for the other Cabinet Secretaries.

Now the DP is the official opposition candidate. He has gone from being the official and part of the Jubilee. To be the UDA/KKA leader, though that has been in the works for long. Now it is in paper and his been kicked out. That was a technicality …. and the DP will live on it.

Ruto is maybe banished, but his not alone. If needs any shoulders to cry on, I am sure Mudavadi or Wetan’gula can help him out. As they are on the campaign trail and fighting for their political life in the up coming election. Peace.

Opinion: Baba has now a grand coalition behind him

What is happening on the public display has been clear for a moment. However, the dynasties are now dancing together. The One Kenya Alliance is soon officially part of the Azimio la Umoja alliance together with the Jubilee Party and all of their signatories…. Which just recently signed up to it. Therefore, there is a massive onslaught of parties behind the Presidential Candidacy of Raila Odinga now.

This has been anticipated, but now it’s becoming official. As the three parties of the One Kenya Alliance will join forces this being NARC-Kenya, Wiper Democratic Movement and KANU. Just as earlier this week there was a coalition agreement with Party of National Unity, Pamoja African Alliance Party of Kenya, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) party, UPYA party and the Kenya Union Party. All of these are joining forces with the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and participate in the Azimio la Umoja campaign.

This just shows how big of a game this is. Just like the various of parties which went into the Jubilee Coalition and Jubilee Alliance Party at one point. The same is happening ahead of the polls here. As all of these are putting their bets behind one and the one who is directly working with the predecessor.

Raila Odinga is just getting a free ride ahead of the polls now. As the Jubilee Party have banished the Tanga Tanga and Deputy Party Ruto. This just shows what is up and how they are gearing up to the general election. Not that it’s shocking, because at this point, Ruto is the “opposition” candidate. While Odinga is somehow the dynasty ticket and the one getting the grand support of the state.

What we are seeing is the strategical movement of all the political parties and candidates. As they are putting themselves in the best position as they can. While galvanizing their supporters and their bases. Kenyatta has ensured total control of Jubilee, but also have a heavy hand in the Azimio la Umoja alliance. He will have a say even after his retired. Since he invested and aligned himself with Odinga. This is making Odinga not only an ally, but also a comrade for the same values. That’s why all of them is joining hands.

It is very clear how big this is… it was anticipated, but the true spectacle is very clear. There is no indication of anything else really. This is just a slow move of something that has been brewing for months. There is is no shock or awe in this… no Odinga was Kenyatta’s man and the planned efforts are now put in play. The only bonus is seeing how the OKA Co-Principals will growl for their slice now. Because, they are not in the position of grandeur, but as supporting subjects for the cause.

That’s why Baba now have a grand coalition behind him. There is no doubt about that. The Jubilee-OKA-ODM outreach will be a joint effort of epic proportions. While OKA was eventually joining, but now that Jubilee and allies are joining. There isn’t much more for that political body to do… than to be a piece of campaign as well. Peace.

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Opinion: Kenyatta’s fierce promotion of Odinga

Kibaki left me a Sh5 trillion economy, today, the person I will hand government to, and its is that person [Raila Odnga] (referring to shouts of Baba) Yes! Yes! The one I will handle the government, and you have mentioned him, I will leave him an economy of Sh13 trillion. Then you say I have not worked? From five to 13 trillion economy?” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 23.02.2022).

We saw the first endorsement from President Uhuru Kenyatta towards his former adversaries in Orange Democratic Movement Raila Odinga on the 11th February. Now, on the 23rd February 2022 his gone further. We can easily see the Azimio la Umoja are in the good graces of the Jubilee Party and we are just awaiting One Kenya Alliance (OKA) will be dissolved to join Odinga too. However, today is the proof of how Kenyatta show his true friend and who his vouching for while throwing tantrums towards his Vice or Deputy William Ruto. Which is the opposition in the up-coming election.

There is clearly no love lost and DP Ruto is getting targeted.

Just see this first quote, which speaks of his traditional ritual of coming with envelopes to churches:

But don’t come here with stolen money to lie to us (huge applause) No! You can’t bring stolen money to us and then tell us where we should go/ head carrying the Bible. It is you who is heading to hell not these people. Isn’t it?” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 23.02.2022).

We know that he said these words to mock and tell what he thinks of his DP. While it is striking that he was his running mate in two elections. Secondly, he never used the judiciary or the authorities to invest his stolen funds. Therefore, the President allowed him and let him go. Because, Kenyatta needed Ruto and now he doesn’t… also… he knows Odinga will follow where he left off and can have conversations with like he did with Moi to get advice. Nevertheless, we will see how that goes or will be.

Here he is mocking the vehicle-rallies of Ruto and saying his throwing around insults:

I have no problem with anybody but lets speak the truth. Our people are not foolish. And our leaders should not fear to tell their people the truth because the wave is towards whatever end. Get strong men and women who will tell people the truth. They are always dancing on top of vehicles; they don’t work other than insults If you look at where I am headed… and our old men told you, an old man seated sees father than a boy on a tree. I will sit with mzee and we will discuss and see what is going on. But if you decide to follow those who just throw words around, that’s not the way to go” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 23.02.2022).

The funniest part about this is that Kenyatta have been no difference in previous campaigns. Kenyatta has acted alike. So, we have seen this before and Kenyatta did this towards his opponents. Heck, his throwing insults and insinuations towards Ruto. While he never acted towards that in the two terms. Except Kenyatta has done the same… he has campaigned like this and spoken a lot of ill words. It is not like Kenyatta been a silent lamb and angel on the campaign trail in the past.

Yes, there been times Ruto has gone way to far and his campaigning has become vicious. It was a reason why Kenyatta and Ruto needed to defend themselves in the ICC. That didn’t happen over nothing… and these will be remembered for that. Even if they were never charged or indicted. They still had a case, which they we’re acquitted from after witness intimidation and lack of witnesses. Therefore, there is a reason he says this now. But we should never forget that and he participated in it too. It wasn’t just Ruto, but he was as well. If not he wouldn’t had the need to travel and explain himself in the Hague. So, please … don’t act a fool, because it doesn’t make you look good.

Final plea for Odinga:

And I ask you, lets support that Mzee and push him (back him). Even this, my young man, when he gets back on track, we will give him (the seat) later on. I don’t have any problem. I have not denied anyone, But for now, lets focus” (Uhuru Kenyatta, 23.02.2022).

This is just the usual business from Kenyatta and his show of support towards Odinga now. That is the story and his wish for succession. We know the state and the grand support is for him. At this point, Odinga is the man and the force to be reckon with. As he has so much support across the political sphere and Ruto has the other side-kicks. Therefore, there has to be another wave to change this…

However, we never know how tomorrow looks like. In this matter, the handshake and these two gentlemen are unified in their mission for peace, but we don’t know how they will really serve the republic. So… I don’t expect greatness, but more mediocrity. As that is what it’s delivered of late and don’t expect it to change.

The words might be beautiful … but the reality … isn’t Canaan or any sort of paradise. It is just the same place and someone is tearing down campaign posters from the same walls as before the campaigns. They were there a moment ago kissing babies and promising cheaper UNGA, but now that the elections are over. These folks won’t even return … and if they do… it’s an by-election. Peace.

Opinion: When is OKA officially gone? [As we are patiently awaiting to pronounce it dead]

The One Kenya Alliance (OKA) was a short-sighted vehicle for former CORD/NASA principals. A few of them has already left the fold and is now part of the Deputy President William Ruto’s alliance. These are Moses Wetan’gula and Musalia Mudavadi. Those two left it and together with Ruto created the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

The ones left behind with prominence are Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, Gideon Moi and Marta Karua. It is now the talks of the future for these three and their parties, which are the OKA at this very moment. However, OKA is only a temporary gig and it lost even more steam when Amani National Congress (ANC) and Forum for the Restoration of Democracy–Kenya (FORD-Kenya) left it.

The Wiper Democratic Movement (WDM), Kenya African National Union (KANU) and National Rainbow Coalition (NARC-Kenya) all has choices to make, but it is written in the starts. Unless, they want to go it alone. That is in doubt, as the strength is with the strongest allies. Therefore, these folks needs to look outside. Because, they know perfectly well that they have no hold or grasp to push any narrative or story to sell during the campaigns.

This is why we know these are now negotiating and ensuring a safe-haven in the Azimio la Umoja coalition, which will have the backing of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and the Jubilee Party. As these two are gearing up a successive campaign for Raila Odinga to become the fifth President of Kenya.

Nevertheless, that means the likes of Kalonzo Musyoka have to trade away his hot-shot spot and degrade his stance on being the top-dog in the up-coming elections. He will again become a co-principal and follow the direction of Odinga. That got to sting after trying to do this on his own with the OKA coalition. Which is soon defunct and a relic of the 2022 elections.

Since the OKA was built on sand and not on mountain grounds. It was bound to be taken by the waves of the sea and eventually get destroyed. That is evidentially what’s happening, as the Azimio la Umoja and OKA is planning an agreement in the near future. If that is true, than the OKA is on it’s deathbed and soon done as a unit.

That means Kalonzo, Moi and Karua is trying to get a cut and a significant place in the possible new administration. They are all doing the bidding and ensuring their opportunity to eat post-election 2022. These folks are just trying to get a digestible meal and hoping Odinga takes the tab. That’s how it looks from a far….

We can just wonder how Odinga and his team is taking this. As this has been an expected move for months. The end of OKA was already there when Mudavadi and Wetangula decided their path. Now, the rest has to find a decent home and shelter. The only viable place is under the wings of Odinga. Therefore, they are seeking it… but trying to carve the best out of it. As they want to buy and sell their parties for the most political capital. That is the initial drive now.

We just have to see if it was a trade of bargain or overprice in the coming days. As we know the egos and the people in question has high belief of their own value. It is just time to see if it will be equated or be devalued by the ones across the table. Peace.

FYI: OKA is dead, we are just awaiting the pronunciation of it. So, the ones believing in it can mourn.

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